Can Lupus be passed down by family?

Can Lupus be passed down by family? Topic: Can Lupus be passed down by family?
October 23, 2019 / By Antuan
Question: I have a friend that thinks she has Lupus because her two sisters and grandmother have it, can it be passed by family?
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Best Answers: Can Lupus be passed down by family?

Trecia Trecia | 7 days ago
Lupus is not a hereditary disease, so it is unlikely to be passed down the family. Children may be pre-disposed to developing lupus if other family members suffer with an autoimmune condition. It is not fully understood why people develope lupus, but it is thought that something triggers it, such as envoirmental factors such as chemicals in the enviroment, extreme stress, certain types of medication, puperty and sunlight. If your friend thinks she may have lupus you should encourage her to go and see her Doctor and ask for tests.
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Trecia Originally Answered: Can lupus be passed from mother to daughter?
The hereditary link hasn't been proven yet with SLE. As Linda above states, it seems that there may be a slightly higher tendency for a first degree realtive to have some type of auto immune/connective tissue disease but even that tendancy is very slight. It seems more likely that SLE is both hereditary and environmental (although no specific enviornmental triggers have been isolated yet either). Lupus is a very elusive diseas, very misunderstood and yet is more prevailant than MS or MD combined. As far as you having the symptoms there are three distinct possibilities. The first is that you do in fact have Lupus. An ANA test can help confirm this. The second is that you are suffering from another disease that can mimic Lupus, like arthritis. The third is that you are having what is generally considered to be 'sympathy' pains. That you take on the pains that your mother is describing. My wife has had lupus since 15. I often 'feel' her pain. Even though I don't have Lupus, when her joints are hurting, so are mine. I can't explain it other than the fact that we are very close and there is some type of transferance going on. It's funny because when my knees are hurting, I'll ask her if her Lupus is acting up. Nine times out of ten she'll say yes. When I ask her what's bothering her, it's almost always the same joint that's bothering me. It's uncanny. Anyway, I hope this helps.
Trecia Originally Answered: Can lupus be passed from mother to daughter?
People who have lupus are likely to have a first degree relative with an autoimmune disorder of some kind. Lupus is not hereditary like sickle cells is. A genetic predisposition along with a trigger or triggers can cause lupus to develop. Researchers have not identified the cause of lupus, and therefore have not found a cure. Each lupus patient will have their own unique constellation of symptoms. Things that can be taken as symptoms of lupus can be symptoms of many other disorders. Best thing to do is consult a rheumatologist.

Salal Salal
Lupus is not directly inherited like sickle cell. However if you have first degree relatives who have lupus or another autoimmune disease there is a SLIGHTLY higher chance that she could develop lupus.
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Nichole Nichole
It is not hereditary in that it is passed from a parent to a child, but the predisposition to it can be. Lupus is an autoimmune disease.
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Nichole Originally Answered: What is a Taxonomic Order/Family?
Taxonomy is a system of classification used in biology. It is used to group organisms into ranks that describe their relationships to other organisms. The rankings are structured to illustrate the relatedness of similar organisms from the most inclusive*** such as the Kingdom of animalia - animals, down to the most specific rank that relates to one animal within that Kingdom - the species. These ranks are (in order from most generalised to most specific) Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. For a more detailed account of biological taxonomy, read this link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biological_... *** actually the most inclusive rank of all is Domain, but as an introduction the familiar Kingdom of animalia (animals) seemed more appropriate as an illustration. The taxonomic profile of the arctic wolf is shown below the pic on the right, at the top of this link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_wolf Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Canidae Genus: Canis Species: Canis lupus Subspecies: Canis lupus arctos Note that when I listed the taxonomic ranks, I included Domain which is not mentioned on that article. As is often the case, Domain is omitted because the rank is so all-inclusive as to become something of an irrelevance when describing an organism. Nonetheless, it is the first and most inclusive rank in biological taxonomy. Note also the final listing for your arctic wolf - subspecies. Subspecies is not one of the main ranks but rather a sub-rank of the species utilised to denote the existence of 2 or more variations within that parent species. The parent species of your arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) is easy to determine (other than reading above !) if you know the following. The species name is a binomen - 2 names, subspecies name is a trinomen - 3 names. The species name you will note is the genus name followed by the specific name of the species...genus - Canis, specific or species name - lupus...together giving what is known as the scientific name of the species - Canis lupus. If the species has a number of subspecies, then the exact animal in question will be denoted by a 3rd name, arctos in this case, to give the trinomen Canis lupus arctos - the arctic wolf. One final point, you will see that all the names at each rank are capitalised except for the specific (species) and the subspecific (subspecies) names - lupus and arctos respectively. This is worldwide biological convention as laid down in the zoological authority ICZN, International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. This document is the global authority for all things to do with zoological taxonomy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internation... By the way, the parent species Canis lupus is the grey wolf, the common ancestor of all domestic dogs.

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