How can I get a flat stomach for a teenage guy?

How can I get a flat stomach for a teenage guy? Topic: How can I get a flat stomach for a teenage guy?
June 18, 2019 / By Anscomb
Question: Hello! Im 16 and Its the middle of summer and ive been trying to work on getting a flat stomach. Ive been playing soccer Mondays and Wednesdays, but official practices start August 16. I have a flabby belly but my legs are great and arms are okay. I just need help toning my stomach. I have cut off the junk food (ice cream, cookies, sodas, ect.) and ive started eating lots of granola bars, fruits, and low fattening yogurts. I will start running 15minutes a day with another 15 minutes lifting weights, doing abs exercises, and using a stationary bike. I really want to tone my stomach before the school year begins in September! PLEASE if you have any tips or things I should also do please tell me! Also what foods should I avoid, and what foods should I eat for the next few months. And are there like metabolism pills I could take to help?! Thank you, serious answers are greatly appreciated.
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Traci Traci | 3 days ago
I am 14 years old, and I am trying to get a six pack. I have done a lot of research (from credible sources) on losing weight. First, let me tell you how you gained the fat in the first place. Your liver needs 40 grams of sugar a day. When you consume more than 40 grams of sugar, your liver automatically stores is as fat. Sugar is in many things like white rice, milk, and candy bar. You can see how much sugar something has from its nutrition table. when you are exercising, your body automatically uses the 40 grams of sugar in your liver as its fuel. When it runs out of fuel, it starts converting the fat into sugar. For your age, you need to have a heart beat rate of 125< while doing cardio activities (jogging, running, swimming) for 20-40 min in order for your body to starts converting the fat into sugar. As you can see, losing fat is pretty time consuming, so the easiest way is to just eat as little sugar as you can, and your body starts converting your fat into sugar. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do the cardio activities. They can speed up the process. To have a good metabolism, you need to eat 5-8 small meals a day with 2 hour breaks. Drink 8 cups of water a day. Try to stick to protein. You also need 15 mg of zinc a day. You can get it by eating 300 grams of red meat. You can also get zinc pills. They have no side effects. You can't overdose on zinc, because the body just avoids the extra zinc. If you also want to gain some abdominal muscles, do 5-10 sets of the following workout every other day: 10 crunches 30 sec plank 10 bicycle crunches 10-15 sec of side plank 10 reverse crunch 10 twisted crunches
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Traci Originally Answered: How to get a flat stomach?
Remove simple carbs from your diet completely and eat more leafy green vegetables. Many Fruits and vegetables have higher concentrations of sugars, so stick to "Leafy" Greens and stay away from "Root" crops" (Potatoes, carrots, beets, etc) all together. As to serving sizes, read labels and see for yourself. Hands on experience is needed here for a "Reality Check" on exactly what a serving size is and (Looks like). There is a simple, basic method to follow to burn stored "Fat". Eat a banana or other easily digested food and after approximately 1/2 an hour go for an "up-tempo" walk. Then after 15 minutes (The time it takes the body to burn off the banana) begin a slow jog or other activity that will keep your heart in a target rate zone around 140-145 bbm (Beats per minute). Continue to exercise for 45 minutes longer for a total time of no more than 1 hour. Make sure to keep the heart rate in the zone because if it goes much higher your body will begin to utilize protein (Muscle) as the primary fuel source. Notes: Go beyond 1 hour exercising (total) and your body will stop utilizing stored fats and revert back to muscle burning. Run/Jog too fast with an elevated heart rate and your body will not burn stored fats. If you do want to Run or do sprints, exert (Run) in quick bursts of 10-15 seconds then give your body approximately 2-5 minutes to recover before continuing for up to 10 sprints. By doing so you will force the body to draw from fat stores, but a slow jog would be a better method to burn the stored fats. What some refer to as "Cardio" exercise is generally good for the heart and circulatory system, but requires an elevated heart rate not optimal for burning stored fat. Slow jog = Fat burning... Cardio good, But not an optimal short term solution to your current dilemma If you fail to eat something (easily digested) prior to exercising, your body will be in starvation mode and will burn muscle for fuel for the first 15 minutes, so eat a light easily digested snack prior to your burn. If you don't want to go for a jog outside, set up a mat in front of the TV and just jog in place for the duration. I find watching something interesting helps the time pass quickly. After exercising drink 20 grams of "Whey based" Protein isolate (NO MORE THAN 1/2 an hour after the burn), to keep the body in fat burning mode for a bit longer while preserving muscle. When I say muscle what I mean to say is "That shapely toned figure" You cannot target the stomach area (with sit-ups), to lose fat. It's good to do high repetitions in that area for toning, but sit-ups alone will not accomplish the goal of spot reducing. Lastly...Calories in/Calories out. Eat too much food (Especially at one time) and you will not lose weight no matter what you do. This is not a quick fix. It's a life style for the rest of a "Healthy" life if it's what you're looking for.

Saffie Saffie
if you really want to, and push your self hard enough, you will get a flat stomach. but the only way to get a flat stomach is by doing the right exercises, and eating often, but not alot..it is also very important to find inspiration to do it. maybe you should try thinking like; when i'm going to the beach this summer, im going to look stunning with a flat stomach, and all the guys will look at me :D. i hope that helped you a bit : )
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Nevada Nevada
Did you know that some granola bars and yogurts are worse for you than the French fries? If it says low fat or fat free then it's loaded with chemicals, salt & sugar to give it flavor. The granola bars are over processed and have lost all nutritional value, and again so much crap is added for flavoring & texture that you'd be better off eating the box it came in. Eat real food
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Lux Lux
Jus go lay on a hard surface and put a few books on your stomach and keep them there for 30 minutes. Do this everyday.
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Lux Originally Answered: How much should I eat a day to get a flat stomach?
the SUGAR BASED FOODS AND SODAS will make sure that you will never get a flat stomach. If you do workout at least 1 hr a day for rest of your life and you do not go crazy with sweets and sodas. Than maybe you will keep stomach flat,l if you still have a problem than try Green coffee 800 Leptin by Wmumart Petyer

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