can you get put to sleep while getting teeth pulled out and root canals?

can you get put to sleep while getting teeth pulled out and root canals? Topic: can you get put to sleep while getting teeth pulled out and root canals?
October 19, 2019 / By Angel
Question: basicly, i need 2 root canals, a tooth pulled out and teeth whitening/cleaning. i want it to happen at once, i have lots of questions; - if you get put to sleep, will you feel anything? - how many hours will it be for me to wake up? - if you could feel anything while you get put to sleep, what do you do? - how sore are root canals? - would i ever wake up during those procedures? PLEASE HELP.
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Trace Trace | 10 days ago
There are some dentists that will do all of those procedures except the whitening/cleaning using IV sedation. You will have to search one out. As to the answer to your questions -you will not feel or remember a thing -you will be aware and awake in an hour and ready to go home -you will not feel anything -root canals may be somewhat sore afterward for a few days -you will not really be sleeping just out of touch with everything.
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Trace Originally Answered: is bleaching my teeth safe?
Bleaching is certainly safe. Side effects can be that while you are bleaching your teeth may be sensitive. Some people bleaching report feeling 'twinges' from some of their teeth. Also, people report increased sensitivity to cold. If these symptoms are bothering you, just take a break for a day or two and then resume whitening. White strips are good and inexpensive, custom tray bleaching is better and more expensive. The whitening lasts a long time, some times years, but the teeth do gradually yellow with time and will need short touch up treatments. In office light assisted whitening is good but is expensive and if you don't have trays made it is hard to touch up the results when needed. While bleaching refrain from red wines, coke, black teas and black coffee. White wine, white grape juice, and green tea are all ok. If a liquid leaves a dark stain in a porcelain cup then don't drink it while you are bleaching, since the teeth are more porous while the whitening process is going on.
Trace Originally Answered: is bleaching my teeth safe?
I tried home bleaching but suffered with sensitivity; I followed the manufacturers instructions on how to adjust the treatments for sensitivity with no luck. within 3 months I had several lower gum line cavities which had not been on my 6 month check up just before using the whitener strips. My Dentist said the whitener strips may have caused the cavities. The whitening is suppose to last about a year but depends on personal habits like use of coffee and tobacco. brushing with a whitening toothpaste is suppose to be beneficial. I would recomend consulting you dentist about professional whitening.

Sabrina Sabrina
Of course you can ask to be put to sleep! that's the best part about going to the dentist, not knowing that you're there. I had laughing gas and Novocaine when I had my teeth pulled, but the noise still scared me, so I asked to be put to sleep the next time -You feel absolutely nothing. First of all, you close your eyes, and then you open them in, what seems to be, 3 seconds later and it's all done. -For 2 root canals, 1 tooth pulled and a cleaning, you'd only be out for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. They'd wake you up for the whitening and cleaning. -You feel absolutely nothing when you get put to sleep, I promise. Thats how I had my wisdom teeth out and It was like I closed my eyes, then immediately opened them and it was all done -Root canals are pretty sore after the Novocaine wears off but you should be perfectly fine with 2 or 3 ibuprofen or tylenol when you get home -You would not wake up during these procedures because they keep the gas going (the gas that knocked you out) while they do the procedure, to make sure you don't wake up. You'll be perfectly fine. Good luck!
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Netta Netta
uncertain how your insurance equipment works yet whilst obtainable you may desire to ask to be thoroughly subconscious for that whether you may desire to pay. you may desire to no longer be predicted to bypass for the period of an identical hell lower back. some sedations merely freeze you and make you forget approximately after (eg midazolam). i'm going to could desire to have a single information tooth out at last yet through fact that's in all probability to be fiddly i individually could insist on being thoroughly below at an identical time as that's being finished (i think of gas is the conventional way for generic anaesthetic yet IV is obtainable - hate needles myself). i exchange into final knocked out with gas (nitrous oxide purely) for dental artwork at 17. that's great. None of those undesirable injections interior the gums! They positioned a bung in my mouth to maintain it open, positioned the mask on, I have been given this candy scent, then interior of a pair of seconds, whoosh each thing a blur and this euphoric sensation (which lasts slightly after - some human beings experience nauseous afterwards I never did). Then I looked as though it may wake almost as quickly because it began. Acts quickly, wears off quickly.
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Netta Originally Answered: How do I get rid of constipation after having wisdom teeth surgery?
The dentist should have told you to increase your fiber intake, increase the water and take stool softeners. The narcotic pain killers have also killed the sensation of the peristaltic contractions in the colon (the feeling that you need to poop). You could try 10-12 prunes per day as they are high in fiber and a natural laxative. This has happened to me several times. One doctor suggested oral laxatives. They take a while to work and I found they are not predictable and sometimes hit when least convenient. IMO a 1 to 2 quart warm water enema provides relief in minutes, when I want it to happen. You could ask your mom to help. You should lay on a towel in the bathroom on your left side with the right leg drawn toward your chest. The discharge of the bag should be anymore than 12" to 18" above your anus. Purge the air from the hose and insert in the anus. Allow the water to flow slowly. If you get cramps, stop and take deep breaths until they pass then continue. After taking 1/3 to 1/2 the bag. Roll to your back and take as much as you can (hopefully all of it). Try to retain it for 5 to 15 minutes gently massaging your belly in a counterclockwise motion. The longer you hold it the more it will soften the stool for easier passage. Never try to move to the toilet when the cramping is strong.

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