Green beans and constipation?

Green beans and constipation? Topic: Green beans and constipation?
October 23, 2019 / By Ananiah
Question: I was just wondering if anyones infant has gotten constipated from green beans 1st foods> idk what else it could be?
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Topsy Topsy | 5 days ago
any new food can cause constipation with little ones as their digestive system is still learning how to process solids. green beans sometimes cause gas in little babies, and until the gas is expelled the baby will suffer constipation. Once the gas is released the pain will ease and the beans will pass through no problems. other times the skin on the outside of the beans can be difficult to digest, in this case the body works so hard to digest the beans that it ends up being mildly constipated. Some tips on helping gassy tummies and constipation caused by foods eaten: massage their lower back (this gets the gas out of the intestines, be sure the massage sideways and down, never upwards) very gently massage their tummy (massage in finger print sized circular motions. this helps digestion) give plenty of fluids offer pureed pears for a natural way to beat constipation.
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Ryanne Ryanne
No green beans aren't your problem, I'd take a look at the type of formula you're using and if it has iron in it then go to no iron. If you're not feeding iron formula or are breast feeding then take a look at the amount of water the baby is taking in via the bottle. Constipation comes from not enough water or too much iron in foods. One thing you can do with the water bottle is take some white Karo syrup, about a TBSP and heat up 8 oz of water, mix well and put into the bottle. Something about Karo syrup and water really helps with constipation and babies love the stuff, very safe too. 1 bottle as needed will get your baby pooping regular again...first make sure your formula doesn't have iron in it though and make sure baby gets water during the day as well.
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Nena Nena
green beans by themselves don't necessasarily cause constipation since they are not complex carbs. how long has ur infant been on solid foods?? in the beginning, a lot of constipation is normal. just lay baby on his or her back and move their legs in circles like they were riding a bike to help relieve sum of the pressure and help them to go.
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Luann Luann
Yes my little girl has been constipated since she started solids. I don't know if it's the cereal or what but every time she tries to poop she screams. I took her to the doctor on Thursday and the doctor gave me a prescription for an infant suppository. Also try giving water after feeding and a little bit of prune juice diluted.
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