Do you still think beauty standards are eurocentric, and can you see this changing in the future?

Do you still think beauty standards are eurocentric, and can you see this changing in the future? Topic: Do you still think beauty standards are eurocentric, and can you see this changing in the future?
June 17, 2019 / By Ammihud
Question: * images of *European descent Excuse me if this may be seen as racist (that is not my intent at all), but doesn't it seem like the media is dominated by images and caucasian women? And doesn't it seem like European beauty standards seem to dominate? It seems like most people I know want lighter hair and eyes, and most people who are of non-white races that I know seem to do certain things, though it may not be their intent, to look more "westernized," which seems to mean white. For example, I'm biracial, with my dad being Spanish and my mom being Korean. My relatives always say that I'm lucky to have such "big eyes" with a "double-eyelid," and I also get compliments on my nose and skin tone. For people who aren't of Asian descent, I'm lettting you know right now that Asian noses tend to be broader, with loser nose bridges, and they tend to have less defined tips. I apparently have a "pretty," more caucasian nose, and it's also apparently awesome I don't have overly tan skin. Has anyone else noticed this? And do you think this will lessen as America gets closer to becoming a minority-majority? As random as it may sound, my race makes me feel uncomfortable. I always am asked "what are you?" which is kind of offensive, considering I'm human too, and I feel like I'm not conventionally attractive because I'm not European. @Not so naughty me: Is that to say features of any other race aren't as attractive? And why would you feel that way? Objectively speaking, there's this scale of beauty called the Golden Ratio, and it's been shown to work well for attractive members of all races and ethnicities, making me believe this preference for Caucasian features is cultural. @Not so naughty: Meh, I live in an area where 98% of the people are white and it seems I'm "exotic" which is another label I don't especially like. @In a Silent Way: In Korea scientists measured the number of caucasian models in magazines and they constituted 56% of all models. That is a majority. In Brazil, most prime time television channels have caucasian characters with lighter skin and hair. Check out this blog and search "Eurocentric Beauty": http://racialicious.com Most countries have eurocentric beauty standards, and in the media, most depict caucasian models. It doesn't seem to be a matter of preferring your own features. @End_Lib: Yeah, that's due to the golden ratio and facial proportions, which can be applied regardless of race; however, we see an over-representation of caucasians in media in all countries. Yeah, infants do prefer certain features and certain measurements are seen as attractive, but it's been proven attractive Caucasians aren't more likely than attractive members of any other ethnic group to have measures close to these optimal proportions, making me think it's social conditioning.
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Best Answers: Do you still think beauty standards are eurocentric, and can you see this changing in the future?

Tirzah Tirzah | 6 days ago
Nope. Quite the opposite. I think Asian mixtures are seen as more attractive and exotic than any European. In the Middle East they like blondes. In Asia they like non Asians. In the US they like Asian/Latina/Hally Berry... so, the grass is always greener on the other side.
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Rozanne Rozanne
I think that the beauty standards in this country has alot to do with the majority of the people in this country being white. People tend to find their own to be the most attractive, or whatever is the most available to them to be attractive. For example if you are an Asian man which grew up around mostly Indians then you would likely find Indian standards of beauty to be more attractive. You expecting white men to find other cultures beauty standards to be higher than their own is being completely unrealistic.
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Nehushta Nehushta
"Eurocentric". The majority of people in Western countries are of European descent so their preferences for beauty will reflect that. And it isn't the West's problem if other countries idolize European features. They should work on improving their own inferiority complex.
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Lottie Lottie
Contrary to popular indoctrination, beauty standards are quite objective. An infant a few weeks old stares longest at faces that our supposedly "trained" adults would rate as most beautiful. As with so many other differences, some races average higher in beauty. This gives the mistaken impression that "beauty standards" are somehow "Eurocentric."
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Kathleen Kathleen
It really doesn't matter what the media say. Objectively Caucasian features really are generally beautiful. I have to agree that the question, "what are you" is highly offensive, but I never heard anyone ask a biracial that kind of question.
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