Has anyone drank red raspberry Leaf tea to try to bring on labor?

Has anyone drank red raspberry Leaf tea to try to bring on labor? Topic: Has anyone drank red raspberry Leaf tea to try to bring on labor?
June 27, 2019 / By Amminadab
Question: I am currently drinking red Raspberry leaf tea, almost 35 wks pregnant, getting induced at wk 38, also, have 4 children never made it past 37 wks, acaully 36 with last,I started drinking it yesterday and I am just curious what results any of u have had while drinking the tea, theya re giving me contractions, but really not sure if its even tea realted? help please! thanks!
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Tiphanie Tiphanie | 5 days ago
Drank it with my last two babies...plan on drinking it with this one, as well. I'm 34 1/2 weeks preggo now... Red Raspberry leaf tea doesn't CAUSE you to have contractions: it makes your uterus stronger, so when you do start having contractions, they are more productive, hopefully resulting in a shorter labor. Yes, I do believe it worked with both my boys, particularly the first one, as I went from early labor being dilated about 3 cm, to no contractions, and just a few hours later (and a few cups of tea later), my contractions were very productive, and I was dilating very quickly. By the time I got to the hospital (30 min. away), I was dilated to a 8, and within 30 minutes, had delivered my son. Don't depend on it sending you into labor...plus, you need to try to keep that baby in for a few more weeks....he/she still needs to grow a little more! Good luck with your labor and delivery! Oh, and I had my first son at 35.5 weeks, and my second at 34.1 weeks...trying to hang on to this one for a few more days atleast....my last one was sooo small and had problems staying warm!
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Tiphanie Originally Answered: Raspberry Leaf Tea?
First of all... to the person who says to wait the two weeks... rasberry leaf tea isnt just a method of self induction. If taken over time it is good for the uteris. It tones it and makes it stronger, so dont assume that she is trying to induce. If she is... its her business. She didnt ask for an opinion just a location. (sorry... random hormonal rant.) :) I just found some in the organic food area at Kroger. It is called "organic rasberry leaf" made by "traditional medicinals". It is in a white and purpleish box. Good luck and God bless!

Roz Roz
RLT doesnt induce labor, it helps to bring contractions that your already having stronger and closer together, its a uterine toner, if your experiencing contractions, then chances are that you were having ones that you weren't feeling, and are now feeling them due to the tea, this could very well get labor going for you if you continue to drink it. I would quit drinking it since your only 35 weeks...you really shouldnt be drinking it til week 37 anyways.
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Natisha Natisha
why would you drink that first not knowing what the effects on the baby are and secondly you are only 35 weeks not even which would be preterm and your baby could have breathing problems if born now. Sorry but this is not smart.
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Lorrie Lorrie
Well it doesn't actually cause you to go into labor before you would anyway. What it does is strengthen and tone your uterus so your contractions are more productive when you do have them, which can make your labor go faster.
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Lorrie Originally Answered: Has Raspberry leaf tea worked for anyone?
Raspberry leaf tea is not necessarily for self induction. The true purpose of using it during pregnancy is to condition your uterus for labour, making your contractions more effective. It should be taken 3 to 4 times daily from the 34th week on. It 'can' make already present contractions stronger but will not bring them on. What you need is blue cohosh and black cohosh tinctures along with evening primrose oil capsules. Insert two evening primrose oil capsules into your vagina and take 30 drops of each tincture. While you are waiting for that to kick in either manually express milk or use a good pump.

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