i'm a vegetarian and overweight how do i lose weight quickly?

i'm a vegetarian and overweight how do i lose weight quickly? Topic: i'm a vegetarian and overweight how do i lose weight quickly?
June 18, 2019 / By Ammiel
Question: please give me some dietary suggestions on how to lose weight quickly with maximum exercise being once a week. I've also recently given up chocolates and crisps but still eat sweet things, but i've been trying to eat more fruit and cut down my portion sizes but i'm still gaining weight. please help. I also have a family wedding coming up in 3 months and i want to lose a minimum of 1 stone and more.
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Tina Tina | 4 days ago
Divide your plate 1/2 fruit and veg., 1/4 protein (tofu, beans, tempeh, nuts, seeds etc.), 1/4 fiber rich carbs (fiber will make you feel full longer and it aids digestion which helps your metabolism aim for between 24-38 grams if you don't eat much fiber introduce it slowly to avoid stomach pain) Aim for around 1500-1800 calories a day Here is a site with some vegetarian recipes. I am primarily vegetarian with the exception of seafood and personally I enjoy Japanese cuisine it's low in fat, high in variety, and very flavorful. I recommend exploring different cuisines and even though I am mostly vegetarian I occasionally sample vegan meals and raw food meals. I use the yoga diet as a guideline but be careful if you follow this strictly. I became underweight on the yoga diet and I have never been able to maintain a normal weight if I stick to it exactly but it can help you shed some pounds http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/recip... Get your healthy fats (flaxseed, nuts, seeds, avocado etc.) sometimes when dieting people try to go fat free, fat is necessary aim for about 30 grams total fat and try get under 14 grams saturated fat Reduce sodium intake, increased sodium intake leads to bloating and sweet cravings I recommend combing cardio and weights on your workout day check out Jennifer Nicole Lee on youtube. Also do some yoga if possible try to do yoga 30 minutes a day it will really help you. Eat until you are 80% full not stuffed at first this could be a challenge but in time you will come to understand your body's signal's better. Eat with chopsticks to slow yourself down, it takes about 20 minutes to understand you are full. For me I literally have to stand up or I can't tell. If you start to space out you are probably full. Eat with a smaller plate especially if you feel guilty about not clearing your plate. Look up your favorite restaurants online and check out the nutritional info so you can plan meals ahead of time. I recommend ordering side dishes and always asking for dressings and sauces on the side. You can specify too how you want food prepared. One road trips pack bentos and have snackss on hand and bottled water, you can also check ahead available restaurants so you don't get trapped eating at gas stations and fast food joints. Stretch at rest stops. Make bulk meals to freeze when you are in a hurry Plan for exercise at home sometimes I have P90X, Insanity, and Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred for when I can't make the gym. I also have a list of body weight exercises to do when I am away from home and on vacation. Keep a food diary this will help you keep track of what you are actually eating and also make sure to write down triggers, how you felt, what was happening when you went for the junk food or gorged on food Eat foods low on the Glycemic Index to control your energy levels and if possible eat 4 to 6 small meals. If that's not possible at least eat 3 meals and snacks never ever skip meals Always have healthy snacks on hand: oatmeal, plain nuts and seeds, hummus and veg, fruit, natural nut butters, you can also make homemade veggie and fruit smoothies Grapefruit is great for cellulite Fighting sugar Thirst is often mistaken for hunger so make sure you keep hydrated Eat plain nuts they are an excellent snack and great for cravings There are a number of supplements that can support you as you conquer your sugar addiction. Supplements that help control blood sugar – are chromium, B vitamins (especially biotin and niacin), vanadium, amino acids, alpha lipoic acid and gymnema sylvestre (an Ayurvedic plant medicine) Exercise will help too Get enough sleep! Conquer emotional eating with meditation and by having a creative outlet With meditation start with 5 minutes if you haven't. Take a comfortable seat with good posture. DO NOT force your mind to be blank simply observe your thoughts without becoming attached to them or judging them. Sit with whatever you are thinking and feeling. No thoughts or feelings are bad or wrong. Label your thoughts as they arise simply "thinking" the point of the exercise is to learn how to be in your own body and face whatever you are feeling or thinking without avoidance. Remember moods are like weather they will pass, things will improve. Though you can't control your moods you do choose how you react to them. Acupuncture can help with cravings and weight-loss I have read =) Eat a variety you really want a plan you can follow for life. A crash diet will just wreck your metabolism and you'll gain the weight back plus some.
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Royse Royse
Although dieting is going to be really helpful to you, exercise is going to be equally beneficial, if not more so. Find your way to a gym as often as possible, and eat healthy foods that incorporate carbs. You NEED them especially if you're exercising to lose weight. Vegetarianism is awesome, and definitely keep that up. Try taking up swimming or biking if the typical running, workout-machine routine is kind of boring for you. Not to mention swimming and biking will burn more calories. :) If I'm being honest, I don't think that you should drop that much weight by June, but if you CAN do it healthily, then that's wonderful. But health is the main concern here. Don't over eat, don't over exercise. Find a nice, happy medium that makes you HAPPY while you're doing it. It shouldn't feel like a chore, but a lifestyle. Good luck!
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Natille Natille
I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and i could give you all the diet advice in the world, but I won't because you need to listen to the following advice. You have to exercise more than once a week. Whether or not you are a vegetarian does not matter. You could starve yourself and lose the weight, but you won't look right. You need the exercise not only for overall health, but for a nice, toned body. Your body won't respond to 1 day a week of exercise. Its the regularity and consistency that makes you lose weight. And exercise doesn't need to be exercise, you know? Going for walks, dancing, etc. will all help burn calories.
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Lorri Lorri
There are a thousand different ways and reasons to lose weight and all of them would do no good for you if you didn’t have the mindset to actually lose the weight. I can’t count how many times I asked myself how I could lose my weight, just wasting my time talking and never acting on anything. Then last New Year’s came by and I promised myself that I was going to lose all the weight it took to see my abs. I started out weighing 298 pounds. A few weeks passed and I tried a lot of crappy diets and fake fat loss pills that did nothing for me but empty my wallet and made me ask myself if I was stupid. I eventually came across a program at http://boyels.com and I watched their video on weight loss and decided to try it out and see what it could offer me. Now, it didn’t shave off 60 pounds the first week like everything else guarantees but those things didn’t either. After 9 months passed I walk into my bathroom and stepped onto my scale to see what I weighed. I weighed in at 170 pounds. I had lost 128 pounds in 9 months through my hard work and dedication. I was looking at my abs for the first time in my life and I was proud. That hasn’t changed today either, I’m still proud and I work hard to keep it that way. The most important thing to remember is you can never give up and you must stop letting your weaker side be the boss of you and gather the resolve to finally do what you want. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to lose weight and hope you stick with it.
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Kathi Kathi
If you only want to exercise one day a week and lose a lot of weight, plan to exercise at least 2 hours that one day, otherwise just eat less and stay active and the weight will work itself off in time. Its recommended that you should onky lose 1-2 pounds a week.
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Kathi Originally Answered: Tips on how to LOSE WEIGHT, Im 15 and OVERWEIGHT!?
I drink a tablespoon of hot sauce everyday to speed up my metabolism:) and move your feet at your desk at school to burn extra calories throughout the day, and suck in your stomach at your desk. Do little things like that to make small improvements toward a bigger goal, it's hard to lose weight so try small stuff and then build up to more stuff. Drink tons of water! when you think you're hungry, you might be thirsty, dont have juice in that case OR ANYTHING CAFFIENATED, have a cup of ice water and wait a few minutes, if you still feel hungry then have a light snack Try getting some exercise, go for walks, do crunches before bed

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