what are some good healthy foods?

what are some good healthy foods? Topic: what are some good healthy foods?
June 19, 2019 / By Amittai
Question: i am trying to loose about 15 pounds. i need some foods that will help me loose weight faster! breakfast, lunch, and dinner. also any good exercises i can do? mostly for legs and stomach. I do about 50 sit ups each night. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you a bunch everyone! :)
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Tilly Tilly | 2 days ago
Good foods if you don't eat too much: Eggs Tuna Nonfat dairy Oatmeal Soups Salads Lean chicken Vegetables Fruits Beans Nuts
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Tilly Originally Answered: Why is it good to eat healthy foods?
You enjoy the unhealthy foods because that is what you are used to... for one. Also, most of the time the unhealthy foods are the easiest. It is essential for your body to get all the vital nutrients every day that it needs. Now there is a considerable difference, I am not sure how long you have, if ever, tried to eat healthy.....but you will notice that you may have headaches or not feel very well when you first start the switch, but this is normal because your body is going through a withdraw, same as a caffeine headache....but as you continue your body will get used to this new change and you will feel better and more energetic than ever. Healthy eating not only helps you get stronger, but keeps you healthier as well as supports your immune system, great skin, optimal function of liver and internal organs. I can talk about every nutrient or vitamin like this but I will just use water as an example...i drink over a gallon of water every day and this is straight water not juice or anything of this sort, because your body needs this! the body is made up of 40-60% water and muscle is composed of 72% water by weight.....where fat is 20-25%....when you do not intake enough water your body gets dehydrated, your body will begin to retain water to protect itself (your body is set up to survive) and this water becomes stored subcutaneously and then this water becomes contaminated....because without proper hydration your kidneys cannot filter the comntaminatns properly....when this happens your body calls upon the liver to help with the waste process which in turn takes the liver away from one of its primary functions-breaking down body fat. furthermore if you have a dehydration problem you will then have a problem with sodium, sodium is wayyyy overused in our society and sodium makes you retain water, so when you are dehydrated and then take in sodium your body cannot flush the sodium adequately....causing further water retention and more issues.. ---when you eat healthy, when you give your body the nutrients that it needs every single day....it in a sense runs flawlessly.... try it, exercise, and dont give up on it the end result is the prize

Roxie Roxie
You can eat some good fresh fruits and vegetables for your healthy diet such as apples, bananas, oranges, mangos, strawberries for your fruit for example. I usually don't like vegetables so I just eat the fruit. It's ok if you just eat the fruit. Mangos are the most tastiest and delicious fruit of all followed by strawberries and then the banana or apple. You can do any exercise you wish to lose those pounds; it doesn't really matter what you do. I just simply walk around and pace. Doesn't that cause me to lose weight? Eat a good healthy breakfast every morning, and eat very little fast-food for lunch and dinner and you'll save yourself from being heavyweighted. Also water and juice might help because water is very important for your body and to wash out all the poison in your system while the juice flushes out your system so both of these drinks are pretty good for you to have and consume.
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Natalee Natalee
Fresh fruit. Pineapples, peaches, blackberries, anything that's juicy. If you have pears, put them in a paper bag and leave them out on the counter for a day or two. Then they become soft and tasty. Cold cereal is THE healthy breakfast food. Go for stuff that has raisins in it, not the chocolate marshmallow death cereal. For exercise, walking and jogging. Everyday. Start out slow and add on some distance everyday, and then start adding on speed. Do it slowly so that the dificulty curve doesn't discourage you. Seriously, if you time it right you can go from walking around the cul-de-sac to jogging three miles. But don't rush it, you're not going to be doing all that in a few weeks.
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Lorna Lorna
Eat bananas for breakfast lunch or anytime. Boiled eggs if you want more..or special k if you want cereal. Salads of course. Meat or chicken breast is ok..stay away from the breaded stuff. Cut the potatoes..pasta...sugar and bread as much as you can. Drink diet soda or water. Cheese is ok..pickles..cucumbers. Celery with a little peanut butter. Ranch dressing is pretty low in sugar..itilian is as well. Lots of stuff to eat. Hard to stay away from the breads and sugar and potatoes though. They are the worse things though if you are trying to lose weight.
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Katheryn Katheryn
ive been trying to losse some lbs. but i hate restricting my food and i have to like it....so i have thrown a half c. of plain yogurt with a banana and a few strawberries. that fills me up for a while, and i love to eat. dieting takes a lot of work most people stay on diets for 3-6 months and then it gets boring so make it fun...when you get cravings picture yourself skinnier and in a new bikini...(learned that in psychology) if you know how to photoshop take an inch off of yourself...dont go to far just something small so you can see yourself loseing 5lbs at a time.
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Katheryn Originally Answered: What are some good healthy foods?
Rice cakes with laughing cow cheese, veggie burger with either the 100 calorie sandwich thins or just by itself with some onion tomatoes bell pepper on top, salad, yogurt, chicken noodle soup is only 80 cals, pudding cup 80 cals, morning star has some yummy breakfast patties, a quick omlete with veggie.

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