Know anything about organic food?

Know anything about organic food? Topic: Know anything about organic food?
July 19, 2019 / By Amby
Question: I am writing a research essay regarding food and farming and I chose Organic food specifically. Does anyone know anything about organic foods/ the farm methods; if so, can you tell me if you think I will have enough material to write a five paged paper?
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Tikvah Tikvah | 8 days ago
Hello Brittani, Definition Organic Food is the agricultural produce that farmers make on the country's regulation and without agricultural chemicals and fertilizer . Organic Food is very safety for human body, and contains much more vitamins, calcium, iron than non-organic one. Moreover, organic food's taste and smell are more rich than that one. For these reasons, the popularity of organic food is developing. But when making it, it costs much to protect from harmful insect. Organic food has both a popular meaning, and, in some countries, a legal definition. In everyday conversation, it usually refers to all "naturally produced" foods, or the product of organic farming. As a legal term, it means certified organic. The distinction is important, as the two definitions can represent quite different products. Types of organic food Organic food, like food in general, can be grouped into two categories, fresh and processed, based on production methods, availability and consumer perception. Fresh food is seasonal and highly perishable. Fresh produce — vegetables and fruits — is the most available type of organic food, and closely associated with organic farming. It is often purchased directly from the growers, at farmers' markets, from on-farm stands, through specialty food stores, and through community-supported agriculture (CSA) projects. Unprocessed animal products — organic meat, eggs, dairy — are less common. Read more info here: http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Organic-Food/71425
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Tikvah Originally Answered: Environmentalists: what food do you eat: organic food, ordinary food, or genetically modified food?
I eat regular food. I feed my kids regular food. I will eat a big fat greasy American cheeseburger with extra cheese on it and fries next to it. I eat pizza. I'll eat whatever, I don't care how high my cholesterol goes. To hell with being an organic freak.
Tikvah Originally Answered: Environmentalists: what food do you eat: organic food, ordinary food, or genetically modified food?
Wow you have a lot of misinformation in your statement. It;'s like you went to the Hudson institution site and used their ideas. Organic farming does use fertilizers such as rock powders, compost, manures (conventional farms use a lot of raw manure but unlike organic farms it is not regulated at all so can be used any time right up until harvest), green manures, etc.. The very basis for good organic farm management is based on growing healthy soil. It is true that organic farms do not use salt based fertilizers that do nothing for soil health. The illegal immigrants are more often used on conventionally manage farms, no organic. yields on organic farms for grains are about the same as conventional except in drought conditions when organic farms tend to yield 50% more than conventional according to the Rodale Institute that has been doing a side by side study of organic corn and soy vs conventional corn and soy over the past 25 years. When we talk about divers organic farms growing grains, livestock and produce yields are around 10x more than conventional farms doing mono cropping (which is around 99% of the conventional farms in N America). growing "ordinary" (you mean conventional) food does not take less land than organic. there is zero proof of this other than unsubstantiated claims by Dennis and Alex Avery of the Hudson institute GMO crops are designed to do a lot of things and have failed in almost every case. They have been proven not to yield more than conventional grain crops. they use more not less herbicides as more and more weeds become "superweeds" (i.e. weeds resistant to glysophate). in Indai the Bt cotton crop is so bad that thousands of Indian farmers have committed suicide because the crops failed and the fact they had to buy expensive seeds and herbicides bankrupted them. I also like the fact that Monsanto takes farmers to court who save seed, something farmer have been doing for many millenia. but Monsanto says no to saving their seed and uses strong arm tactics to stop farmers see may 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. Also know that until recently, no controlled feeding studies were ever done with GMO foods and humans. Now there are some peer reviewed studies coming out that say eating GMO's will kill fertility. Of course if you think there are too many humans ion the planet this is a good thing as GMO's will shrink the human population on the planet. ordinary farming is based on cheap and plentiful petroleum to create fertilizers, pesticides what happens to Green Revolution style agriculture when the oil runs out? How do we feed ourselves than? I feed my family organic and locally grown food and do so knowing it is far healthier for us and the planet than conventionally raised and genetically modified foods.

Roxana Roxana
You could write 300 pages. Start doing your research. Search on: Organic food health Organic farming organic farming land use gmo organic farming benefits organic benefits organic farming methods etc.
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Nanna Nanna
You should check out http://www.gourmetguru.com/. They explain the benefits of organic food. They also support locally grown food and the farmers who grow it. They should have the information that you are looking for.
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Nanna Originally Answered: Can babies really taste the difference between Organic baby food (such as Gerber), and non-organic regular.?
I don't think so. My friend says her baby can tell the difference b/w Earth's Best and other brands. However, I give my baby home-made baby food most of the time. But when I give her Gerber, she doesn't really indicate any difference in preference b/w Home-made and Gerber. So I doubt she'd detect the difference b/w Gerber and Organic Gerber.

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