What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with me? Topic: What's wrong with me?
June 17, 2019 / By Amaria
Question: Whenever I wake up early, around 8am.. By 2pm I feel tired and have to go to sleep. I'm 18 and will by applying for a job soon, so I want to fix this so I can work long hours. It started when I was in school, and I just figgured that school was making me tired.. But I haven't been to school in a while and it's still hapenning. I've had a blood test and the results didn't show diabetes or anemia or anything.. in fact the results showed I was perfectly healthy. My mum said I should do more physical activity, but I tried that and I just end up even more tired. Does anyone know what's wrong with me, or how to fix it?? Thanks! I eat fairly healthy. I have a fast metabolism so I snack a lot and don't gain weight. I eat fruits more than I eat lollies, and for dinner I usually eat chicken and vegies.. or something similar.
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Tiffani Tiffani | 4 days ago
Regardless of what the tests say, in all probability you have low blood sugar. Eat small meals or snacks throughout the day. Stay away from sugar and junk foods. Eat fruits and veggies. Try Noni juice also.
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Tiffani Originally Answered: what is wrong with me?
Go to the hospital ASAP. Any amount of blood is not good. Chances are that your having a "threatened miscarriage" which means your over doing it somehow and need to take it easy. But best to see your OB the next day or go to the hospital to make sure there is nothing more serious.. Good luck!

Rowan Rowan
If the foods you eat have an ingredient list attached to them, stop eating them. Processed foods will slowly kill you. Eat as much natural food as possible. Read a book called 'The Maker's Diet'. When you exercise, be sure to have carbohydrates in your system. Great sources are whole grains, lentils, Lima beans and fresh berries. They give you lots of energy. Gatorade and other sports drinks are said to be good, too, but if it has corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup in it, avoid it. Drink plenty of water, but don't over do it. If your urine is dark or smelly, you need to drink more water. If you eat whole grains, like raw oats and barley for example, make sure to soak them overnight in water, milk or yogurt. Pasteurized milk is not anywhere near as good for you as raw milk. I would buy cultured milk products like Kefir milk to supplement your regular milk. Are you eating a well balanced diet? Also, you may be tired from eating three (large) meals a day. Try eating smaller meals more frequently. You also may be eating too little or are simply missing out on something your body needs. Don't be like so many American who run to the doctor for a "cure" which ends up being some drug that only hides the symptoms but never treats the cause of the problem. Nearly every health condition can be remedied by proper nutrition. Try to get at least one hour of sunlight per day. If you can't, take cod liver oil as a supplement. Also, avoid the television like it's the plague. It's bad for your mind, which in turn affects the body and spirit.
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Nan Nan
what time do you go to sleep? also, i read in a book about sleep that what really counts is the hours you get before midnight. also i heard that something called candita or something makes you eat sugar and be more tired. also eat healthy!
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Lorene Lorene
be checked for tyroid prob you need to ask for this test cause alot of docs dont check it when they do blood tests
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Lorene Originally Answered: What is wrong with me?
The false beliefs and thoughts like that are from anxiety. Everyone has anxiety though so don't panic and think its a mental illness. We all get thoughts like these at times. Sounds like you are stressing which could be bringing on the headaches and nausea. The valerian root probably made ya sick because the OTC pills usually have other stuff added to them that doesn't agree with you. Try exercising even if its just walking down the street and back. Get some hobby to keep you occupied to see if it helps. As always, check with your doctor if it doesn't get better or if it gets worse with thoughts of self mutilation.

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