Keep getting constipated, Ice cream is the only thing that helps.?

Keep getting constipated, Ice cream is the only thing that helps.? Topic: Keep getting constipated, Ice cream is the only thing that helps.?
October 15, 2019 / By Alysdare
Question: I quit smoking about 2 months ago, and i have been using the patch and nicorette gum. Well ever since i put cigs down, i have been constipated. I used to go 4 or 5 times a week. But now it's like im clogged all the time. A few weeks ago I took 3 powerful laxatives and it made me go to the bathroom 1 time... So Then I ate some ice-cream, and ( I know this is gross ) Took a massive bowel movement, it was insane. Also went 2 or 3 more times that day. And i was relieved, then another 4 or 5 days goes by, no more bowel movements, I went and brought some ice-cream , and bam, again i have another big one. I dont have health insurance because i got laid off recently. Do i have something really wrong with me? Normally i never drink milk, or eat ice cream. Should i start eating a small bowel of ice cream everyday? The laxatives really did' not do much for me. But the ice cream!!
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Tiara Tiara | 1 day ago
Doesn't sound serious. Your cigarettes were/are a stimulant and not so natural laxative. Your bowel motility and 'patterns' were developed around your smoking. It will take time for them to readjust to life without. You need to keep regular, and it sounds like you have a slight lactose intolerance which is causing the dairy to create bowel motility. This won't "kill you" per se. It just might be uncomfortable. I would recommend you get regular exercise (this is key for re-regulating movements).. and keeping your diet proper, lots of fiber of course. Specifically I would get some Miralax (basically a stool softener) -- which is something you can use everyday that won't change the tone of your bowel walls..and use it once or twice a day until you get into a steady rhythm so to speak. Then titrate it down slowly as your become more regular without. I would see your doctor, any doctor, for the Miralax and just to report your symptoms. They won't do any major tests.. it is pretty common given your situation. But you will at least have a point of reference to come back to if this isn't resolved in 6-8 months. Just seeing a PCP/GP one time , without insurance, won't be more than 60-80$ -- some will have sliding fee schedules if you just can't afford it, or allow you to pay that small amount over several months if need be. Just be sure you don't use stimulant laxatives to stay regular. They are ok for occasional use, but with chronic use your body will rely on them much like it did the cigarettes -- and you will literally be dependent on laxatives, not to mention they will lose their effectiveness. Take care,
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Tiara Originally Answered: what is the best thing to eat when constipated?
Fiber... LOTS of it.. Stay hydrated.. as in 8 glasses of water a day.. Getting dehydrated is the leading cause of constipation!

Rosie Rosie
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axL3B Not trying to freak you out but it's a possibility that you might have hemorrhoids (if you don't usually drink water--like when you where a kid or something). hemorrhoids are wads of veins that sit and the end of your rectum. so theyre pretty painful. you may wanna grab a mirror and check down there. they can be very painful because they block the flow of...poo...and cause constipation if thats not the case you probably have a regular (sorta) case of constipation. try laxatives and avoid things like cheese and ice cream. well, wait, you already did that. um...try going in for a colonoscopy for your doctors to view your colon. you can also try a colonic. a colonic is where water is released into your colon and sent into your intenstine with a tube that is inserted in your anus and the water would cause the muscles of the colon to contract and feces will feel the pressure and sort of flow out into a closed waste system. basically, you're getting cleaned out. you'll feel a bit of discomfort in the abdomen but you'll get cleaned out :] good luck!
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Myrtle Myrtle
Are you 100% sure she's constipated? It takes babies a while to figure out the pushing needed for bowel movements, and they often grunt when they're not really constipated. It's common for babies to not go every day (my daughter used to go like 9 days in between BMs at that age!). If she's producing hard, pebble-like BMs, then that's constipation. Is your baby on formula or breastmilk? It's very uncommon for a baby that young on breastmilk to get constipated. If she's on formula, then the iron in the formula could be constipating her. Talk to your pediatrician about what alternatives you have. The throwing up part is definitely concerning though....you should probably talk to your pediatrician anyway.
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Lorelle Lorelle
I was thinking the same thing about the ice cream, you are lactose intolerant so any dairy will cause some problems. There are lactose pills you can take with dairy to help with the breaking down of the proteins so it will be more normal. There seems to be a lot of people with lactose intolerance.
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Kat Kat
try prune juice(it is kinda garmy but believe me, it helps), prunes, and activia yogert. i hope this helps!
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Kat Originally Answered: Whats that thing you use when you're constipated?
Fleets enema..or you can use Dulcolax, ExLax or stool softener. The latter can be used daily. ~m~

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