Which generation of active NBA players is the most talented?

Which generation of active NBA players is the most talented? Topic: Which generation of active NBA players is the most talented?
October 20, 2019 / By Alwin
Question: Old schoolers-Kobe, Dirk, KG, Duncan, etc. Guys in their primes right now: LeBron, Wade, Dwight, CP3, etc. New generation guys: Durant, Rose, Griffin, etc. Which one do you think is the best when they were playing at their highest levels?
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Tia Tia | 8 days ago
Kobe: in top 5 player of all time Dirk: in top 5 PF of all time KG: in top 5 PF of all time TD: in Top 2 PF of all time Bron: in Top 20 player of all time Wade: in Top 20 player of all time Dwight: in top 10 center of all time CP3 in top 30 PG of all time Durant: Has to win Championship Rose: should be in "Guys in their primes right now" Griffin: should not even be in this conversation
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Rosemarie Rosemarie
Well Murphy, it comes in a bunch cuz its the NBA but heres who i have Old Schoolers-Kobe, KG, Ray Allen, Duncan, pierce. Dirk. Jason Kidd, Nash Primes now-Melo, Lebron, Wade, Stoudamire, Dwight, CP3, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Rondo Next generation-KD, Rose, Griffin, Wall, Derozan. Wesley Johnson
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Myriam Myriam
DWYANE WADE! kobe- trys to show off too much. KG- all he can do is play down low Duncan- havent heard to many great things about him LeBron- is all around good but seems to have a bad attitude sometimes. Dwight- same as KG, he just plays down low CP3- he has skill but not enough to be the best Durant- has his moments but its not always like that. Rose- would be my second choice but he doesnt seem to have the consistency Griffin- just has skills for dunking most of the times. Dwyane Wade- i choose him because he can do everything, shoot, steal, block, dunk, press, and play crazy defence. most players cant be good at everything and he seems to be good at if not everything pretty well near it. plus he knows whats going on and how to handle things and get the thing they need done the right way, without worrying about it!.
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