Could I possibly have Lupus Disease? Please Help!?

Could I possibly have Lupus Disease? Please Help!? Topic: Could I possibly have Lupus Disease? Please Help!?
October 20, 2019 / By Alvyn
Question: I am 13 year old female. I already have Diabetes and Celiac Disease , which are both autoimmune disorders. As well as nerofibromitosis, a neurological disorder. I have been having recurrent head pains as well as an odd red rash on my cheeks. I am a little fatigued and have had some leg pain. I realize I should see a doctor, however I am going in December, and am concerned that i may need an earlier appointment. Thanks in advanced! m y toes and feet also turn purplish too. its very strange. Not just when i stand for too long but all the time. sorry one more thing i have the butterfly rash most of the time but sometimes it better than others.
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Thyrza Thyrza | 7 days ago
Thne purple business is probably Raynaud's syndrome. The butterfly rash and rosacea are easy to confuse with one another. A doc can help there. Some of us never get the butterfly rash. (Like me.) Joint pain and inflammation affects 90-95% of all lupus patients. The type of doctor who diagnoses and treats lupus is a rheumatologist. Unless you have dramatic symptoms, you should be fine waiting a month to see a doc. If you have chest pains, never fool around with that.
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Thyrza Originally Answered: Can you die from lupus disease? ?
Lupus is NOT related to cancer, although some of the medications we take to control the lupus can increase our risk of lymphoma. Lupus is an incurable, inflammatory autoimmune disease. Most cases of lupus are mild to moderate. Some are severe and end in death. 40% or more of lupus patients will have lupus kidney disease. Untreated, it is fatal. I have it, but mine is well controlled with a drug that is used on transplant patients. (Cellcept can cause lymphoma). Some lupus patients have antiphospholipid anitbody syndrome, where their platelets clump together. They are treated with blood thinners. Left untreated they can have strokes and heart attacks. A young woman in my support group died of a stroke at age 36. Lupus can attack virtually any organ in the body. If it gets your liver, you die. Lupus patients are at increased risk for premature atherosclerosis, so heart disease is an issue. In general, however, lupus patients who are regularly monitored and follow their treatment plans can expect to live a relatively normal life span.
Thyrza Originally Answered: Can you die from lupus disease? ?
You cant die from having lupus, but you CAN die from diseases that you can get and are more likely to get from having lupus. my aunt has lupus.

Roselyn Roselyn
lupus is characterized by certain symptoms, most notably a butterfly rash on the face and body pains. however, it can be present without these occuring. go to a doctor. get diagnosed. it will give you some peace of mind and perhaps some valuable treatment. http://arthritis.about.com/od/lupus/a/guidetolupus_2.htm
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Myranda Myranda
If you know for sure that you have nerofibromitosis, I am suprised that the Dr didn't run a test to see if you have Lupus also. I think that you should try and get intothe Dr. as soon as there is an opening and see if you can get into see him before Dec.
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Myranda Originally Answered: What is the Disease 'Lupus'?
Hello, I think this will be the skin disease called, "Lupus erythematosis," pronounced LOO'' - pus, Err - i - themm - a - TOE'' - siss. There is no common name for it, I'm sorry. Some people like to use the abbreviation, "L.E." ( There is another rare sort of "Lupus," called "Lupus vulgaris," - - which is another name for tuberculosis of the skin, - - but this is just so exceedingly rare nowadays, that I'm certain this is not the sort your Aunt has.) L.E. is a disease in which the body's protective "immune system," - the system that protects us all from getting germ infections, - turns funny and attacks the normal body tissues, including the skin, kidneys and heart. There are 2 sorts, the one that comes on suddenly, called the "acute" kind, - and the other, which comes on much more gradually, is more confined to just the skin, and is less serious. That second sort is called "discoid," pronounced DISS'' - koyd. Probably your Aunt has the "acute" form, which is also called "acute S.L.E," (acute Systemic L.E, - - because "systemic" is a word which means "general" or "all over the body"), - I'm sorry. But there are lots of good treatments for it, to make it better. The diagnosis is often made by having a blood test, - - this test can show the abnormal antibodies which the immune system is making. I expect they will want you to have a blood test. The most well-known feature of this disease, is the red rash which most sufferers get on both their cheeks, and which is joined across their nose, - - this is usually called a "butterfly" rash, from its being shaped like butterflies' wings, - please click here, (click) http://maxcdn.fooyoh.com/files/attach/im... It is unlikely that you have the same problem. A study in Finland in 2001 showed that S.L.E. ran in the family in only 1 in 20 cases, (5%). S.L.E. is rare, in 2007 the figures were, - there are about 3 new cases per 100-thousand people per year. And about 33 people per 100-thousand people , actually have it at any given time. It is much commoner as you get older, and the most new cases are diagnosed at the age of 47. Most new cases in women, are in the age group 65 to 74. The condition is about 6 times commoner in women than in men, - hence it being your Aunt and not your Uncle. About 9 people out of 10 with new S.L.E., will survive *at least* 5 years, and about 8 people in 10 will survive *at least* 10 years, from their time of first diagnosis. I don't know how old your Aunt is. I hope this is of some help. Following on the previous Answerer, - I believe that conventional medicine has much more to offer your Aunt, than Naturopathic medicine, - but then as a retired doctor, I suppose I would say that : ) Best wishes, Belliger retired uk gp

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