how can i get on a low fat, low carb,high fiber diet and loss weight fast?

how can i get on a low fat, low carb,high fiber diet and loss weight fast? Topic: how can i get on a low fat, low carb,high fiber diet and loss weight fast?
June 19, 2019 / By Alvy
Question: my doctor wants me to go on this diet but how can i lose weight fast but in a healthy way. im open to any suggestion as long as its something you or someone you know has tried....please help i could really use the information
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Thrud Thrud | 6 days ago
This will work only. xercise such as lifting weights or doing running only influences your metabolic rest rate this will definitely help you. Its all do with your nutrition. 1. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking 2. Increase your meal frequency without increasing total calorie intake 3. Increase your vegetable intake 4. Be strategic with cardio (aerobic) exercise selection and frequency. 5. Drink more water 6.Consume the majority of your calories during the day A lot of research has analyzed the diets of many different population groups and one important trait is seen in people who are lean. They consume most of their calories during the day as opposed to at night. Some researchers believe that by consuming the majority of your calories during the day, more calories are burnt as fuel and less are stored as fat. However, regardless of when you exercise, remember the Metabolic Window is key to maximizing results from every workout. 7. Consume a substantial portion of your daily calories within the Metabolic Window. Vigorous or intense exercise accelerates the body’s metabolism tremendously. However, it also creates a tremendous amount of tissue breakdown. Without the correct approach to nutrition after training, a loss of lean tissue can be the end result. Losing lean tissue (muscle) slows the metabolism and this is the surest way to stagnate any attempt at fat loss. The post workout period is an ideal “metabolic window of opportunity” for boosting the metabolism and improving body composition. Research demonstrates that nutrients consumed in the hours following a workout are shuttled directly to muscles to boost the metabolism and repair damaged tissue. Nutrient consumption in the post-workout period does not interfere with the fat metabolism loss process – it enhances it. For more info, read the Metabolic Window 8. Don’t “live” on supplements.In an attempt to get lean, some people try to “live” on supplements; they don’t consume enough whole foods to provide optimal nutrition for intense exercise. I’ve always found that supplements provide the best results when they “complement” an extensive and varied whole food intake rather than replace it. The very best supplements can only exert their potent effects when consumed along with a high intake of whole food – not in place of it. One clear example of this is step 3. Increase your vegetable intake. Also, a high intake of protein-rich whole foods such as egg whites, fish, meats legumes and poultry will stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, this ensures that your supplements are directed towards muscle growth and repairing muscle tissue and not wasted by providing energy. 9. Perform exercise twice-a-day, once a week.Research has shown that two 15-minute workouts performed 6-hours apart will burn double the amount of calories compared to a single 30-minute exercise session of the same intensity. This makes twice-a-day exercising a phenomenal tool for fat loss. However, the fact is, most people's nutrition just isn't good enough to make twice-a-day training effective. Be very aware that training twice-a-day has a metabolic toll on the body.The number of people I've helped get into fantastic shape exceeds the number of meals you ate this year. So listen up when I tell you how to implement twice-a-day training effectively.Training twice-a-day plus a regular (busy) work week really increases the risk of overtraining. Unless you’re a pro-athlete, I recommend introducing twice-a-day training very sparingly. Twice-a-day training really is a double-edge sword - done the right way it can have fantastic effects. However, when performed in a irrational, obsessive-compulsive manner this is the fastest road to stagnation, muscle loss and fat gain - precisely the opporsite to what you're trying to achieve. Firstly, don't fall into the mind set “more is better”. To make exercise a successful, positive aspect of your life - you have to lose that. It's senseless and destructive. Instead, be fruigal with your time spent exercising. Adopted the approach, "how can I get the absolute most from every second I spend exercising?" With this mindset, your results will come much faster. Start by introducing one “twice-a-day” training day into your weekly schedule. Exercising briefly, twice a day, just one day a week. This simple yet effective strategy that will put your metabolism into overdrive. Metabolic window is 3 hours after you workout by the way. Just FYI and by the way just make sure you eat protein from lean meats and also whey protein that also helps
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Thrud Originally Answered: high in fiber diet/weight loss at 40?
It is hard for someone to just tell you macronutrient numbers from your diet because it varies for everyone. You need to go online to a daily calorie calculator and determine your daily needs based on that. It is dependent of age, height, weight, sex, and activity levels. Do the same for your son as well. For exercise, try to do some form of cardiovascular activity 4-6 times a week and then incorporate some sort of resistance training like light weights, or body weight exercises 2-3 times a week.

Roseanne Roseanne
Find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you
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Myra Myra
Identify the emotional triggers that send you to seek unhealthy comfort food. Picture your goal weight the very next time a trigger strikes to enable you to resist temptation.
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Lora Lora
Create emergency packs filled up with healthy foods such as loco, fruits or sliced vegetables that will help you avoid unhealthy temptations.
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Kasandra Kasandra
Take every opportunity to move around, even in modest ways. Studies show fidgety people are generally skinnier.
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Kasandra Originally Answered: High Carb Diet for weight loss and fitness?
Due to the popularity of 'low carb' diets each with competing claims and foundations I suspect carbohydrates are the least understood part of a balanced diet. A simple explanation is that there are simple carbohydrates like sugar and refined white flour that spike your blood sugar level and are very calorie dense in relation to the nutrition they provide. People should limit the amount of this kind of carbohydrate they consume. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber and are valuable nutrition sources. Whole grains and some fruits are the best sources of complex carbohydrates. These should form a significant portion of your diet. I moved to the USA almost four years ago and was a bit surprised to find so many people speaking about carbohydrates yet meeting so few who really seemed to understand what they are and how they work in our bodies. I'm from northern Europe where people eat bread and potatoes nearly every day. We don't eat much processed food at all and are generally active in our daily lives. I still walk or bike nearly everywhere while my American neighbors drive their cars and eat processed food. I lived in Japan for several years and found the active lifestyle to be similar to my native Germany. People walk more and drive less on average. Almost all Japanese eat rice every day yet I don't recall seeing a single obese Japanese person while living there. They have the longest lifespans in the world. I don't think it is the carbohydrates Americans should be worrying about. Simply eat reasonable portions of whole fresh foods and get plenty of exercise and you'll be fine. Avoid process food and get out of your car unless the drive is more than ten minutes.

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