How to improve swimming?

How to improve swimming? Topic: How to improve swimming?
June 27, 2019 / By Alvred
Question: I live in Australia and I'm in middle school and here, EVERYBODY is like so good at swimming :| most kids at our school do at least 3 sports and even the fat kids are good at swimming. For me, whenever I say the word 'exercise' I wash my mouth out with chocolate :) I really hate swimming and I'm so bad at it. I always go to swimming lessons during summer to improve my swimming but it's just not working :( my techniques are mostly right but Im so slow! I'm not fat and my weight is probably below average but I don't do any sports. I know I should but I just hate it and iv given up on sport but I'm willing to do something at home. My friends say that it's weird how I eat so much chocolate and junk food but I never get fat.... So should I stop eating chocolate ? :*( So does anybody know a good exercise routine or something that will help? PS for the last couple of weeks iv been doing some walking around the neighborhood for 1hr to 1 hr and a half every morning. Should I go for longer?
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Thomasine Thomasine | 5 days ago
Your initial question is how to improve your swimming. Without knowing exactly what is wrong with your swimming, it is difficult to suggest ways to improve it. However, reading through your summary it seems that swimming is less of a concern but rather you want to know how to become healthier and fitter. First of all, if you really hate swimming you don't have to do it (except when it's compulsory at school). But you should know how to swim well enough to understand the dangers associated with pools, rivers, beaches, lakes etc and know how to behave if you are caught in danger. Due to the fact that most of Australia's population lives on the coast, many of us know how to swim very well because we are taught at a young age and it is part of the Australian culture. But not everyone is a great swimmer and no one expects you to be either. If you really want to improve your swimming you just need to work hard, practise often and seek professional advice from a coach or swimming instructor. Secondly, if you want to be more like the kids at school and participate in some sort of fitness regime (sport or otherwise), then I suggest you try out a couple of sports that appeal to you or ask your friends if they would be interested in doing an after school or weekend active activity such as bike riding, surfing, indoor rock climbing etc. If you want to do something at home then check out games that encourage active participation such as Wii Fit, dance games or buy/hire workout videos. Zumba is the latest craze which you can do at home if you can't get to a gym that offers it. If you have any exercise equipment at home then make sure each time you sit down to watch tv you are on the exercise equipment watching tv instead. I love chocolate too and many tell me the same thing about how much I eat and that I don't put on any weight. That is because I have a fast metabolism thanks to good genes and exercising lots when I was yougner. However, as I grow older I can tell that my metabolism is slowing down and inch by inch all those chocolates are starting to show their effects on my waistline. To maintain a healthy weight you need to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Eating chocolate is ok, even better if it's dark chocolate, but like anything, if you overindulge it can become unhealthy. So you don't have to cut out chocolate all together, but you should not eat it often to help maintain your health and prevent diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high bloody pressure etc. I also suggest minimising junk food. Try and stay away from it all together because junk food encourages bad eating habits. Walking in the morning the way you have been is very good for you and I encourage you to keep it up. You don't need to go for longer walks.
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Roseann Roseann
train makes perect! I could absolutely swim a minimum of three-four days every week if you are seeking to upgrade. What i mainly do whilst i wish to upgrade my swimming staying power is bascially to swim a specific quantity of lengths in a interval of time. Say i'm going to swim 7 x100m and inbetween every 100m, i will be able to deliver myself a 15s leisure time. After those 7 x 100m, i could do 10 x 50m quick with 30 seconds leisure among every, nonetheless, the timings for every 50m have to handiest be 5secs slower than ur possess PB. e.g., for me, my PB is 29s for 50m, so i could have got to conclude my 50m s in lower than 34 secs. Then at final, i could do 500m swim down NONSTOP.
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Mya Mya
This is going to be hard for me to answer 'cause of that fact that you should be SHOWN how. Here goes: try to keep your body straight not noodle-ish. Try (on freestyle) to stretch out your stroke and chin down. Try on butterfly to snap your head down like your tyring to whip your pony tail forward. Be sure in breast stroke to finish your stroke. Try on back stroke to rotate you shoulders and chin back. Good luck! p.s go swimming every morning if you can. Even if you're not good do it. It's great exercise! I found that CRASINS (dried cranberries) are good sugar/chocolate sustitute.
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