Major expansion of pet food recall, FDA acknow. 4150 pet deaths, Will you check this out?

Major expansion of pet food recall, FDA acknow. 4150 pet deaths, Will you check this out? Topic: Major expansion of pet food recall, FDA acknow. 4150 pet deaths, Will you check this out?
June 27, 2019 / By Alven
Question: Expansion of prior recalled brands, and other products now, go here to check them out: http://www.itchmo.com http://www.itchmo.com/recalls.html FDA now acknowledges 4150 pet deaths. Raw or home cooked diet is best, but there are brands that have not been on any of the recent recalls incl: Newman's Own Organic Pet Foods Wellness Canidae or Felidae Nature's Recipe Innova Evo Orijen If you can't feed home cooked or raw, you may do best to go to one of the above brands or add to this list AFTER you have checked out the recall lists. Also, watch your pets for signs of illness which the site above lists. To: DL, You may want to add some Brewer's Yeast to their food as it is an excellent source of B Vitamins, and another food to add would be Beef heart, sliced and cubed or diced and feed raw. It's a natural source of taurine. For a small dog, just a fourth a cup or less, at least a few times a week. Another thing is get some acidophilis and sprinkle that on the food. Ask Vet for amount for your dog.
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Best Answers: Major expansion of pet food recall, FDA acknow. 4150 pet deaths, Will you check this out?

Theresa Theresa | 2 days ago
Thank you so much for posting this !!!!! It seems that this is never-ending. Afraid of buying any pet food or treats, not knowing what to feed your children. My Maltese puppy Cricket DOB 12/14/06 DIED on 3/04/07 of Liver Failure. I have not reported this to anyone as of yet. He died before the recall came out and I did have a necropsy done but, I don't have any of the recalled food or blood-work or anything like that, just a copy of his AKC paperwork and a picture of him (when he died) I didn't have a camera when I got him and used someones cell phone to take the picture. If you have any suggestions please email me [email protected] I have 2 Maltese puppies Tinkerbell & Buddy I have 4 children ages 8,10,12,14 I really appreciate your posting .... although I research this topic everyday, I didn't see that one !!!!!!!
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Rosanne Rosanne
Thanks for the update, every time I look at the list, I've never heard of most of these products. What are people feeding their dogs now-a-days? It seems like most of the products on the list are cheap store brand foods. I'd rather pay the extra money for the better quality foods like royal canin and canidae. I wish this company would just put out a list of everything they make so people can stop feeding all of it to their pets because the list gets longer everyday. Hopefully the loss of lives stops soon! Thanks again for the update!
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Moyna Moyna
The easiest, cheapest, safest and one of the best diets you can feed your dog are the leftovers from your own meals. Preferably the meaty kind. Stay awy form giving them cooked bones as they can splinter in a dogs throat and/or stomach. With just a little more work you can make up a mix of pureed veggies and ground turkey or chicken to replace the kibble.
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Logan Logan
I've started naking my dogs food at home with chicken, rice, oats, and veggies. It's super easy and they love it, and I don't have to worry about them getting sick. My dog's are my babies and I don't want to worry about poisoned dog food. It's sad that we have to worry about this. There needs to be better standards. Another pet food article to read: http://www.belfield.com/article3.html
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