Can milk or gelatin transmit Mad Cow disease?

Can milk or gelatin transmit Mad Cow disease? Topic: Can milk or gelatin transmit Mad Cow disease?
October 23, 2019 / By Alton
Question: I am a vegetarian, but as a kid, back in the '90s, when I lived in the UK I consumed milk and candies made from gelatin of bovine origin. A friend, who is also a doctor, told me it may just a matter of time before I get infected with Mad Cow disease and die from that. He also said that almost all cows in Britain were infected back in that period so the odds are very high that milk and gelatin came from the infected cows. He also said that meats of other animals (like pigs) can also transmit Mad Cow disease. Is that right? Will I die, I am literally panicking..........when the doctor tells ya that, you really get paranoid.
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Thea Thea | 9 days ago
BSE is a prion disease. The prions that are responsible are mostly present in the tissue from the nervous system. Eating the brain would be the best way to contract it, but there is alwaiys a chance that other tissues contain traces that may cause infection. And contrary to what the previous guy said: Gelatin is NOT made from fat. It's primarily made from the collagen from bones (bonemeal). There is no evidence of contaminated gelatin. There is also no evidence of milk being contaminated. Compared to eating the meat, it's highly unlikely you'll get it from gelatin or milk. In any case, I don't know why you worry. The incubation time is long, but the 90's ended 12 years ago! If you haven't shown any symptoms by now it's highly unlikely that you have the disease. You're not even in a risk group.
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Rosamond Rosamond
no, for one thing gelatin is extracted from the cows fat, which is almost the equivalent to a no go zone for almost any disease (including mad cow disease) and milk is another part of the anatomy that the cow protects from diseases, because it normally has a calf that it would protect with its life, so the disease cant get there. Also mad cow disease was something that effected blood, and meat of a cow, not other parts, and milk is not meat....
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Morna Morna
BSE became no longer as huge unfold as your chum instructed. Your chum is blowing smoke up your ****. BSE became no longer that huge unfold, estimates of 1of a million,000,000 animals. a substantial outbreak got here approximately interior the united kingdom (England and eire) interior the Nineteen Eighties, peaking in 1993. because of the fact the suspected reason became a prion transmitted in meat and bone meal products fed to livestock there, the government banned the prepare of feeding such products that would contain diseased tissue to animals in 1988. and at the instant there are purely approximately 10 contaminated livestock pointed out each and each 365 days interior the U.ok. and hence destroyed and faraway from the line. Your weight loss software could could contain CSF from marrow interior the bone.. A simiar ailment in deer is termed dropping ailment, and advice on a thank you to coach and butcher contains throwing out bone and marrow, and any nerves. in actual certainty BSE does no longer circulate to beef or fowl. Milk products are believed to be risk-free because of the fact prions tend to assimilate to nerves and much less so muscle no longer fluid. There are tests for BSE, in case you have concerns see your widespread practitioner. you may experience indicators of BSE in all danger plenty quicker, no longer 2 many years out.
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