Why can I not poop? please help?

Why can I not poop? please help? Topic: Why can I not poop? please help?
June 27, 2019 / By Alpine
Question: Hi, I'm Ben. I am a 14 year old boy. I have recently been having some sever constipation..and I do not know the cause of it. I have been drinking an herbal laxative that has usually worked to relieve my constipation..but now it's not. I took a few laxatives about 24 hours ago..still nothing. I'm really starting to worry :/ thanks, Ben. By the way, I am active about 90 minutes every day, I play on a competitive soccer team. I have also started taking metamucil to increase my fiber intake.
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Tetty Tetty | 8 days ago
Sometimes your body gets use to certain meds if taken often. Also too much fiber can also constipate you I know this cause it has happened to me. Severe constipation is something you should be discussing with your doctor. Ask your mom to speak to a pharmacists I do this sometimes when I feel it isn't that urgent to go to the doctors'. But if things comes to worst please contact a doctor.
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Tetty Originally Answered: help i cant poop++++?
One common problems is laxative overuse. Overusing laxatives to relieve constipation can actually worsen constipation. Also, medications can cause constipation, including Mylanta or other medications. Stress or a busy schedule can cause constipation, including being extremely worried about your constipation. (ironic) However, constipation can also be a sign of more serious conditions. Instead of your primary physician, maybe you could get in to see a gastrointestinal doctor who specializes in conditions of the digestive system and who could do more detailed tests. Also be aware of other symptoms. Where your stomach hurts, blood in your stools or vomit, changes in skin or stool color, fever, and things like that.

Rosalynne Rosalynne
This might be a problem you should take up with your doctor. However, you should do some research to find the best high fiber diet for you, that could help you out a bit. Sorry for your troubles.
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Moriah Moriah
Drink plenty of water and try taking a different laxative. If this happens often, get tested for IBS.
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Lizbeth Lizbeth
drink plenty of water eat lots of fruits especially pears and oranges drink prune juice or eat prune yoghurts avoid things that get you clogged up such as egg or cheese
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Lizbeth Originally Answered: what happens to your poop when you don't poop out?
Sorry to gross you out even more, but this is the reality of unresolved constipation: The poop builds up. It can back up all the way to the stomach, and then you can literally taste it. In the mean time, as it sits in your bowel, the toxins absorb into your body and you can become infected and your liver can fail. You can also be so constipated that you harm your bowel (perforation) which means that your poop is now mixing with your blood and seeping into your abdomen. This means sure death. Poop does not "disappear". It just builds up. Some people have to be put in the hospital for enema therapy. Not fun or pretty. I suggest you stick with the school bathroom if the need arises. Best not to wait.

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