how can i gain weight FAST?

how can i gain weight FAST? Topic: how can i gain weight FAST?
May 26, 2019 / By Allyn
Question: as long as i remember i've always been SKINNY...i always been under weight about 15- 20 pounds. i always eat fast food or junk food. and i eat 2 meals a day but big portions of food. i;ve tried many things but nothing works..help...plz i wanna gain at least 10 more pounds. i weight 100lbs.5'5 height.
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Teri Teri | 10 days ago
There are two ways. The first way is the unhealthy way which a lot of users will instantly say "eat ice cream, eat Wendy's everyday, eat McDonald's everyday". Wrong. The only healthy way to safely gain weight is by increasing the number of calories you are eating. Start eating more healthy foods throughout the day. You can even eat every two hours and have 6 or 7 meals a day. Eating only two meals a day is not what you want to be doing, it's actually the complete opposite as you are just starving yourself.
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Teri Originally Answered: Fast Gain, Fast Loss - Gaining/Losing Weight?
well usually people have a set point.... consistency is the key.... let's say your set poing is 135lbs You usually could lose 5-10lbs then go back to 135lbs in a couple of weeks, then gain 5-10lbs and then go back to 135lbs in a couple of weeks... If you excersie consistently for a long period of time, months-years.... then your set point itself will change... to let's say 110... My father is a nutritionist... He does not believe in "QUICK" weight loss diets... if they are not maintained for years..

Rosa Rosa
Wow, lucky girl. Eat 3 meals a day, and 3 snacks a day. Do not eat big portions, that's just unhealthy, eat slowly that way it will send a message to your brain that your full. Do weight lifting, muscles weighs more than fat. I suggest you do lots of weights to be a strong girl, instead of being a jiggle girl.
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Monta Monta
drink protein shakes and have lots of carbohydrates like pasta, bread, cereal, if u work out at all stop, do little to no exersice, walk only if it is the last option, try eating more, eat less fiber and whole grains, eat a lot of butter and salt, watch movies and tv and play video games,
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Lisanne Lisanne
like everyone said try to eat more meals a day and heathier food but u can also try ensure (drink it with meals) its like chocolate milk .. i drank it when i was pregnant to gain weight
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Lisanne Originally Answered: Will loosing weight fast cause fast weight gain?
Hey Tasha, You're losing weight because you're running daily and I assume that you must be careful about your diet also. If you stop running after joining school and don't look at what you eat, you'll start to gain weight again. It's that simple! Don't get overwhelmed. It is a myth that if you lose weight fast, you'll get it back even faster. It happens when someone follows a very rigorous exercise routine and eats a very strict diet to lose a certain amount of weight in say...two weeks time or a month's time. After they've lost weight, they get back to their normal routine which causes them to gain that weight back. Losing and gaining weight is a gradual process. You are going good. Continue exercising and enjoy the run rather than focusing too much on weight loss. Keep a check on what you eat but indulge once in a while and feel happy about it. Do everything in moderation and nothing in extreme...eating and working out. You know your body well. This way you'll never gain extra weight, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, stay away from stress and any health problems.

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