Healthy good choices please?

Healthy good choices please? Topic: Healthy good choices please?
October 19, 2019 / By Allric
Question: Any healthy food meals that I can eat list them if u know any I could eat Just letting u know I am eating popcorn and just used the whole thing of nacho Cheader popcorn seasoning was that bad if me to do I'm a cheerleader and ice skater and need to start eating better
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Teresa Teresa | 9 days ago
Do not have a "diet" diet, where you’re told what to eat. Eat a simple healthy diet, so you can satisfy your cravings and answer your body’s need for some missing nutrients. If I’m building muscle mass, I’ll need a lot of carbs to do the weight training (because it’s anaerobic and fat burning shuts down) and then I’ll get huge cravings for eggs, nuts or a good juicy filet mignon (need for protein for the "repairing stronger" part) otherwise, I would only eat eggs or meat like once a week. Eating healthy is about avoiding the unhealthy food as much as possible. Once you stay away from fast food (any restaurant food), packaged and boxed food (except for bread, pasta, rice), canned food, prepared and processed food (cereals included but you can have Weetabix), then you’re left with the fruits/veggies, whole wheat food (the brown kind of bread, pasta), brown rice, corn, legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts...), meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairies, and the good kind of oil (olive, avocado, nuts, fish). You can have any of the "bad stuff" occasionally so they don’t become forbidden obsessions. Have some French fries, or one slice of pizza (with your favorite veggies) or a cookie, once in a while. Just don’t do it every day and watch out for portion sizes. You can also "push the envelope" and make your own French fries from scratch (never frozen and defrosted) in healthy canola oil, blot, blot, blot, just a dash of salt and you get healthy French fries or you can make homemade pizza with good healthy ingredients. Canned food is okay if you use it to enhance a recipe. Like canned tomatoes have more antioxidants than fresh ones as they are more concentrated. I also use canned corns in my recipes. And I like canned asparagus with canned beets (in a salad with vinaigrette). I tried fresh (steamed) asparagus and beets but I prefer the soft texture on the canned ones. As long as your can is not some dreadful soup or prepared meal with tons of sodium. Also the cooking method can double the calorie content of a meal, so learn about healthy cooking without having to add extra fats, like using a steamer (using water), a rotisserie (using heat and herbs), a slow cooker (using homemade broth and herbs), a pressure cooker, a grill… Once you cook your own meals, you can control the calorie content because your control the cooking method and all the ingredients. A lot of people are overweight because they keep eating food that they did not cook.
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Teresa Originally Answered: Healthy fast food choices?
I find it hilarious when people say there is nothing healthy at fast food. Yes there is. You just gotta use common sense. You of course want the smaller portion and opt for the healthier options. So don't get the double bacon cheese burger at Wendy's. You get the half grilled chicken salad with the balsamic dressing. At subway you don't get the meatball sub on white, you get the whole grain bread, half, with one of the lean meats and veggies with avocado instead of mayo and apples instead of chips. They have healthy food, you just gotta use your head and willpower.
Teresa Originally Answered: Healthy fast food choices?
:\ there is no healthy fast food choices. maybe low in calories, but certainly not "healthy". i guess you could try salad or chicken if you really had no other choice

Ros Ros
Sure, simply be careful what dressing you put on it, (their Ranch has a lot fats that you'd do higher consuming a hamburger) The grilled chicken sandwhiches have extra fats than 1 / 4 Pounder w/cheese.
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Monna Monna
Any kinds of fruits and vegetables. Meats like chicken, fish and turkey are good too. Red meats aren't as healthy as white meat. Water is a good drink. No calories, sugar or anything! Plus it makes you feel full! Nuts are good too!
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Monna Originally Answered: What would be some healthy fast food choices, other than salads (I'm looking for foods high in fiber)?
Dear Lonely Girl: It takes the same amount of time to pack a HEALTHY lunch from home. Made from 100% love. Than it is to sit through a drive-thru, attempt to communicate with the bilingual at the speaker, unwrap the food that was thrown in the bag, and wulf it down in a few minutes with no regard to what just occured! Your new lifestyle: High protien sandwich: boil some eggs (5-minutes after boil), peel and mash add a little mayo for consistency, sea salt, relish, dash of mustard for coloring., mix and add onto whole wheat bread. Pack some fruit juice or bottled water and classic chips (all the seasoned chips have MSG) You can also just buy the pre-packaged spinich leaves and pre-mixed salads in the super market, buy a low-fat dressing (use sparingly) or a nice Italian or vinigerette. Buy an avacado to slice on top (good for your skin) and/or sliced tofu, grated carrots, etc. simply make it in the lunch room of your office. Others will start to envy you and may even start to join you for lunch. For a snack food at work when you feel like a little sweet. Pack a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (use real fruit jelly), on whole wheat, and/or trail mix (nuts are high in fiber and no saturated fats like animal meats. High fiber: A great fast comfort food is cereal like the squares with sugar on it. Very high in fiber! You can practically live on cereal, use soy milk instead of dairy. Allow your self to experience the vegetarian meats found in the frozen food section as well. A ' chik patty' on a peice of bread with dressing or mustard is great and optional a slice of REAL cheese (stay away from processed like American, etc) the white cheeses are with no added coloring. When shopping read labels you will really start to get educated and find new healthy solutions! Good luck!

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