Is this smoothie going to help me on my diet or make me gain weight?

Is this smoothie going to help me on my diet or make me gain weight? Topic: Is this smoothie going to help me on my diet or make me gain weight?
October 19, 2019 / By Allon
Question: 1 banana 1/2 cup silk vanilla soy milk 1 tbs peanut butter 1/4 pure acai juice it tastes awsome, I love it an have been drinking it as my breakfast in the morning all week. They sell a smootie something like this on the streets in brazil and I fell in love with it so I'm so excited I found a similar recipe, I'm just nervous that going from no breakfast to this may bulk me up or something. Any body have any thoughts?
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Best Answers: Is this smoothie going to help me on my diet or make me gain weight?

Terah Terah | 8 days ago
no if that's all you have for breakfast it will NOT make you gain weight. think of it in exchanges. you have a about 2 fruits (banana and acai juice), a protein (peanut butter) and a dairy (soy milk)...that is not bad at all! its really healthy actually. you burn off all the calories you eat in the morning by the end of the day anyways.
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Terah Originally Answered: Can I make a banana smoothie without ice or a blender?
you could try this 1 big bowl 1 whisk milk ice cream little bit of honey LOTS of elbow grease put the bananas ( Chopped up ) in bowl, add some ice cream and mix up really well until it looks like whipped cream ( 10 mins ) then slowly add milk and the honey, by the end of this you will have very sore arms and possible be sweating, or ,,, buy a blender

Ronnie Ronnie
Hi there. Hope this helps. I do smoothies alot however now not the usual smoothie. If you need something that fills you but does not have many calories i would propose doing green smoothies. As an example that might be a banana with a bunch of spinach/kale/ or any other green you love, then add filtered water and possibly some ice and a few berries. This is high in usual fibre with out being excessive in calories. Carrots will also be particularly filling as a smoothie too! Just right good fortune and hope you are feeling better. Should you search underneath 'green smoothie' you find tons of recipes. Additionally - some medicines make you dehydrated so you can also believe you might be hungry when actually you are super thirsty so i might make certain to drink tons of water. Keep well.
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Monika Monika
All the ingredients are good for you...I don't think that it will make you gain weight. Breakfast is the best meal of the day. They say you should make your breakfast the biggest meal of the day and make the others smaller as the day goes on. You are more active in the day and become less active as the day goes on, so it really makes sense to cut your calories at each meal after breakfast. Good Luck...I hope you achieve the results that you are hoping for!
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Lis Lis
I don't believe that it will really effect your weight much. I do believe it will probably make you feel even better than you already do in the morning thru to lunch time. It is a perfectly smart way to start your morning and I am going to "swipe" your recipe, because it sounds yummie!!!! Thanks
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Lis Originally Answered: Does Diet Soda make you gain weight?
No. Diet soda does not make you gain weight. Eating more calories/day than you need to maintain your current weight makes us gain weight. Every calorie counts! Weight control is best accomplished with a lifestyle change. It requires proper nutrition, exercise, calorie management, motivation, and discipline. Explore the links. The info will serve you well the rest of your life. If self education is not your bag, join Weight Watchers or something similar. They'll teach you and you'll have group support. Good Luck. http://studentaffairs.case.edu/health/medical/nutrition.html http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/exercise/HQ01676 http://walking.about.com/od/calorie1/Calorie_Calculators.htm

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