What did you guys think of the Super Bowl Commercials?

What did you guys think of the Super Bowl Commercials? Topic: What did you guys think of the Super Bowl Commercials?
June 27, 2019 / By Allistir
Question: Where they good? Bad? How did they compare to in years past? Whats your fav year of commercials? Me personally, didn't laugh at all. They where not funny. I'm 14
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Best Answers: What did you guys think of the Super Bowl Commercials?

Tera Tera | 7 days ago
Of the bunch, maybe a pitiful 3 were really on-target funny; the rest got lost in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Why?? Because the ad agencies and their clients are too busy selling their product and commercial production to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; they totally tuned out the TV audience---the people who MADE them successful. They kiss Goodell's a*s because he's HYPED the NFL into a multi-BILLION dollar empire---and they want a slice of the action. And those coveted words and NFL logos on their product label, "Official ( product ) of the NFL" or "Official ( product ) of Super Bowl 47" is the prize sponsor companies and their ad agencies keep focused eyes on. So they put out LAME commercials Goodell approves, they in turn are given permission to stamp that phrase onto their product; it's about the money and who Goodell blesses with it, pretty much. And with Goodell as NFL Big Boss---there's NO end to this mess in sight; God help NFL fans.
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Tera Originally Answered: will you be watching the Puppy Bowl during the super bowl this year?
Controversy arises as Animal Planet adds Vick to Puppy Bowl IV Silver Spring, Maryland (AP) - In what can be seen as only a disgusting grab at ratings, Animal has decided to go ahead with their decision to add currently incarcerated NFL quarterback, Michael Vick, to the coverage of Puppy Bowl IV this Sunday. Vick will provide color commentary for the action as it plays out, from the comfort of a holding room at a minimum-security facility in Leavenworth, Kansas, which has drawn the surprise and ire of fans and activists alike. This decision has left many fans of the Puppy Bowl wondering what's the reasoning of Discovery Channel and it's subsidiary Animal Planet behind this is. "Puppy Bowl never had announcers in the first place," said Jane Gerald, 43 of Hanover, Maryland " Why bring a convicted felon into this wholesome, family affair?" In the 4 years it aired opposite of the Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl just used fake crowd sound effects during the show and borrowed the vocal talents of Hall of Fame announcer, Harry Kalas, to welcome viewers from commercial and before and after halftime. Vick will record his part Sunday Morning, prior to the airing, giving time for censors to review his description of the action. John S. Hendricks, Founder and Chairman of Discovery Communications, defended his decision, "We have a young man who has faced great adversity and is paying for his decisions. Michael is trying to reconcile with his fan base for his deeds and actions. We are giving him a platform to express himself but also his expertise in the field of dog on dog combat." Others remain skeptical of this decision, most question the reasoning behind it. SInce Steve Irwin's death in 2006 viewership of Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet has plummeted greatly which has considered with an increased loss of ad revenue. "They first tried pimping out Steve daughter, Bindi Sue, but that didn't have staying power. BUt this is a new low for America Television, Mr. Vick has no business being on our televisions any more and neither does the heartless company promoting it." says Cleantv.net's found, Steven A. DeVore, a Internet watchdog group. Many people not interested in the Super Bowl will be watching Animal Planet and the question remains is how will the common man react to Michael Vick's appearance.
Tera Originally Answered: will you be watching the Puppy Bowl during the super bowl this year?
i does not say they seem to be a lock yet they have as stable a raffle as any team next year. The protection is amazingly youthful and has skills. Secondary is shaky yet could desire to be better because of the fact the extra youthful gamers learn the device and advance. They nonetheless have a dynamic offense led by skill of a ideal 3 QB in Tom Brady and between the suited head coaches contained in the NFL. Pats will do high quality this year.

Ronnette Ronnette
I was watching online and they cut them out therefore I couldn't see any of them. Someone said the Ferris Bueller commercial would've been better had they not hyped it up for a month though.
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Monica Monica
i'm in shape bro, you are the single with a superman avatar nerd.. do not bypass shooting any theaters please. you're a splash b*tch getting labored up over superman and television advertisements. Get a existence, do you even artwork? in case you do I guess you hate your activity lol
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Monica Originally Answered: Who won the super bowl tonight ?
Pittsburgh Steelers 27 - 23. I was pulling for the Cardinals - but my hats off to the Steelers - they played a great game and deserved to win!

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