My wedding is 3 weeks away. I am nervous eating. How do i stop to fit in my dress?

My wedding is 3 weeks away. I am nervous eating. How do i stop to fit in my dress? Topic: My wedding is 3 weeks away. I am nervous eating. How do i stop to fit in my dress?
October 23, 2019 / By Allger
Question: I eat way to much because of all the built of anticipation and it's killing me cause i have gained like 5 pounds and my dress is already tight. how do i stop this i really want to stop but i can't control it for some reason!!!
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Teale Teale | 3 days ago
Exercise will relieve your anxiety and stress as well as dampen your appetite. Force yourself to get in at least 30 minutes a day of some form of cardiovascular exercise. Walking, jogging, swimming or biking all fit in this category. You are probably busy and feel like you don't have the extra 30 minutes a day. You need to make the time for your health and sanity and to fit in your dress. You can do it! Three weeks is plenty of time to lose what you have gained. Put pictures of your wedding dress around the house and at work so you can see them and remember your goal throughout the day. You want your day to be everything you have planned! Get out and take a walk! Good luck! Enjoy your wedding day!
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Teale Originally Answered: How can I stop eating?
When you want to eat, go do something to keep you busy. Chew gum or suck on low cal. mints. Peppermint suppresses appetite. Brush your teeth.. after you do this, food doesn't sound as good with mint taste lingering in your mouth. Drink a bunch of water or green tea, it will fill your stomach for awhile. Think of the most disgusting thing you can think of.. think of having to eat it.. sometimes that helps.. grossing yourself out so you don't have as much of an appetite.

Ronalda Ronalda
When you are "hungry" substitute the snack for a LARGE glass of water. It'll help you to feel full. Or, brush your teeth or chew gum whenever you feel hungry because the mint changes the taste of the food.
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Molly Molly
do you brush your teeth's when you finish eating? that is to take out the taste of food so you don't get the feel of food and eat again or try this when you feel that your body wants to eat but you already eat don't eat but brush your teeth's! I've read this in a mag. it work with me when I'm eating to much.(BRUSHING TEETH)
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Linnie Linnie
Suck on sugarless candy! Nips has some, jolly rancher, it satisfies the sweet tooth but is sugarless. Also try sugarless gum.
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Linnie Originally Answered: how to stop over eating ! :(?
Sometimes when you feel hungry you're body is actually after fluid:) Have a nice big glass of cold water when you feel hungry and see if you actually feel hungry afterwards. When i was loosing weight I also used chew on chewing gum to keep my mouth satisfied. If you do have a hearty appetite despite drinking lots of water and chewing gum you could try swapping the foods you'd normally eat for lower calorie versions and lower fat versions , at least then when you are eating you won't have so much to worry about. But generally I found that drinking water fills me up, just think of water as something you can have as much as you like of, keep it cold and in fridge, or keep a bottle handy, drinking water really does help to suppress your appetite. Also eating things such as apples , bran flakes and vegetables (which have high Fibre content) will keep you fuller for longer. You can also try drinking green tea, hot green tea always fills me and what's in the tea suppresses your appetite, that's why a lot of diet pills contain extracts of green herbal tea:) Hope that helped:)

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