how can i convince my mam to let me become vegan?

how can i convince my mam to let me become vegan? Topic: how can i convince my mam to let me become vegan?
June 27, 2019 / By Allastir
Question: im vegetarian now and when i became vegetarian she was fine with it but soon after she got annoyed with cooking me a different meal and buying me different food, now i cook my own food but she still buys me it because i dont have a job (im too young) and she says im not to change my diet anymore because its not good for me and she thinks im losing too much weight but isnt being vegan better for your health? how can i persuade her this is gonna be good for me so shell get me vegan food? by the way i go shopping and get all the vegetarian food she just pays for it for me.
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Tawnie Tawnie | 8 days ago
Yes being Vegan is much healthier.. AS LONG AS you're doing it correctly. If you are going to make such a choice you must stay educated on the health guidelines. Some people try to become vegan without becoming knowledgeable and end up getting sick. If I were you I would study alot about the vegan diet, show her that you are dedicated and staying educated. Then I would ask her to watch some movies with you such as food inc. To persuade her to understand where you are coming from. Let her know your true feelings and show your dedication and empathy. Let her know this lifestyle is for you. She should come to an agreement with you. Also as far as grocery shopping if you really want to impress her do alot of research on how to make your own food such as soy meat which may cost 7$ at the store but is something you can make for around 3$. This may also make her very pleased. If you are choosing this lifestyle I am letting you know it is a constant process your food creation will start to take over your whole day. Constant prepping and creating dishes. But it is well worth it. You are making your body the healthiest possible and making the earth smile. Good Luck :)
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Tawnie Originally Answered: hi, how can i convince my parents to let me go?
Tell your parents all of this and try to be extra good but give them a guilt trip or 2 without being whinney and if that doesnt work then just say you are going to a friends house and make her take you or have your sister sneak u out

Roberta Roberta
you can't convince her, only she can be convinced by your actions, not words. If she pays, she can dictate what it goes towards. But seeing as chickpeas, black beans, tofu fava beans, rice, pasta, dried pulses and legumes cost very little, in fact they're the cheapest food ever, she can't exactly say no to that. SHe can't force you to eat cheese eggs and milk from cows. They're expensive too. Imitation cheese from soy is much cheaper. TOfu is cheap, peanut butter is quite cheap. You will have to make food, help her out. Open a few cans of beans and cook HEr some pasta with chickpeas and nice parsley and garlic olive oil dressing, or make a potato and lentil curry with rice. It's cheaper food, but she can refuse to cook extra meals for you, just make your own. The only way to consistently let people know their percieved ideas that veganism isn't healthy, is to eat healthy, and be very fit, glowing and lithe. Don't srgue your point, just explain you don't like dairy for whatever reason and like to eat actually good-for-you food like plant milks and cheeses and more tofu and such. There isn't really that much call to label cow milk healthy.
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Mo Mo
As long as there is a "let me" in there, you can't. As a mother myself, I wouldn't want my teen to become a vegan. It's not about the special meals so much- it's about the fact that your growing and maturing body needs all the nutrients in a balanced diet. You need saturated fat to keep your mind strong, your meed upbeat and your skin supple. You need B-12 to keep you from having anemia. You need to weight enough so that you bleed every month. You can decrease or even eliminate your meat intake, but you still need to eat eggs and dairy products; preferably raw milk and cheese and farm fresh eggs (not vegetarian eggs). The things to eliminate from your diet if you really want to be healthier is soda pop, candy and processed foods. Learn to cook using a stove and oven. There is real value in food. Food is not the enemy.
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Lindy Lindy
You don't need her permission. Just start eating like a vegan, I'm sure there are vegan-based foods in the house.
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Kaitlynn Kaitlynn
Good for you wanting to go vegan. You will feel better about yourself http://www.vegsource.com/news/2009/09/how-to-win-an-argument-with-a-meat-eater.html you win automatically if you show her this website P.S. Vegan milk (called almond milk) has more calcium than regular milk
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first off i give props to your sister for doing the right thing and i do not blame your mother at all for not letting you go anywhere alone after that happened. by the sounds of it you are way to young to be putting yourself into adult situations. you are not being locked up in the house all day find age appropriate activities at school and or at a community center such as sports or volunteer activities something that will show your mother that you are responsible and able to avoid and handle complicated situations. The people you are hanging around with who take advantage of mental handicapped 13 year old girls are not the kids i would ever let around my children that is called rape! and i am very glad your sister had the common since to see that.

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