what are carbohydrate foods and protein foods?

what are carbohydrate foods and protein foods? Topic: what are carbohydrate foods and protein foods?
June 17, 2019 / By Allarick
Question: im trying to get low on carbs and high in protien so now im going to watch what i eat, please please please list the carb foods and protien foods. thanks
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Tatum Tatum | 6 days ago
There are thousands of foods and millions of recipes - there is no way to list them all. The basics are this: Foods that are mostly/all protein are: all meats, eggs and fish. Foods that are mostly/all carbohydrate: all sugar, all refined (white) flour, rice and other grains. Fruits. All other foods are a combination of the two. For example, all vegetables contains carb and a small amount of protein. Beans, peas and lentils also contain carbs but more protein. Those are the basics. But for you to learn this like you need to know - pick up a small carb/protein gram book at the bookstore or grocery store. There are "hidden" carbs and hidden protein in just about every food. If you are going to want to limit or focus on either of those - you need to start looking them up for yourself so you get used to what different foods contain. There is no quick way to learn all of that. Also - be sure you are monitoring how may fat grams you are eating. High protein foods are often high in fat (like meat) and it is easy to go over board on the fat and end up gaining weight. If you are doing this to lose weight - just watching carbs will not do it - you need to figure out how many calories you need to eat in a day in order to lose weight and keep track of those. WHen losing weight - counting calories is much more important than counting carbs or protein.
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Tatum Originally Answered: What does ''Promotes: carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism'' mean?
Fatty acids not fat. So many people confuse fatty acids for converting to fat itself. Excess calories make fat. To answer your question (this is a guess) it just makes your hair and nails grow faster, to keep it simple.
Tatum Originally Answered: What does ''Promotes: carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism'' mean?
It doesn't say promotes fat, it says it promotes the metabolism of fat (and metabolism of protein and metabolism of carbohydrates....that's why learning proper punctuation in English class is helpful). Promoting the metabolism of fat is not the same as promoting fat (the gain of).

Rizpah Rizpah
Fruits and greens have carbs, problematic ones. And tons of nutrients. If it is not meat, fish or eggs, or a nut product,its both fats or carb. Of path ,many meals mainly all set meals have a few of the whole thing in them. Best proposal? Look on the labels within the retailer.
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Misti Misti
Carbs: grains (bread, crackers, pretzels, chips, cake, cookies, cereal - also: potatoes, winter squash, corn, peas, legumes) and others:) Proteins: nuts, meat, fish, poultry, tofu, yogurt, cheese, legumes
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Misti Originally Answered: What are foods that are high in protein but have zero carbs?
Any food source that comes from an animal; beef, eggs, fish, pork... will have zero carbs. Some protein powders are carb-free. So are some cheeses. Avoid the pasta though for it is usually has a high-glycemic index. Go for a more complex carb; yams, oatmeal... If you are trying to get shredded look for Body-opus (book).

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