Constant diarrhea and pregnant?

Constant diarrhea and pregnant? Topic: Constant diarrhea and pregnant?
October 23, 2019 / By Allard
Question: I have been experiencing diarrhea since I found out I was pregnant (8 weeks) and its been constant for 4 weeks now (going anywhere from 2-6 times a day). My OB suggests it's IBS, no need for a stool culture, and to just take immodium (which only lasts a day for me then back to the runs). The other symptoms I have are bloating, gas, nausea (which i assume is pregnany related) and cramps. I hope this is just IBS, but where do I go from here to make certain it's not something more severe?? I tried making an appt with a gastro but they refused to see me since i was "pregnant" especially as a first time patient. 4 weeks straight seems to be a long time?
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Tarina Tarina | 4 days ago
Sounds like part of being pregnant to me. I had that problem as well, well I'd go from one extreme to the next all in the same week. Like what was stated above me my doctor suggested the BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast) diet. It's easy on your stomach and digestive track. My nurse also suggested Metamucil to me, but I was experiencing both constipation and diarrhea. It helped a lot. I am surprised you were told to take Imodium. I had to attend a sales meeting for work, and I have a hard time with restaurant food, usually get sick shortly after eating it, so I asked if I could take Imodium to help with this problem because I was afraid of getting sick while on the bus home from dinner or a special event. I was specifically told that Imodium was not on the safe medication list, and to do my best to get something basic to eat to avoid getting sick.
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Tarina Originally Answered: Pregnant with Diarrhea! Help!?
Diarrhea is pretty normal at the beginning of pregnancy. If you really pay attention to what you are eating and when you have diarrhea, you might be able to cut down on the episodes. Spicy foods can cause it anytime but even mildly spicy or greasy during pregnancy can cause it. I found that Taco Bell food was very painful, after a few times while was pregnant. I cut it out of my diet and all was well, for the most part. Do drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration & kidney infections during the first months. They can bring on early labor.
Tarina Originally Answered: Pregnant with Diarrhea! Help!?
Yes, some women have this problem while their body adjusts to the new life. Drink lots of fluids and eat some bananas.

Ripley Ripley
It is natural to get constipation this early in being pregnant,and it could possibly preserve for the complete of your being pregnant.Are you taking Iron dietary supplements for anemia? If so this might be the motive for the constipation. If your now not taking iron then it might with ease be right down to the hormonal alterations your frame goes by way of. I had constipation with the youngest of my three kids (he is 6 weeks now),and whilst I requested my hcp for recommendation she told me to drink no less than eight glasses of water an afternoon,drink fruit juices similar to prune (I attempted dried prunes as an alternative) or natural orange juice and to be certain I was once getting adequate fiber from meals (bran,fruit & veg ect) I did this and it looked after the constipation without using laxatives. The again ache might be because of stretching of the ligaments or a sign of an urinary tract contamination (once more some thing I had with my youngest) and some thing you must see your hcp approximately to get it handled whether it is an contamination,however it is flawlessly natural in being pregnant. Hope this is helping,well success with the relaxation of the being pregnant = )
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Missie Missie
Sounds like this just may be something you're dealing with during pregnancy,and may dissipate as you progress further along,or it may stick around until you give birth. Talk to your doctor about the BRAT diet,see if he suggests you eat more of those types of foods to help.
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Missie Originally Answered: REPOST.35+1 weeks pregnant with diarrhea?
I've read that diahhrea can be an early sign of labor beginning/contractions. Call your doctor/midwife since they may want to examine you to see if you are beginning labor. The raspberry leaf tea can cause minor contractions of the uterus (one reason why they say not to use it until the final weeks of your pregnancy)... and its possible that its causing the bowel disruption... I know when I had period cramps, I often got diahhrea... so it could just be the tea causing it. I don't know much about the evening primrose oil. Definitely check with your doctor though... you don't really want to have a premature baby since there can be health issues with a child born too early. So if the tea is causing this, you might want to stop it until 38 weeks. Just my opinion.

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