HELP! My dog had Demo Mange and she is not getting Better!?

HELP! My dog had Demo Mange and she is not getting Better!? Topic: HELP! My dog had Demo Mange and she is not getting Better!?
January 22, 2020 / By Alix
Question: I have a 1 yr old purebreed English Bulldog. When we purchased her from the breeder he never mentioned it and then when confronted downplayed the situation. She was on ivemectin and did the treatment and it did worse than better. I have countless hours logged in on remedy searches and i have been doing the BORAX+ Hydrogen Peroxide+ Water washes every 4 days. For the first month there was great hair gain and her coat was looking better but she is regressing. I AM AT ROPES END!!!! i am one tune up short of motor oil (which i know can be very hazardous to her). She also has Cherry Eye and the vet refuses to operate until she has cleared up of the Demo Mange. If anyone has any other recomendations please help! I have heard and tried; Bacon Grease Lavender Oil Pine Sol (diluted) Vinegar Tree Oil She is a sweet dog and i have been told that it is a "bulldog thing". This is my 3rd bully and i have never come across one like this. She is not neutered (i feel she will be more stressed and will flare up) and is on a human grade dog food. I have heard Echinacea is also proven to help dogs immune systems... Thank you all for your help in advanced. Thanks to the answers that actually gave information and showed sincere interest... To the rest, well better left unsaid.... I have been working with the vet, she has had medical treatment, and she has been on regular food. The vet has said there is nothing short of another cycle of the same treatment that nearly killed my dog. The ivomectin (along side dips and antibiotics) made her ill and nearly killed her. As for the girl about the dog food comment... Most overly processed dog foods are from basically rotten meat. Demo mange is mostly internal (from what my vet said) and should also be treated from within (he recommended a more natural dog food to help boost her immune system which can be a reason why her mange is still up an running) as for the rest there is not much to respond. I love my dog and have researched this mostly everyday for nearly 10 months. Any other ****** would have shot the dog and buried it in the woods.
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Tanzi Tanzi | 2 days ago
You need to quit with the crazy home remedies for one - none of them work unless you consider them killing your dog as getting rid of the problem! I know you are probably at your wits end and I know, I have been there and I have worked in the veterinary field for a very long time. Demodex can be very hard to treat especially if your dog has an immune disease of some kind, which is extremely likely given everything you have said. Some veterinarians have mistakenly used steriods when treating secondary skin infections while still treating for demodex - if you were also using a steriod during ivermectin treatments you were doing no good as the steroids suppress the immune system further actually making the demodex worse. The only breeds that have Ivermectin sensitivity (usually) are Collie type breeds. It is more likely that just the MITABAN dips were causing the illness your dog was having during the extensive treatment. I would try the Ivermectin by itself and see how that affects your dog. Your dog really needs to be on Ivermectin treatment daily until you have two (2) NEGATIVE skin tests. (Your dog needs to see the vet on a monthly basis to have these tests done). Because bulldogs also tend to have severe allergies if your dog has developed any secondary skin infections due to allergies it needs to be on antibiotics as well. Demodex can take up to 4 months to treat and sometimes even longer depending on how many other skin issues you have along the way. Stress can cause setbacks and should be avoided. Since surgical procedures put a dent in the immune system you are right in not having her spayed or the cherry eye removed until her skin has cleared up. She needs to have a balanced diet so I'm not sure what you mean by "human grade" but she needs to be on a higher end dog food (you know, the expensive ones). Advantage Multi is a heartworm/flea medication that should be applied monthly - it also helps to treat demodex. I know you are using ivermectin daily - it will not interfere and will not overdose your dog on heartworm medication - I apply it to my dog every 3 weeks. Do not give up. Talk to your veterinarian about having your dog tested for immune system disorders. My dog is affected and once diagnosed treatment was a lot easier because we knew what we were dealing with. My dog is 7 now and she has been on ivermectin daily since she was 3 years old. Her dose had to be adjusted to what worked for her. She only gets the vaccinations required by law as having them knocks her immune system down. She is bathed every 2 weeks with a 1% Ketaconozole Shampoo and NEVER goes outside our home or yard unless she's going to the vet for a needed visit. If she gets too hot she has flare ups also so she stays inside all the time and only goes out in mild weather or in the early morning or evening hours. My dog has NEVER had a negative demodex test. They are always present as her immune system can not get rid of them. I have been told that immune system disorders are not common. I'm just explaining my experience. In the veterinary world an English BullDog is called the "Trust Fund Dog" - because you will use it up if you have one. If she is your third BullDog and you have not had problems before now - you need to go buy a lottery ticket because you are LUCKY! The mitaban dips made my dog extremely sick too and were stopped. I also give my dog Missing Link daily - a dietary supplement - to help her immune system. Sorry it's so long.
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Rina Rina
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awaoY One inexpensive thing you can try is bathing him in Sunfadene shampoo. I don't know if it would help your specific dog, but it won't hurt and it's not very expensive thing to try. Good Luck. -!-
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Miranda Miranda
GO TO THE GOD DAMN VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like seriously don't self treat your dog your going to kill it! and human grade food? wtf! just buy normal dog food like science diet or iams or blue buffalo like a normal person and most importantly...... GO TO THE VET!!!!!!!!!!!!! good god sometimes i feel as though the world cant get and dumber... and then i come here!
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Lily Lily
Used motor oil works to but the oil just suffocates the mights and keeps the dog from licking and scratching. Get a 3 dollar immune booster shot from you local feed store or pet store and feed it a good nutritious food like Purina. You should get a medicated shampoo for mights at walmart but it ain't cheap.
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Kaila Kaila
Hats of to Dog Section Regular! Throw all that crap away and go back to the vet! You are making things worse with your "snake oil" remedies. http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content... Demodex is common in poorly bred puppies. Of course your breeder is not going to take responsibility, so you have to. You could have avoided this by researching the breeder before you bought, but too late now. http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content... Red Mange is hereditary, and can last the lifetime of the dog. Be prepared for more issues if your dog has this. You could try Duralactin, but speak with your vet first. ETA: Find another vet. Dips are very hard on the immune system, and probably made your dog worse. Ivermectin is a gentle alternative that, when dosed correctly, will cure Mange. If you read the first link, Ivermectin is the treatment of choice. If it made your dog ill, the dose was too high. Again, find a better vet. My one dog was 5 pounds when the vet prescribed dips. The person who rescued her said NO and took her to another vet. That vet used 4 months of Ivermectin treatments. FOUR MONTHS. The dose was very low, so as not to compromise the immune system further, and it worked wonderfully. This dog recovered completely. The other dog was an adult, and did not fare as well, but the Mange is inactive right now and has been for a year. ETA: Ivermectin is actually very dangerous to the Collie breeds, and some vets will not prescribe it to an herding breed. However, Bulldogs are not herders, so there should be no issue of the vet is doing it correctly. Dog Section Regular is absolutely right about a good diet. A high quality kibble will have lots of antioxidants in it to boost the immune system naturally. I feed my Mange survivors Blue Wilderness and one Duralactin a day. My one dog's immune system is stabilized by this food. He no longer breaks out in Staph infections all the time, and his toenails are actually beginning to grow. Bulldogs are plagued by some pretty horrific allergy issues. Are you sure your vet diagnosed correctly? Your dog could have bad food allergies or bad environmental allergies. I once met a bulldog whose allergy to grass was so bad that he was almost bald with horrible lesions all over him. @Elizabeth A-Promeris was pulled from the market because of dangerous side effects. http://www.dog411.net/promeris-fleatick-... @Flabbergasted-great call! Steroids turn Mange mites into little energizer bunnies!
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