need ways to gain a little weight!?

need ways to gain a little weight!? Topic: need ways to gain a little weight!?
October 20, 2019 / By Alick
Question: i am 15 years old and i weigh about 100 pounds. i am usually the smallest person in my class and most people tell me i need to eat. what they dont know is that i love to eat but just cant gain any weight. when i go shoppin i cant find anything that could really fit me (especially tops) in juniors section and have to look in the big girls section. am i anorexic? how can i gain a few pounds in a healthy way and what should i do about my flat chest. i dont want to eat just anything like mikey D's cuz i eat a lot of junk already and i dont want to increase my chances of getting diabetes or high cholesterol. im also afraid of gaining weight in the wrong places. i just want upper body cuz i think im good as far as my lower body looks
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Best Answers: need ways to gain a little weight!?

Tansy Tansy | 10 days ago
If you're being honest about loving food, then you're not an anorexic - take it from a recovering one. Make sure you're eating the right types of food, and try some strength-training exercises. Eating more protein and good fats (like olive oil) is the best thing you can do, and strength-training builds muscles, which weighs more than fat. You shouldn't just start eating crap though, just for the sake of a few pounds - they won't end up where you want them, believe me. And it's unhealthy besides. Protein shakes are great for weight-gaining, if you can stand the taste. Try drinking one a couple times a day inbetween meals and see if it helps any. You may just be naturally slim - but if you're only 15, your metabolism may slow down a bit and you hormones will ramp up a bit in the next few years. This should add some nice curves and maybe a cup size or two. You're too young to be concerned about gaining weight - it will happen, believe me. Just make sure you have a healthy body image no matter how much you weigh.
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Tansy Originally Answered: What are some ways you can gain weight?
Well, you don't necessary have to pig out. This isn't the most healthy way to go about gaining wait. But if you really wanted to add a few pounds then pigging out may not work but eating foods that are high in fat content such as chips, pizza, etc. may work. If you're a vegetarian fast food is still fine. Taco bell makes their tacos and such without the beef or meat if you just ask them to. Taco bell food is high in fat content. You also might want to try midnight snacking. That usually works since your metabolism slows down while you're sleeping and you'd end up gaining a bit from doing that. Remember, pigging out won't help because it needs to be more gradual. Focus on a high fat diet for at least a week or two and you'll start to see results. And this is a warning but once you gain a lot of weight it's incredibly hard to lose it. Be sure that this is what you want. And if you overdo this you may become overweight, which is a lot worse than being skinny. Best of luck to you. I hope I helped.

Riley Riley
Aww, I know just how u feel. I was small most of my life. But I have a quick fix to ur problem. U can buy some weight gainer at GNC stores. It costs around $30. All u have to do is drink one shake a day (contains 700 calories) along with eating 3 times a day. I wanted to gain a few pounds from it and it helped me. As far as ur chest, everyone is different and only time will tell.
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Mirabel Mirabel
Like you I do like ot eat and most of my life I was very skinny so people thought I just needed to eat more. If I was at another place to eat I got the biggest of everything so I would not be so starved. Sure had some very good food gecause they felt sorry for me in a way. I gained aobut 20 pounds this last year and now people don't offer me all the good food. Skinny is better. I will loose this extra.
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Lillie Lillie
To gain weight in a healthy way you need protein. Lean meats like chicken and fish. Stay away from red meats, those can bulk you up but they have the wrong kinds of fat that you need. They usually have the worst kinds of fats like Trans fats and Saturated fats. There are people on here who are going to tell you to eat McDonalds everyday, don't listen to them because sure you'll gain weight but you will increase your chances of getting diabetes and high cholesterol, two things you don't want. As for your flat chest problem, I'd suggest getting a strapless bra. It works really well, and I actually have a chest when wearing one!
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Kaelee Kaelee
well my mom is really into healthy eating and believe it or not fruits and vegetables help u gain weight. i am like you. i am really skinny, 13 years old, and my friends tell me the same thing, em, u need to eat! well, i love eating! its weird i don't gain any weight either. at the beginning of seventh grade i weighed about 65 pounds. i am not anorexic and neither are you. we just have a very fast metabolism. we burn things off faster than others. well, also if u are active, than that also is a reason why u are so skinny cuz moving around and being active helps you burn off calories. but yeah im gonna shutup now and remember don't try to gorge yourself with food. just eat healthy!! :) p.s. - i have absolutely no chest either!
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Gwenda Gwenda
I am the same! no matter what i do i can't gain weight, mine kind of medical related [not anorexic or belimic] so i get advice from doctors. You can get special milkshakes that help you gain weight, but you need to get them on prescription. Eat three meals a day, exercise, it sounds silly but it'll help build your muscles up, & muscles weigh more than fat! Not sure about how to build your bust, but your 15, maybe you'll get a growth spurt sometime soon. If not, wonderbras are awesome!!
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Dianne Dianne
eat Mciy Ds everyday and boys like girls Bo0bs so make them bigger! or you might get a card like this i was looking at some HD flat screen TVs and it reminded me of u! get it flat chest lol!
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Carey Carey
u should just eat alot that's it or eat a burger, but only like once a week b/c it's not good for u.....
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Carey Originally Answered: best ways to GAIN weight?
Short answer: Do lots of compound exercises, workout intensely and workout no more than 3 times a week. Sounds like you are a hardgainer and by far the biggest mistake hardgainers make when trying to gain muscle is overtraining, allowing no time for the muscles to recover and actually grow. You also need to eat a lot of the right kinds of food. The simple formula for gaining weight (muscle in your case) is to consume more calories than you burn but to make sure you are consuming the right kind of calories. Whole grains (oat meal, brown rice, wheat bread) protein (eggs, steak, whey protein, etc) and quality fat. Yes, fat, that is not a mistake. You need quality fat to build muscle (Avocado, cashews, olive oil, safflower oil, etc...)

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