How will taking laxatives to lose weight affect my body?

How will taking laxatives to lose weight affect my body? Topic: How will taking laxatives to lose weight affect my body?
June 17, 2019 / By Alic
Question: Don't lecture me. I just want to know the potential side effects of taking laxatives, possibly on a daily basis. And how long after I eat should I take them to make sure I don't absorb the fat from my food? See, my cousin did this...she passed out because she didn't keep hydrated. If I drink a lot of water, would it work? It worked for her... Yeah, I've been having trouble making myself vomit.
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Tanner Tanner | 9 days ago
Several things: 1. Dehyration. You lose large amounts of water, and put yourself at risk for electrolyte deficiencies, especially potassium. Low potassium can lead to heart failure/death. 2. Cathartic colon--basically the inability to poop with a laxative/physical dependency 3. Bloating. MAJOR bloating. Whatever "bloat" you got rid of by using it will come back with a vengence. 4. Death. Laxative overdose can result ultimately result in death. P.S. Laxatives do not block fat absorption. They work on the large intenstine, while fat is absorbed in the small intestine. By the time the food makes it to the large intestine, all the calories have been absorbed.
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Tanner Originally Answered: i'm taking diabetic medication if i take alli diet pills to loose weight will it affect me?
That is a good question that I have no answer to, but there is no easy out of losing weight. That is why there are so many diet pills like Alli on the market that change every year. The problem doesn't go away, people just get tired of taking the pills without doing what is needed to lose weight. Every one of the diet pills on the market require absolute low carb food plan and loads of exercise!!!! Save your money and just do the low carb diet and loads of exercise. It is hard work to lose weight unless you wish to let the diabetes eat it off by quitting the meds and letting the glucose race for the moon for a while.

Rika Rika
You need to have correct information if you want to lose weight. You can did method that I lost 23 pounds in 55 days. It works fast and It will work for you too. You can find more information here link below.
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Mira Mira
Just throw your food up it will be cheaper and i think safer than taking the laxatives. its effectively doing the same thing.
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Lillian Lillian
If you have a seperate room keep small useful exercise equipment Use those equipment while reading and listening songs
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Kaelea Kaelea
It doesn't work. Once the food is in your intestines, it's already been processed. You aren't doing anything but speeding up your sh!t.
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Gwen Gwen
identify the emotional triggers that lead you to seek unhealthy comfort food picture your goal weight the next time a trigger strikes to help you resist temptation
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Gwen Originally Answered: I'm taking oxy elite pro, but I also want to take laxatives for maximum weight loss?
Hi I can fully understand what you are going through, my wife was the same. Nothing worked, as soon as she lost it it came back usually with a bit more. Then she was introduced to The Fat Burning Furnace. She had tried so many diets before, but this one sounded different. Plus her friend who found it was having great success. My wife has been using this now for 4 weeks. She never feels hungry, eats constantly throughout the day and never complains about boring diet food. Listen to the presentation it may answer a lot of questions about how to safely lose weight and most importantly keep it off. If you are struggling maybe this will be right for you. Good Luck

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