Vegetarian low carb meal plans?

Vegetarian low carb meal plans? Topic: Vegetarian low carb meal plans?
October 15, 2019 / By Algar
Question: Okay, so I'm trying to lose roughly 20 pounds. I'm a vegetarian; no meat or fish, but I do eat dairy products. If you're going to criticize my eating habits, just leave now. I only want serious answers. I looked over the Atkins diet, but that would be very hard for me considering it contains a lot of meat products. As of right now, my meals include eggs for breakfast and a salad for lunch and dinner. This gets a little boring, as you can imagine. I was wondering if anyone has any low carb meal plans they could share, that would still follow the Atkins rule of less than 20 carbs per day. I'm only following this plan for two weeks, so don't criticize me about that either. If you have any suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate them. :-)
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Tamsyn Tamsyn | 6 days ago
try making meals out of different fruits, vegetables, and fake meats. i have celiac disease and can't eat many carbs. either. try making fruit salads, mixing different fruits and veggies togethers, and also incorporating fake meats into your salads or make other dishes with them. i have a PETA Vegan College Cookbook. Whether you like PETA or not, there's a lot of different ideas for things you could make. One salad has strawberries, fake chick'n strips, and italian dressing. It's low carb and has a variety of flavors. You can also mix fake burger crumbles with cheese and make a nacho type meal. Your options as a vegetarian are endless.
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Tamsyn Originally Answered: What do a few of your daily meal plans look like?
You may be confused about the types of 'full' feelings. As a meat-eater after meals I knew I was full because I'd often feel bloated and stuffed. As a vegetarian after meals, I recognise the 'full' feeling as being very satisfied but not bloated/uncomfortable. Apparently you're not supposed to eat until you feel full, anyway. Eat until you're not hungry, or mostly full. My meals usually look like this... Breakfast: 2 slices of wholewheat toast, or yoghurt and fruit. I'm not really hungry in the mornings and tend to eat larger portions at other meals. Muffins don't sound like a satisfying breakfast, try a big bowl of cereals (weetbix, muesli, bran, oatmeal, etc) with some fruit added. Lunch: Wholewheat sandwiches or wraps, dinner leftovers, sometimes soup or salad. For sandwiches and wraps I usually throw in some tofu, cheese, and a bunch of veggies. Dinner: Veg curry and rice, zucchini parmigiana, beans and veggies, chickpea sausages and baked veggies, pizza with salad, homemade veggie burgers with oven chips, tofu & vegetable pie with salad, risotto and salad, spinach quiche and veggies.
Tamsyn Originally Answered: What do a few of your daily meal plans look like?
First of all, I don't eat until I am full every time I sit down eat. I eat until I am not that hungry anymore and move on. I eat several times per day, finishing with one medium meal so I can make it until morning. First thing when I wake up I eat a cup of kashi cereal with soy milk and sometimes some fruit on top if I have any. Then about 2 hours later I have a kashi bar or a fruit/grain bar. Then about an hour later I have a soy yogurt. Around midday I have a pb & j or tofurkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat. Then an hour later I have the other kashi or fruit/grain bar. Then around 5:00 I have dinner, which usually consists of one of the vegan meals I make. Tonight we had chickenless cutlets, mashed potatoes and peas. Then about an hour later I had some soy delicious frozen dessert. I now have a pear cut up on a plate in front of me.

Richelle Richelle
cant you just make your own food, that way you can go crazy making soups, and legumes ( only a bit of carbs and no dairy and cheese etc). I go mad making soups, you can put anythign in them, freeze or leave int he fridge, add a bit of corn, green peas etc. Salad is nice, but nothing like a good soup, and when you make it yourself its so nice. I'd make lots of soup like that- courgetter with garlic and yoghurt, then add chopped rocket. Or carrot and leek and add coriander and parsley. Etc. Als you could make some touf steaks and kebabs, they really fill you up= get "baked" tofu and put in a sate sauce- soysauce and a bit of peanut butter, make chunks and add to a skewer with cauliflour, peppers, pumpkin ( low carb, compared to potatos), mushrooms, and grill on the oven, to get all crispy, they are so good, then make a soysace and garlic dip. I don't count carbs, so I don't know what 20 is, but I stay away from them anyway. If you need something filling and no carbs- use tofu. Pumpkin has hardly any on comparison when you DO need somethign filling. Is you mash cauliflour it IS mashed potato far as Im concerned, I LOVE it. SO creamy and rich. Same for pumpkn, and even cabbage can be creamy and smooth if you cook it and add some cremaier veg, like boiled, pressed pureed courgette. Green peas are very good, although a few carbs more than beans. I love pureed peas. they are rich and thick. Make different textures of the same veg- its what I do and I love it- freshly cooked leek, with roasted leek, plus a leek soup.
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Minnie Minnie
I follow a high-fat, low-carb vegan diet (since for those of us who live in reality, calories, especially calories from carbs, which are immediately-stored as adipose tissue if not burned, govern weight loss/gain/maintenance). I highly recommend associating yourself with nuts/seeds and butters made from them. Fats satiate and promote weight loss. I love making a creamy alfredo sauce with cashews, for instance. Also recommend getting a spiralizer, with which you can turn just about any vegetable into NOODLES- I use mine at least once a day- just Google it.
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Minnie Originally Answered: I have low blood sugar after eating a low carb or no carb meal, like steak and green leafy salad.?
Okay- you kind of answered your own question-- you NEED carbs with every meal and snack that you eat. There are good carbs--whole wheat breads--35 calorie is the one I use- pitas, low fat crackers, kashi whole wheat waffles, whole wheat pretzels, whole wheat pasta, yams or sweet potatoes and brown rice. These carbs should be eaten with every meal along with fruit...the amounts of all your daily intake should be determined by a certified diabetic nutritionist....and you're insurance should cover at least a few visits with one...and if you have no insurance, the hospital diabetic dietician will help you. The tiredness is due to the ups and lows of your sugar all day long which is dangerous and truly energy depleting. Believe me I know where you're coming from...I'm a diabetic for almost 18 years and just this past MONTH I saw the right dietician to explain the need of eating all 4 food groups at each meal....I now feel like I'm not even a diabetic.......trust me, you need to get on the right diet and you will be feeling better after your first 2 meals.

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