What comes first on your mind when I say.?

What comes first on your mind when I say.? Topic: What comes first on your mind when I say.?
October 23, 2019 / By Alfie
Question: im gona ask questions and i want the FIRST thought that comes to your mind to answer okay... 1- where did Fionca Luro die? 2- who ever tells the truth? 3- whats somthing square and has a black line in the middle? 4- You just had a huge...? 5- a tree next to a riverside? 6- maccaroni? 7- say way may caly? 8- why do they say sea is blue? 9- why dont we sneeze when were asleep? 10- now that your done , what are you thinking? jack: ya it took a while haha
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Tammara Tammara | 10 days ago
1- where did Fionca Luro die? Who? 2- who ever tells the truth? Britney Spears 3- whats somthing square and has a black line in the middle? Window xD 4- You just had a huge...? Bug 5- a tree next to a riverside? Hammock 6- maccaroni? Lol a bowl of maccaroni 7- say way may caly? Swirls 8- why do they say sea is blue? The ocean 9- why dont we sneeze when were asleep? A person wearing a sleeping cap, with lots of ZZZ 10- now that your done , what are you thinking? im done
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Tammara Originally Answered: How do i relax my mind?!?
Yes. All of the above. TM will help quiet the mind. Also, the TM program, the sleep experts, & many of the authors on happiness recommend going to be by 10 pm before that 2nd wind of energy arrives. Definitely turn off the TV & don't watch violent shows or the late night news. Also, avoid late night meals other than the old famous cup of hot milk before bedtime. It's great with a little cardamon & cinnamon sprinkled in it. If you're absolutely starving, have some toast with honey, but not a full meal. Exercise produces those chemicals that help us relax such as serotonin. It's excellent as an anti-depressant & to help us sleep at night. Better to try exercise first, rather than asking a doctor for some pill to treat anxiety. (Do have your blood pressure checked, though, & take any necessary medication for that.) (However, don't exercise too close to bedtime.) Gradually unwind as bedtime approaches. Incidentally, the Indian herb jatamansi will definitely put you to sleep. I bought MAPI's BP Balance. However, even taking 1/2 tablet just before bedtime will sometimes make me too sleepy in the morning, so I have to watch it. It might be better to buy the loose tea or the teabags thru Berkeley Bazaar, which sells herbs & foods from India. Jatamansi is related to valerian, so use some caution in using it. It's always good to have some idea what we're doing if we fiddle with some sort of herbal treatment. (See a book called Yoga of Herbs if you can find a copy. I have a copy, but I noticed recently that it was out of print, so you'd have to search for a used one until they print some more & distribute them.)
Tammara Originally Answered: How do i relax my mind?!?
maybe you should invest in some high quality noise cancelling headphones. companies like bose makes great ones. turn on some ambient music and drift away on a comfy couch. other than that, take frequent naps don't eat fast food or anything really oily you may get a sugar high from it but it will kill later in the day. exercise! go jogging on a nice day! fresh air is always nice. spend enough time with friends that you know will always lift your spirits. hope this helped!

Rhoda Rhoda
1- I don't know. 2- One of my best friends named Gina. 3-A Zebra print box. 4-Family Reunion. 5-Romantic Picnic. 6-Food. 7-Vally. 8- I'm not sure. 9-Is that even possible? 10-This was kinda fun.
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Milla Milla
My house Liars rubicks cube breakast park and cheese bally total fitness because it looks blue because we're asleep I wonder how long it took you to make this
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Milla Originally Answered: Meditation.Mind and Thoughts?
Effects on physical body (1) Healthier: One's resistance to disease is increased. That means when colleagues fall sick, one can destroy the same germs or viruses in one's own body due to the increased immunity developed from our daily meditation. Similarly, as cancer cells are popping up in our bodies everyday the meditators can also eradicate these malignant cells as they arise. Conversely, stress reduces our immunity and it may be so reduced that the cancer cells takeover, and start to form a primary colony in the body. The danger of cancer is that it is wild and unruly, and will grow incessantly to the detriment of the healthy body. (2) Memory and Concentration: The meditator having achieved good concentration, has also a much better memory. He is now less tense and has an increased capacity to handle stress. He appears also to have increased energy with greater physical agility. He is able to sleep better, and the incidence of insomnia is greatly reduced. There is less tension headaches, and irritability. Aches and pains of the body begin to diminish. As mind-body co-ordination greatly improves, the meditator works more efficiently. (3) Personality: He is now friendlier, and has a more attractive personality. He has more time for others, and is more tolerant of other religions. He is now able to deal with emergency situations without panic. Although he is more patient, he is more charismatic. He is also more sensitive to other people's moods and feelings. Additionally, he is able to take losses and bereavement much better. This adds up to an increased ability to let go: to be less greedy and more charitable. (4) Psychosomatic illnesses: Conditions such as asthma, neurodermatitis and gastrointestinal problems (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome) begin to disappear as one continues to meditate. Weight is normalised. High blood pressure is also reduced. Mental-emotional effects After at least six months, one would notice that there is a reduction of anxiety neurosis and nervousness. Depression disappears completely. There are no longer feelings of inadequacy. Being much calmer than before, irritability has also more or less disappeared. On the positive side there is more self-esteem. The meditator can now solve problems better, because his mind is not cluttered with anxiety and unnecessary information. As one's thoughts become more orderly, one's thinking is much more organised, thus increasing one's creativity and productivity. Spiritual well-being Meditation tends to make us a better Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. Our affiliations to our religions are strengthened. It also tends to foster trust with a greater capacity for intimate contact. One develops more compassion for our fellow human beings, and there is also a greater capacity for unconditional love, which means that the meditator does not expect any gratitude or thanks. There is an increased satisfaction at work and at home, and consequently we develop inner wholeness. We now know that life is meaningful. Of course, the greatest achievement would be our ability to let go: to have less greed, hatred, pride and selfishness. These four foibles when considerably reduced will affect our spiritual well-being tremendously.

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