Is it a good thing to create "something else" with animals, from God's creation?

Is it a good thing to create "something else" with animals, from God's creation? Topic: Is it a good thing to create "something else" with animals, from God's creation?
October 20, 2019 / By Aleck
Question: Scientists taste-test lab-grown hamburger Taste-testers who tried the world's first lab-grown hamburger found it lacked flavor but was "close to meat." Post and colleagues made the meat from the muscle cells of two organic cows. The cells were put into a nutrient solution to help them develop into muscle tissue, growing into small strands of meat. It took nearly 20,000 strands to make a single 5-ounce patty, which for Monday's taste test was seasoned with salt, egg powder, breadcrumbs, red beet juice and saffron. .
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Best Answers: Is it a good thing to create "something else" with animals, from God's creation?

Tameka Tameka | 4 days ago
I believe that while we have bacon, we have no need to create food in a lab. Additional: @Big Punnn: No, I'm not a moron, but I do like bacon. I am entitled to eat meat if I wish. I also believe there are better uses of our resources than creating meat substitutes in a lab. I suppose in your case, arrogance is bliss. In any case, what does science have to do with the fact I enjoy bacon and have every right to consume it, or any other meat product, should I so choose? The most you can do is question my ethics, not my understanding of science.
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Rexana Rexana
Okay then so you would rather murder animals and eat them? You think that appeases your imaginary tea pot in the sky? Good on ya! Stick to your ignorance. In addition, by that logic you should NOT be: i) getting vaccinated ii) eating ANY GMO foods (good luck with that!) iii) having transplants iii) having ANY kind of surgery performed on you etc.. etc... etc... I could literally go on for DAYS ( especially within subcategories of the above points) The amount of energy used to create lab-grown food is A FRACTION of the amount of energy required to grow a cow for years and then slaughter them. So why the hell not? @magpie --> you are a moron... good reply buddy! you probably have no idea what SCIENCE truly is; ignorance is bliss! @dino....--> it lacked flavour because it was NOT FATTY! it contained no fat in it and hence was all muscle
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Mikki Mikki
This Falseburger sounded absolutely disgusting and didn't look too great on the news yesterday. I like meat but I'd rather have a nut roast than one of those burgers.
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Liana Liana
It lacked flavour cause it wasnt over fed with Sodioum and other cow detritus as normal cows are raised on usa
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Julianne Julianne
Absolutely. What's worse? Slaughtering a cow, and mincing its flesh to make a burger, or growing a burger without harming anything?
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