Is it OK to drink Slim Fast *with* my meals?

Is it OK to drink Slim Fast *with* my meals? Topic: Is it OK to drink Slim Fast *with* my meals?
October 20, 2019 / By Aldus
Question: It's usually meant to replace a meal, for people to lose weight. Meaning, it has the nutrients but not the bad stuff... right? What if I just like it for its flavor in the morning with my breakfast? I'll just be getting more nutrition right? Or will I also be getting an extra dose of weight gain as well? LOL!! @ mark!!! hahaha Oh.. I'm not trying to lose weight
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Tallula Tallula | 10 days ago
Actually slim fast is 40% sugar. Not only will it not make you slim fast, drinking it the way you suggest will make you FAT FAST :) If you want to stave off and suppress your appetite naturally, I suggest drinking a PROTEIN supplement 20-30 minutes before your meal.
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Tallula Originally Answered: Is it ok for a 15 year old girl to drink slim fast?
Slim fast appears to work without chemicals and uses the following to reduce weight: * Helps you reduce your calorie intake through portion control * Provides balanced nutrition, including essential vitamins and minerals * Can be mixed and matched with your favorite foods, so you won't get tired of eating the same old thing So for a ten year old, no it will not harm you. Should you do it? As a ten-year old you are still growing, and you will likely go through a growth spurt sometime soon. Your brain and body are developing rapidly right now. You don't need to worry about your weight unless you are overweight - a doctor is the only one who can determine this at this point. Slim fast costs money, as all food. Its also aimed for adults. It will not harm you, but it will probably cost extra money and not help you much either. My advice is to exercise and eat healthy. Walk, jump rope, do push ups or some form of activity every day and fill up on vegetables and fruits. Avoid white breads. Go to the mall and walk all around :) You will get long term results and feel much better than otherwise. If you want to try this, and your parents are aware, you can, but it is quite unnecessary and probably won't taste that good or be much fun. This is a time where you will try many things. As a ten year old, you should not be focused on loosing weight, but on being healthy. Remember, weight isn't a measure of health. Go for what you want, but remember to eat healthy and exercise!

Regina Regina
Well it's calories in vs calories out. With the Slim Fasts and meals you might be going over your calories limit. Also, Slim Fast has way too much sugar. Buy a whey protein supplement. What I do is take 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder (1 gram of sugar), 1 cup fat free milk, 1 banana, and lots of ice and blend it together to make a smoothie. It usually makes about 24 ounces because I use a lot of ice, and it keeps me full for hours.
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Midge Midge
As long as it fitsin your caloric needs. The idea of the slim fast is to replace a meal with X calories with fewer. If you eat both, you may not loose weight because you are getting enough calories, so no need to brun fat. Doing that would be healthy, but not effecgtive for weight loss, since you need to cut calories, not just get enough nutrients.
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Lexie Lexie
Sure it is if you want to put on about a hundred pounds. Drink Ensure if you need nutrients. If you like the flavor drink some low fat chocolate milk...not a slimfast WITH a meal.
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Juli Juli
wrong! weight gain. if u want the taste then get chocolate milk. think slim fast replaces a meal, it has a meal's worth of crap. so ud be eating 2 breakfasts.
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Githa Githa
Yeah.... Nothing like a slim fast with 2 scoops of ice cream to wash down my phily cheesesteak and fries
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Githa Originally Answered: Is it ok to ONLY drink meal replacement shakes (slim fast) and not eat?
ok i won't tell you you are dumb. Instead I will tell you that you are a mindless conforming bafoon devaluing your own personal integrity for an adopted ideal created by someone else. Go get really skinny. Vomit a lot. See how awesome your life is after your eating disorder

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