ACAI BERRY diet have you tried it -?

ACAI BERRY diet have you tried it -? Topic: ACAI BERRY diet have you tried it -?
October 20, 2019 / By Aldon
Question: Does Acai Berry work? do you really also need the colon cleanse? How much weight have you lost and how long did it take on this diet?
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Tabby Tabby | 5 days ago
This whole acai berry thing is a scam. Acai berries are high in antioxidants. A diet high in antioxidant foods can increase your metabolism. An increase in metabolism can burn more calories. More calories burned can result in weight loss. Acai berries cause weight loss! That is the big "stretch" these con artists are selling. Acai berries don't have any more antioxidants in them than regular blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. At 10 times the price because they are "exotic". The "cleanse" tablets that usually come with them contain nothing more than psyllium husk powder to help you poop more. This can deplete healthy bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system. And you can buy a quart jar of it for $10 at the grocery, not 60 tablets. There is no such thing as a "fat burner pill". Burning more calories than you consume is the only fat burner. None of these weight loss supplements guarantee anything unless you establish a healthy diet and exercise program. So why not just establish a healthy diet and exercise program and keep your money? You are spending somewhere between $2 and $4 per day on products that are not approved or guaranteed to do anything! Don't be surprised if some outrageous charges hit your debit card if you buy online. Go to the terms and conditions at any "acai" web site. Most sites you sign up for have an "auto ship" program and you will be sent more product at $50,$80 or $150 per month! Some people have to cancel their debit cards just to get the automatic payment stopped. Most sited won't accept a credit card since the charges can be disputed. The same "stretch of the imagination" applies to the green tea, maqui berry, hoodia, moyo berry,and african mango seed extract pills out there. That kind of money pays for a great gym membership. The only weight loss supplement I recommend is a basic multivitamin. A healthy diet high in both soluble and insoluble fiber is the only safe way there is.
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Tabby Originally Answered: anyone taken the acai berry diet?
Acai berry really is a weight loss scam - it will not help you lose weight. If you need a little bit of an extra boost you may rather want to try something like NuPhedrine which boosts your metabolism. It also contains Hoodia to act as an appetite suppressant. There are some risks though, so just use it if you are healthy. If you are on a low fat diet something like Alli may help since it reduce the absorption of fats even further. Both may provide a little boost but the hard work to stick to a healthy diet and exercise is still all yours.

Reenie Reenie
Acai berry is a scam. Do not take this product and do not be tempted to go for any free trial of this product. Once they have your credit card number to pay for the postage they will make an unauthorized debit of your account for $100 and you won't be able to get it back. I think you might have been reading the advertising blurb from other answerers on this section who are getting paid to promote this product. Email me if you want the URL of a website to avoid. And read what EddySays above.
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Michal Michal
I've lost 45 pounds this year (would have lost more but Thanksgiving and Chistmas got in the way!). I am 25 pounds away from my BMI target and still losing. Having had experiences with a bunch of crash diets and fitness programs, I can tell you that there is no single fad program which works for everybody, all the time. A program that focuses on long term weight control is the best and most realistic approach. The only web site I've found that seems to understand this is old crow ink. Please try them out and see if one of their solutions works for you. Have a healthy life
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Lewella Lewella
All of the research I have seen is that yes it does work. As far as how much weight you will lose and how long that will take I think that will vary from person to person. Good Luck!
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Lewella Originally Answered: Acai Berry Diet ?!?!?
Acai berry is useless. colon cleanse gives you diarrhoea, you lose essential potassium and sodium. It also upsets the balance of flora in the colon. Cleanse can harm your body, the diet pills will not, but they won't aid weight loss either. Never buy online if you decide to try them. Google acai and scam. The free sample is far from free. Claims of weight loss are unfounded, said the CSPI (The Center for Science in the Public Interest ). "There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that acai pills will help shed pounds, flatten tummies, cleanse colon, enhance sexual desire, or perform any of the other commonly advertised functions," according to the organization's press release. Virtually every berry -- blueberry, strawberry, goji, acai -- are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. antioxidants do not aid weight loss. There are no magical berries from the Brazilian rain forest that cure obesity, only painfully real credit card charges and empty weight loss promises. The diet 'bloggers' are just a mirage. Their weight loss is courtesy of Photoshop, not açai.

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