How do you feel about diplomatic immunity?

How do you feel about diplomatic immunity? Topic: How do you feel about diplomatic immunity?
October 23, 2019 / By Aldin
Question: Ok so I have to write an essay for my law class on diplomatic immunity. I'm not trying to get people to do my arguments for me (because I already have them) - I'm looking at the both the pro and con arguments of diplomatic immunity and your thoughts on the topic would greatly be appreciated =) I know a lot of people think that diplomats do what they want and get away with it - and in some cases this is true. In most, they get sent back to their home country which is where they receive their punishment, however; the conviction is somewhat less of what the host country would have come up with. It's also become apparent that a diplomat's word is worth more than the victim's - in an abuse case, the court favoured the diplomat over the woman who claimed to be raped and abused. Diplomats mostly get away with parking/traffic tickets and lighter punishments for crimes they have committed.
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Sylvia Sylvia | 2 days ago
Diplomatic immunity is a necessary part of the international embassy system. Some idiots take advantage of it--the drunk driving case in DC a few years back is the most famous example--but it also protects our diplomats from wrongful prosecution. Imagine a world in which diplomats can't send messages to other governments because if they do they'll simply be arrested. The only country in the last century to waive diplomatic immunity unilaterally was post-revolution Iran when they took our entire embassy hostage. The most powerful nation in the world was held prostrate to a bunch of students. What happens when an American wife who is being abused wants to leave her Muslim husband in the middle east? Diplomats spirit her out even though the law doesn't permit women to leave without their husband's permission. Should they go to jail for that? I don't think so. When a diplomat does commit an actual crime they can be declared "persona non grata" and kicked out of the host country. I'll admit that sometimes diplomatic immunity leads to travesties of justice, but the good outweighs the bad.
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Sylvia Originally Answered: Question about Diplomatic Immunity.Please Answer?!?
Every employee of an embassy is considered to have diplomatic immunity. Before one is chosen for that post, they would have to undergo a battery of screening. Everything from physical, emotional, mental and security to make sure that they are right for the job. Sometimes, even their family members are screened too. So they are not just anyone off the street who will be prone to committing petty crimes. While posted abroad they are constantly under surveillance making sure they will not be recruited as spies. Granting for the sake of argument that they get into an accident like a DUI, they cannot be charged but they will definitely pay for any damage they caused. Also with diplomatic plates, they will not be even stopped by the police, let alone issued a parking ticket. Chances are, they even have a local police escort to ensure that. Diplomats are usually wined and dined by government officials from the host country. They are assured of a good time, if you know what I mean. The host country's diplomats get the same treatment here too.

Rebeckah Rebeckah
I think that Diplomatic Immunity is wrong. I don't think that just because your some politiciann in another country that you should be able to come to the United States and commit a crime and get away with it. It'scompletelyy wrong. If we allow other people to kill in this country, or commit crimes, then why not let everybody do it. I mean we can just let people run around and kill people and steal. It's not fair, and just because somebody is important in another country doesn't mean that they should be above the law here.
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Meryl Meryl
I think its horrific. It allows men to rape women, beat up old ladies for fun, steal cars, and other ferocious things and GET AWAY WITH IT! aaaah! However america needs this so they get immunity in other countries, so there is nothing to do about it
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Lettice Lettice
Go with TH's answer -- that's the best one. When people hear the phrase, they automatically thinks of privileged people getting away with murder. But that's almost never the case.
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