Mexican food vs chinese food?

Mexican food vs chinese food? Topic: Mexican food vs chinese food?
June 19, 2019 / By Albert
Question: Answer this for my Pyschology Class Survey please :) Mexican food or Chinese food? -Which do you prefer? -Better food? -Which one do you think is healthier? -Who has the best options/variety? -Better Service? -Which makes you feel like you are in their culture?
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Syd Syd | 7 days ago
Here is my input for your survey. Good luck! 1) Which do you prefer? ~ Chinese food 2) Better food? ~ I personally think that Chinese food is much tastier depending on what dish. I really like how Chinese food has wok taste while Mexican food is nothing really special 3) Which one do you think is healthier? ~ I personally think that both are equally healthy. Chinese food -Healthy: Seafood, vegatables -Unhealthy: Desserts, rice and noodles because of carbs, barbecqued pork Mexican food -Healthy: Beans, abundant vegatables -Unhealthy: Taco shells (carbs), chips (carbs) 4) Who has the best options/variety? ~Both have a good variety but I think that Chinese food has a bigger variety because of the different meats (duck, goose, pork, etc.), different seafood (crab, shrimp, lobster, fish, clams, etc.), different veggies (bok choy, dou miu, etc.), different desserts (almond soup, sesame soup, sugar and peanut donuts, mango sago etc.), different noodles and rices (beef noodles, XO sauce noodles, egg and shrimp noodles, simple fried rice, white rice, ginger and beef fried rice, etc.) and different drinks (HK Style Milk Tea, assortment of teas, etc.) 5) Better Service? ~ I personally think that at times Chinese service and Mexican service can range. Chinese people I think are better at taking your order and whatnot but Mexican people are better at attentive-ness and making sure that tables are clean and that waters are always refilled. So maybe Mexicans are more useful and efficient but Chinese' are more elegant. So all in all I think that I like Mexican service more. 6) Which makes you feel like you are in their culture? ~ Chinese people usually make me feel more in their culture because of the decor at places (lighting, table settings, tablecloths). They usually talk in Cantonese and make me feel part of their culture other than just talking in English. Good Luck! :) P.S. Whenever I cannot choose and list things out I tend to believe that you are comparing apples to oranges. :0 (1) to O Apples to Oranges
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Reba Reba
- Chinese, its what I grew up with. - Neither, each style has so much regional variation and history that its nearly impossible to compare the two. - Neither, each cuisine has its healthy and unhealthy foods. The only cuisine in the world that one can say is categorically more unhealthy than any other is American fast food. - Again, impossible to compare. - Ditto. - What? This is a terrible survey that generalizes and misinterprets two of the greatest culinary traditions of the world, not to mention that some of the questions don't even make sense. I'd suggest you rework the questions.
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Merlyn Merlyn
I like both but I prefer mexican mexican has better food because its like a home cooked meal Hmm healthier I think I have to go with chinese bacause they steam alot of their food They both have good options but again I prefer mexican Better service , mexican & mexican food makes me feel like im in their culture because of the atmosphere music & fresh salsa pico de gallo and guacamole .
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Leslie Leslie
I like both. - Both - Both - Neither is healthier than the other, both can be very healthy and very unhealthy. - I am more familiar with Chinese food, but that also means I cannot judge the variety of Mexican food. - Depends on the restaurant. Duh. - Neither. I am in my culture and so are they.
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Josette Josette
-Mexican Chinese food(Chinese food sold in Mexico) it exist, and it's delicious. - Indian Food - Authentic Mexican food - Chinese Buffets... - depends... - Both Americanized so neither
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