Is cleansing your colon "naturally" supposed to make you feel sick?

Is cleansing your colon "naturally" supposed to make you feel sick? Topic: Is cleansing your colon "naturally" supposed to make you feel sick?
June 27, 2019 / By Al
Question: I've been taking Royal BodyCare's Colo-Vada-something or other for maybe a week or so now to "cleanse my colons" (I just started the 2nd phase where I take these nasty packets that gel up in my colon) as I get stomach aches and diarrhea frequently. Now is cleaning your colon this way supposed to make your stomach feel all googly and nauseous and sick? Not all the time, but randomly my stomach will actually hurt but not in a way that makes me want to use the restroom. It just... hurts. Is this part of the de-toxifying process or am I having some sort of allergic reaction to the treatment? I'm also not using the restroom more than usual and I'm still having "pellet poos" so I don't even know if this is helping me in any way or if it's gonna cause some terrible intestinal blockage later down the line due to not being cleaned out completely. I've pretty much stopped having diarrhea which might be due to the fiber in the pills if anything else.
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Suzie Suzie | 2 days ago
If your colon is giving you fits there is a sure bet that your stomach is to blame. Whenever your stomach is not working well the whole body has problems. Your stomach is suppose to make hydrochloric acid to break up the large chunks of food that come sliding down your throat. If your stomach isn't making the acid or if you have ulcers in your stomach it won't work well. This sets up a whole chain reaction of events that causes chaos in your digestive tract. Find out what is happening in your stomach first then consider what to do with the rest of that long tube you call the intestines. There are supplements for the stomach that will help make hydrochloric acid. Find out if you have ulcers first. More acid will only aggravate the condition. Smaller well chewed meals will help the digestive process. Enzymes for the small intestines help get the food assimulated. When you get the first two sections working again, add some acidophilus to your meals. Bacteria in the colon breaks up the remainder of the food and waste in the colon. If your still plugged up, seek herbal laxatives but don't use them for more than 2 weeks. Your body has to learn to do it on its own. Also an enema will help clear the path for waste to leave. Again don't make a habit of doing an enema every day. Let the bacteria regroup in the colon.
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Suzie Originally Answered: Has anyone ever tried the lemonade diet? It is supposed to be a really good colon cleanse.?
I know some one that did it, its a nasty process to go threw but he said it worked and didn't kill him. I would suggest you get all organic products, and make sure you use grade B syrup, the kind you put on pancakes wont work. pick up the original book about this, I believe its called "the master cleanser or something like that, I have it at home, at work now.

Raylene Raylene
I used to try this kind of thing, but it does tend to make people very uncomfortable, too full in the abdomen and nauseous. The best thing for me is to make sure that I take enough magnesium and fiber. Do not take magnesium oxide. It will give you diarrhea. Try citrate or gluconate and start with maybe 250 mgs per day then twice a day to three or four pills a day 750-1000mgs. That should help prevent the constipation. It is also good for you in many other ways. As to fiber, I take 16 ozs. of water and put in a tablespoon of flax seed. microwave it for two minutes, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then drink the tea and chew the seeds very well. It helps a lot. Flax seed is good for lots of things too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flax These two things are cheap and effective. Also here's link to show the fiber content of foods: http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Da... Try to find foods that you enjoy that supply your fiber and you'll be lots healthier. Make sure that you drink enough water every day. Mild dehydration can cause constipation, too.
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Merit Merit
Some of these colon cleanses cause abdominal cramping like laxatives do. It shouldn't last very long. If it continues for more than a day, stop using it.
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Leontyne Leontyne
Sounds like your body is fighting what you are doing to it. Try eating a diet that is high in fiber and things should take care of themselves.
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Jordyn Jordyn
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