Please answer if you are good with Biology. A weight loss question?

Please answer if you are good with Biology. A weight loss question? Topic: Please answer if you are good with Biology. A weight loss question?
June 27, 2019 / By Aimery
Question: I'm a nursing student and the following info I'm going to provide, I've learned it in my Nutrition class. It's been a while so my terminology isn't perfect. But you'll understand what I'm talking about. Take a girl, for example. Her body needs carbs (glucose) for energy. Okay. She gets that from food. When she stops eating, the glucose stored in muscle will be used up for energy then. When that's done, the stored glucose in the form of fat in her body will be used (in other words, the fat would be used up for energy). My question is, why is that a bad thing? Isn't that the way weight loss is supposed to work? I understand that once that stored fat is used up as well, the body will start breaking down muscle for energy. Why do people say that when you severly restrict your calories or stop eating altogether, after water weight loss, the first thing to go is muscle? Please understand that I am not anorexic. this is something I've been curious about for a while. Thank you for the great answers, everybody. And Carlos, there was nothing "retarded" about the question I asked. YOU don't even seem to UNDERSTAND what I asked.
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Suzette Suzette | 1 day ago
I'm a student of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry... and I can answer your question like this: When there is glucose restriction, lipid metabolism will take over to meet the energy demands. Lipid breakdown will produce Ketone bodies. Lipid metabolism will NOT result in production of glucose. The glyoxylate cycle doesn't operate in humans, and consequently, excess fats CANNOT be converted to carbohydrates. Ketone bodies can, however, serve as a source of ATP, and therefore function appropriately as energy sources for many tissues. BUT, certain tissues are absolutely dependent on glucose metabolism for energy (e.g, Red blood cells, kidney cells, brain cells etc...). Brain cells can shift their metabolic balance towards ketone body metabolism, but it usually requires about 72 hours for the brain to start using Ketone bodies. So, to produce Glucose, the body has available sources of protein in the muscle. These will breakdown to produce amino acids, some of which will be glucogenic... and lead to the production of glucose (by gluconeogenesis), that can be used by the RBCs, kidney, brain etc... This explains why... "the first thing to go after water weight loss is muscle".
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Suzette Originally Answered: Biology Question?
So far no one has correctly answered this. The human body stores carbohydrates as Glycogen and Glucose. We DO NOT store starch, that is the plant form. Glycogen is composed of branched links of glucose. Glucose is the monossacharide that is utilized by your cells to make ATP. Glycogen must be broken down into its individual glucose molecules to be used. Glucose is the quick energy and Glycogen is the stored energy.

Ravenna Ravenna
First of all when you stop eating to lose weight, your metabolism slows down so as to compensate for the lack of nutrients, thus glucose as well as fats and proteins will not be used up real quick and so you wont actually lose weight ( maybe 1kg or 2kg ). Cells are continuosly respiring in the body, they need glucose to do this, and so a conclusion can be made that the body needs a continuous supply of glucose ( This comes in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ), if you do not provide this, then these cells won't work efficiently. Fats are Stored Energy, they are needed when you exercise, 1 unit of fat provides 2X the amount of energy when compared to 1 unit of glucose. So fat is important during exercise and other physical activites, it is not meant to fuel you for the day. After Glucose and Fats have been depleted, the body will start to break down proteins for energy, thus they will go for the places where proteins are found in huge numbers, the muscles!. Thats why they say muscles are the first to go.
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Merilyn Merilyn
Muscle is the first to go if you don't exercise as well. Basically the body stores fat easily but has to go to quite a lot of effort to break it down. When you diet or restrict your calorie intake in some way the first thing you break down for energy is stored carbs like starch. Then the body has to turn to another energy source. This *should* be fat... but it takes a while... this is why, about 1-2 weeks in to a diet so many people feel awful - they have run out of starch but the body has yet to start releasing energy from fat so they feel really hungry, weak and even faint. This is the point at which a lot of people give up! The body will break down muscle instead because muscle is primarily protein - also quite difficult to convert to energy but slightly easier than fat. The way to stop this is to exercise so that the body "realises" that the muscles are needed and fat is converted to energy instead. This is why all sensible diet plans recommend that you exercise as well.
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Leonore Leonore
first of all, when you severally cut down on calories or stop eating entirely, your body goes into"starvation mode". meaning it saves fat and goes directly to using muscle. it'll save the fat as long as it can because there is more energy in the fat cells. then even if you loose twenty pounds when you start to eat again (even really healthy) your body is still in starvation mode and turns all the food you eat directly into fat. so you gain weight twice as fast as you did before. also you're not as strong since you've used muscle energy to live. just cut back slowly and with moderation so you don't go into starvation mode and you'll use up the fat. also there's always got to be exercise.
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Jordon Jordon
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Jordon Originally Answered: Will give 10 pts to best answer to my weight loss question?
Alright! You need to do three things: Eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy attitude. Not eating healthy is probably the most common mistake in trying to loose weight. YOU NEED TO EAT (so DON'T stop eating), especially eat breakfast (helps your metabolism), but you need to eat healthy foods. Try cutting out sweets from your diet and looking at food charts to see the recommended diet for your age. Look at the "Calories from Fat" on food labels compared to the total calories. I only eat 30-35% or less, unless it is a special occasion. Make yourself protein shakes with fruit and protein add-ins! They are delicious! Also, instead of jelly on PB & J, use real strawberries. For breakfast, you can toast half a whole wheat bagel, top it with peanut butter, strawberries, and blueberries. Special K, Go Lean, and Cheerios are all great cereals. When you have salad, go light on the dressing. It isn't very good for you. If you can eat it plain, do that. Chicken is great for you as well. As far as exercising goes, do what YOU like to do. Swimming is great! So is running, but if you don't enjoy it, don't do it. I personally love ellipticals, so I use them at a local YMCA. I also swim and go to Cardio Dance classes because "shaking" calories off is fun, fun fun! Especially with friends! So, join a Y, swim team, buy work out videos (Jillian's - from Biggest Loser - are GREAT) or do some type of sport. Create a schedule, have your coach help you with it! Make sure to include off days as well, so your muscles can catch up with all you do! Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. A positive attitude is necessary to be healthy. Good luck!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7UJE22Td9s

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