needs to lose weight fast! please help!?

needs to lose weight fast! please help!? Topic: needs to lose weight fast! please help!?
October 23, 2019 / By Aillard
Question: hi everyone! what is the fastest way to lost like 40 pounds?? i really need to lose weight as soon as possible. please give me some answers everyone,
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Best Answers: needs to lose weight fast! please help!?

Suzan Suzan | 8 days ago
You'll lose weight fast and healthy and you wont put it back if you do a balanced diet reducing fat intake. You can choose menus from 800 to 1200 calories depending on your needs and choose a maintain diet after you arrive to your desired weight.
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Suzan Originally Answered: healthy or not. i want to lose weight fast. very very fast. i'm gross and fat. i want it gone. 10pts!?
Here are some good ideas: 1. Do something that gets your heart rate up a bit like, walking, running, biking, and swimming. 2. Eat Whole, Organic foods like: Broccoli, Cabbage, Organic Brown Rice, Beans, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Apples, and other fruits and vegetables in their Natural State. 3. Avoid eating corn, white bread, white rice, white potatoes, candy, sodas, chips, and anything else that you already know you shouldn’t be eating. 4. Drink clean water as your beverage of choice. Avoid Fruit drinks and fruit juices (unless YOU juice them yourself) 5. Stop smoking, drinking beer & wine, and drinking coffee. 6. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. 7. Hang out with people who want to be healthy. 8. Avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. 9. Look into taking a multi-vitamin. Tone up the muscles: 1. Join a gym and get a trainer. 2. If you’re short on cash, start a light stretching & yoga regimen. 3. Do push-ups, and light dumbbell curls for the upper body. 4. As I said above, walk, run, swim, and or bike 5. Take an aerobics class, a yoga class, or some other fitness class. 6. Join the local YMCA. 7. Buy or borrow this book by Bill Pearl called GETTING STRONGER. In the book, he describes everything you need for a great fitness plan. 8. Crunches & Curl ups for the abs. Mental Health: 1. Get a friend to talk to each day about your feelings. 2. If you have some money or insurance, get a counselor to talk to. 3. Learn how to meditate. 4. Join a support group for the issue you’re dealing with. 5. Ask your Higher Self (or God) for guidance. 6. Start keeping a diary or journal about your feelings & thoughts. 7. Write a ‘gratitude’ list every night. 8. Do something that makes you happy each day like: listen to your favorite music, draw, paint, write, or anything creative. 9. Do something for someone else who needs help. 10. If the above suggestions don't improve your mental health, talk with your therapist about the possibility of taking some medication. 11. Check out the book FEELING GOOD by David Burns. Take care of yourself Yam King

Raphaela Raphaela
a mediterranean diet not only comes with heart benefits studies show it leads to more weight loss than low fat diets
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Meredith Meredith
eating liquid based foods such as natural smoothies and low sodium soup can help you cut back on calories yet feel full
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Leona Leona
pounding out your meat will help healthier portions go a longer way visually and its good stress relief
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Jordana Jordana
I can sympathize with your problem as my fiancee had the exact same problem. I'm not sure exactly how to use this site but wish I could show you the pics of the weight she has lost in just under 4 wks. She asked me to take the pics so she could motivate herself to keep going.... Anyway...You want to lose real actual fat right? Well your going to have to follow a weight loss plan that will work for you in a steady process so you can lose the weight and keep it off. Sure it may not be the quick crash diet days that many people are looking for, but in even three weeks you can lose some good weight. Don't go for the quick instant weight loss methods, they don't work! Trust me, you can make some big changes in your body in only a month. So skip the fad diets, that only set you up to gain more weight in the future. This is what Martina used to get her weight off, she's looking great and the weight is still coming off at a regular pace. http://tinyurl.com/a3kug9 Best Of luck.
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Genny Genny
The formula for losing weight is simple - consume less and exercise more often - the problems surface when we really try to put that into practice! There are loads of temptations in the real world don't you think?! The sole diet that clearly worked for me is wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials left, it has been highlighted in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I lost twenty pounds, it clearly does produce results!
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Delila Delila
Exercise or Dieting will help but it needs to take time for 40 pounds so if you really wanted to loose weight that fast I suggest you to go for Lypo Suction just like my mom did.... It cost alot of money and hurts abit but she told me its worth it.
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Delila Originally Answered: I need to lose weight fast and get a toned body fast!?
I have lost a total of 120 pounds so far. I lost 105 pounds in my first 6 months. Here is how I did it. 1. Every morning get up and walk for 45 minutes. You can start with less time, but you want to get up to 45 minutes, and it must be fast walk. You want your heart rate to go up. It must be in the morning, it kick starts your metabolism. 2. I cut out Red Meat, and fatty foods. Boneless skinnless chicken breast, baked, or grilled, rice and vegetables (steamed). 3. Eat half. Just eat half of what you normally eat. Put 1/2 on your plate, and put the rest away. Cook less. When you go to fast food, get salads only. Or grilled chicken. No fries, only diet soda. Or water. It will work, once you get into a routine, you will get hooked on the results, and you will keep the routine. It has been over a year for me. Also start counting your calories. Write them down. You would be amazed as to how much more aware you are of your caloric intake, if you actually write it down. We recently discovered a site that offers a great program that counts calories, as well as keeps track of everything. It allows multiple users, so everyone in the family can keep track. They offer a free 7 day trial, and so far I am very impressed with the product. Try the 7 days and see. It allows you to add the exercise that you do during the day, which increases the amount of calories you can take in. Very Cool!! http://www.calorieking.com A sight with some really cool diet calculators and interesting calorie counting calculators is here. Check it out. http://www.caloriesperhour.com/ Check out my before and after pic at my yahoo 360 page http://360.yahoo.com/my_profile-sDavxh02dLTh0eY_tDNPXRGnYw--?cq=1 Stay motivated, and get up and walk every day. I seriously lost all my weight starting off my day on my walk. Good LUCK!

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