As usual, how long the strong stimulating laxative will kick in? How many % of risk to have an accident?

As usual, how long the strong stimulating laxative will kick in? How many % of risk to have an accident? Topic: As usual, how long the strong stimulating laxative will kick in? How many % of risk to have an accident?
June 17, 2019 / By Aidan
Question: I constipated and I take a stimulating laxative but I don't know how long it will have effect and when it kicks in if I can not reach the toilet at that time how many % I will get risk to soil my clothes with accident?
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Best Answers: As usual, how long the strong stimulating laxative will kick in? How many % of risk to have an accident?

Suse Suse | 6 days ago
It's hard to tell. Based on the laxative you used and your own body, the effectiveness can be a huge range. I would recommend, if you are constipated often, taking senna supplements as they are gentle vegetable laxatives that work with your body and don't make you feel like you have to go right away. If you took a harsh laxative like Milk of Magnesia (in high amounts), expect to feel a strong urge to go to the bathroom very suddenly because that sort of laxative works with the stool to change it to an almost liquid state. The harshest laxatives are the ones they give you at the hospital before colonoscopies and surgeries and those work in a similar way. I recommend, though, drinking a lot of water and taking it easy until the effects wear off. Things like running and sit ups will definitely not help your comfort level. The water is necessary because laxatives dehydrate you and you need to keep water everywhere in your body, not just your colon. Hope this helped :)
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Suse Originally Answered: What's the best OTC laxative without risk of dependancy?
Rather eat a high fiber cereal and drink lots of water. Digestive biscuits might also help- but I can't stress enough how important drinking water is. You can also get good laxative teas. You'll only develop a dependancy if you abuse the meds, not from a once or twice off use. If the pain is really bad and you still have a problem, go and see your GP. You don't want to risk damaging your precious kidneys!

Randi Randi
You could wear an adult diaper for your piece of mind or at least a pad (but farther to the back). How soon the effects will kick in would depend on the brand of the laxative, the kind of laxative (there are half a dozen kinds), the strength, your weight, how long you’ve been constipated, even on your gender (meds act differently for men and women) so it’s impossible to say, 2 to 3 hours, 4 to 12 or 12 to 72… Usually 2 hours is if you take a huge amount (a 14 days dose, under doctor’s order), like when preparing for a colonoscopy and having to empty your bowels for the next day. Then you have to spend 15 hours on the toilet having diarrhea, which in that case, thank goodness, is neither painful nor smelly (just the smell of the half gallon of Gatorade you have to drink), but it’s extremely annoying because you cannot control it so when it’s coming, every few minutes, you better be less than 6 feet away from the toilet and you end up just sitting there, all afternoon and all night, trying to make it comfortable while wishing you could go to bed. 72 hours? That’s 3 days…I would worry before that, if a strong stimulating laxative would not work because of the risk of bowel obstruction. Now, that said, you should not take a strong stimulating laxative (I’m assuming you meant some meds) if you’re constipated. You could make your problem worse by not allowing your body to regulate itself. Eating or drinking laxative food and improving your diet should be enough to make you evacuate in a natural way. I put the Wikipedia link in the source and it has a list of laxative food but take note of what kind of food gives you occasional diarrhea and use those as laxative when you’re constipated. You need to keep a food journal combined with a 1-10 rating of your BM results, so you can make the connection between what you eat and how it affects you. For example, Chinese food gives me diarrhea a couple of days later so if I need a laxative, I don’t need meds, I just need Chinese takeout.
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Mercia Mercia
I have expcnd. That it depends how How long it's been since you been to the bathroom Typically it's between 4 to 12 hours maybe longer if its been a really got a long time without going
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Lenore Lenore
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Lenore Originally Answered: I am going to take a whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate as a laxative. how long will i go to the bathroom for?
take 1/2 trust me on this....i didnt go for 12 days after being in hospital..you don't want to take the whole thing.. It works in 15 minuits and you will be stuck in the house all night....i hope you can make it to work but im not sure.

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