How do i get off of oxycodne? i have really changed?

How do i get off of oxycodne? i have really changed? Topic: How do i get off of oxycodne? i have really changed?
June 19, 2019 / By Ahian
Question: WHEN I AM OFF FROM WORK ALL I DO IS SLEEP. IF I DO'NT TAKE THE OXYCODONE.I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK i take the oxycodone for diabetic leg pain thru my dr.
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Susanna Susanna | 3 days ago
Taper off with medical advice. Enter DIABETES in the searchbar at www.mercola.com and eat in accordance with your nutritional type. Use other analgesics, like ibuprofen. Splash cold water on your face, when feeling sleepy. No daytime naps! Keep the volume of radio, TV, etc. up, to discourage nodding off. Minimise sugar, and white flour products. C(h)amomile tea of an evening; Valerian root before bedtime. As with all herbal/green teas, use lemon/lime, and/or a little sweetener (NOT ARTIFICIAL!!!) but no cream, or milk. Xylitol, or Stevia is preferable, (health food stores) or fruit sugar (fructose, such as "Fruisana", from supermarket sugar aisles) or even a little honey, because these will reduce "sugar spikes", which later deplete you of energy. Minimise/eliminate consumption of highly processed foods, particularly grain products, such as white bread, donuts, cake, cookies/biscuits, or anything with sugar. Opt for more wholefoods, non-starchy vegetables, and fruit. Protein, such as bacon/ham, eggs, kippers, etc. taken on its own, or with very little carbohydrate, early in the morning, for breakfast, is known to provide a longer lasting energy boost, which doesn't have the depleting effect of simple carbohydrates, afterwards, that refined flour products, and sugar do.
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Rain Rain
Are you saying that if you don't take the oxycodone then all you do is sleep? Is the oxy giving you energy or something? You should really speak to your doctor about all of this, it sounds like you need something to help your leg but if the oxy is causing you problems then maybe he/she could prescribe you something else.
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Melveen Melveen
If you're looking to wean yourself off of Oxycodone then you should cut the amount you're taking in a 24 hour period in half for a few days. Then cut that amount for a few days...and do this until you're completely off the medication. You might want to consult your physician to ask if it's okay to wean yourself off the Oxycodone and to ask for something else for pain. Good luck.
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Leighton Leighton
You need detox to get off opiates. Theres noway to get off them urself. Plz beleive! When I say so. It is so uncomfortable and painful. it reallly sux. I was addicted to pain killers for 2 yrs and I tryed weening myself off and everything and it didnt work trust me when I tell you. You need to go to a detox facility. I hope you feel better soon and I hope I helped. Good Luck
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Leighton Originally Answered: changed my diet now i feel tired and weak?
Your body isn't used to this new diet yet, it will take awhile for your circadian rhythm to get used to these new types and amounts of foods and/or the new eating schedule.. Once it gets accustomed to your healthy eating and learns to use the nutrients more efficiently, you'll feel much better. Just push through it, and make healthy eating a lifestyle. Also, make sure you are getting all your nutrients. You might be eating healthier, but a lot of more strict, healthy diets can leave gaps in your nutrition, particularly iron. Either take a vitamin, eat a little bit more lean beef, or eat a lot of really green vegetables like spinach. Those will have lots of iron. And if anything is really severe, or problems persist, go to a doctor and talk to him/her

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