Can Liveraide Silymarin Capsule help prevent fatty liver?

Can Liveraide Silymarin Capsule help prevent fatty liver? Topic: Can Liveraide Silymarin Capsule help prevent fatty liver?
October 23, 2019 / By Ahiam
Question: I was diagnosed to have a fatty liver and I want to know if Liveraide can help me prevent my fatty liver from getting worse as well as exercise.
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Best Answers: Can Liveraide Silymarin Capsule help prevent fatty liver?

Susana Susana | 2 days ago
yes it contains milk thistle extract.Check the info with Swanson's vitimins or Pilgrim's Pride.They will tell you what to add to it.Milk thistle is one thing keeping me alive for 20 yrs.
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Susana Originally Answered: i have a fatty liver & want help rapairing it, so anyone knows how its done please help me.?
As Padma said, you need a low fat diet, stay especially away from saturated fats and everything containing fast sugars (pastry, candy, etc...). A dietician can help you with a personalized program. Make sure to drink enough water every day because it helps detoxing the liver, some say that you should drink 1 or 2 litres but i think it's more important to drink water REGULARLY, even if it was just 2 large glasses every day....

Rahel Rahel
eating mineral water loaded food items for instance canteloup tomato vegetables as well as oranges can assist
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Melva Melva
Alcohol affects the liver. If you have liver problems, you don't want to make it any worse. There's no safe amount that you can drink. Keep away from the stuff.
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Leigh Leigh
Also include 10 grams involving fiber to satiate hunger longer which will help prevent bloating from constipation.
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Joni Joni
Don't keep junk food as part of your kitchen. If it's not generally there, you can't be tempted because of it.
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Joni Originally Answered: 100 lbs over weight. liver function test was 40. fatty liver? or do i need more test done?
No. You should ask the MD about your worries...like what you can do to protect your liver besides trying to slowly lose weight. Try taking 2 Milk Thistle pills @ 250-300mg before food. It's very protective of the liver. Alpha-Lipoic-Acid 100mg. Resveratrol 100mg 2X/day. Selenium 200mcg Good luck

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