Are pasta salads a healthy option for a meal?

Are pasta salads a healthy option for a meal? Topic: Are pasta salads a healthy option for a meal?
October 20, 2019 / By Ahern
Question: I'm trying to find healthy alternatives for lunch and dinner. I was just curious if pasta salads were healthy or not? I was thinking of two in particular. The first has regular pasta, dill, a little mayo and sour cream (not tons, its not a sauce or anything, just lightly covers the noodles) and grapes. the second salad is a tuna salad. It has tuna, mayo, pasta, olives, pickles and onions. Are these healthy options for me to eat? Also, I'm a very picky eater. Does anyone have any suggestions of yummy healthy lunch and dinner ideas?
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Sunday Sunday | 8 days ago
Pasta salads are very calorie dense - meaning a small amount of pasta provided a ton of calories compared to a vegetable salad. Add mayo to it and it just gets worse - now with added fat. Tuna salad is also calorie-rich because of the mayo. If you limit yourself to 1 cup of the pasta salad, or 1/4 of the tuna salad - then you'll be ok. Those are th e standard serving sizes for those items. Any more and you would be overeating. Neither pasta salad or tuna salad with may is considered "healthy." Being a picky eater is nothing to be proud of. You should work on expanding your experience with different foods instead of trying to limit yourself to just what you want to eat now.
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Sunday Originally Answered: Is pasta a healthy meal?
And your roommates eat hay and straw, right? They should butt out. I assume you aren't fat or gaining weight. . .there is nothing wrong with what you are eating, you are getting the fresh vegetables, dairy protein, and complex carbs. A teaspoon of butter is only 30 calories. (a tablespoon is 100)

Rae Rae
Those are somewhat carb heavy. Some carbs are just fine and also necessary, as is some fat. Try some pasta with olive oil and vinegar, S&P, use wheat pasta, and toss with olives, salami slices, some pepperoni or proscuitto, cherry tomatos, red onion, artichoke hearts etc....a delicous and figure-friendly pasta salad could also be made with tuna. I use romaine or spinach, and toss with some rotini and olive oil. Add a can of tuna and squeeze plenty of fresh lemon juice over the pasta.salad. Grate some peppercorns and salt to taste. Add more olive oil for texture/taste. Shrimp is also a good option. It's great with lime and cilantro or with a tomato sauce over rigatoni, sprinkle some feta and parmesan on top......
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Melisa Melisa
Make sure your pasta is whole wheat. White pasta is pretty much just junk food. Use light mayo or better yet, make a vinaigrette using just a little olive oil. You should add veggies to a pasta salad (tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, onion, peas etc).
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Leeann Leeann
Pasta salads are probably the healthiest of all salads because they also contain wheat. Your two salads sound pretty healthy, except for the mayo and sour cream. You might want to check if it is low-fat. In addition, if you like pastas, you can make a simple spaghetti dinner with tomato or alfredo sauce and garlic bread. For dessert, you could make a fruit salad with a yogurt dip.
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Jojo Jojo
My first suggestion is to take advantage of the dozens & dozens of recipe exchange groups on Yahoo ... an awsome resource Overseas military ... we are in the same situation & as foodies we find that learning about what your new neighbors eat is one of the best parts about living overseas. Think seasonal ... if you plan your meals around the seasons you will have fresher, healthier, & cheaper ingredients. You will also adapt to the seasons better. Basic things that keep our busy family going #1 Chili - The packaged mix, always use stewed tomatos, start with pinto beans & as you increase your pot size mix it up with black beans, kidney beans, or your other favorite. Chili can be served by itself with a bit of cheese, over spaghetti noodles, over rice, or make it thick and serve in tortillia shells. #2 Spaghetti - pasta is always easy BUT if you are watching your waist be carefull. Spaghetti is a great meal if your hubbie is working it hard at his PT or if he has his PT test the next day !!! #3 Chicken - Take a big bunch of chicken breasts, season (we like spicy pepper mixes) and fry them up. Cut them up into strips as it cooks up. Toss in a sealed container and use throughout the week. They are great on salads, wraps, or you can even use them in your spagetti sauce. #4 Breakfest - we do breakfest once a week. We love it. Breakfest is easy, cheap, and everyone can get their favorite. It is also a great way to introduce your kids to cooking. #5 Have a soup night once a week during the cold months & a salad night once a week during the summers. #6 Home-made pizzas #8 Meatloaf -- not fast, but my favorite !!! #9 Do you have a crock pot ?? Put 2-3 skinned Turkey thighs in a crock pot with a can of chicken broth & a jar of roasted red peppers. Cook all day, take out the bones-n-junk, shread, and drain. Serve as wraps seasoned with Italian seasonings & provolone cheese. That should be enought to keep you busy for a while ;-)
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Gemma Gemma
Mayo is bad for you, unless you use low fat or fat free. Even a little bit is bad... 8 grams of fat per tablespoon! Olive oil is good for you because it's full of good fats. Most oils are. Try a vinaigrette using 3 parts olive oil and 1 part vinegar (and any seasoning!).
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Gemma Originally Answered: Cheap Healthy Salads Recipes?
Hi Tarazha, I used to make fairly cheap salads for lunch—a wedge of cabbage, some carrot, celery and cucumber sticks, sliced yellow paprika and red cherry radish, a few cherry tomatoes, 3-4 slices of rolled supermarket ham, and 6-8 half-inch cubes of cheese, usually natural, sharp cheddar. For dressing? A pinch of salt and a dash of pepper! VERY occasionally, my wife would put a teensy tub (about one ounce) of miso + mayo + soy or Worcestershire sauce, for dipping the vegetable sticks and sometimes I'd throw a whole, or half a boiled egg into the lunch-box. I could eat this 3-4 days running, but would want a ham & cheese sandwich or a burger at least once per week I've been eating only fresh fruits for breakfast for the past 18 months, and lost 28lbs (13 kilos) in less than a year without any change in exercise, which shocked my doctor! My previous weight was 93kg/200+lbs (borderline obese at 5'11") and my last 'target' weight was 88kg, but I was a smidgen under 80kg at our next meeting. I was eating 'mostly' salads for lunch, but I could also do a small ham and *real* cheese bagel (180-190kcal) and a cup of cold Vichysoisse/corn/pumpkin soup (70-80kcal) and I could work all evening on that. Best of luck with the weight loss. Watch out for the 'stealth calories' in salad dressings, please! Cautionary tale linked below, but just for fun!

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