Traveling joint pain and rash?

Traveling joint pain and rash? Topic: Traveling joint pain and rash?
October 23, 2019 / By Ahab
Question: Six months ago I had an experience that we chalked up to a mean virus. It started as a sore throat only at night for two nights. After that a noticed. ( did not itch, was not warm) a rash on my thighs. The rash was not raised and seemed to move around and change shapes. A few nights later my left knee was amazingly sore. No swelling, not hot, just hurt really bad. The next day it was slightly ore and the following day it was fine. The same thing happened to my right knee, the front of ,my two ankles at the same time, my right groin......then the pains seized. We tested for lime disease and inflammation. One month after the onset of this my Sed Rate was 77 and that was when I knew I was starting to feel better. Six months later the same pattern again. Sore throat, rash, and last night I went to pick something up and I felt like my hand was broken. Today it is fine. Any ideas ? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Sukie Sukie | 6 days ago
It sure does sound like a virus but pinpointing it to which one is difficult. Have you been travelling lately? Like to another country where you could have picked it up? Did your doc test for Lupus? Same type of symptoms you describe. Same for Rheumatic fever, Meningitis, Viral Pharyngitis and Fifth disease to name some. Things like viruses can lay dormant for a while and then something will happen and they rear their ugly heads again. It can be brought on by a change of season, something in the environment around you or even certain foods you eat. Think of it like people who have cold sores. They come and go according to what is going on in the body at the time. It's also a virus that lays dormant until it flourishes back to life and appears as a cold sore. Hopefully it's nothing too serious but when you experience extreme symptoms get yourself to the doc for another check up.
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Sukie Originally Answered: joint pain, malar rash.?
Go to your doctor right away and ask him to do blood work to test your ANA and anti-double-stranded DNA and anti-Smith antibodies. If you're really worried about it, even if he isn't, ask to be referred to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist will most likely say that you have lupus if you have four out of the eleven symptoms that I have listed below. Those are used to diagnose lupus. Since your close family has it, you're more likely to have lupus, and that should be a red flag to the doctor, especially with a malar rash on your face. This is not a diagnosis, so don't take it as such. See a rheumatologist as soon as you can. 1. Joint pain and swelling 2. Mouth or nasal sores 3. Photosensitivity (sensitive to sunlight, as in fatigue, joint pain, or rashes are having been in the sun) 4. Butterfly rash 5. Pain/inflammation of the lining of the heart or lungs 6. Urine abnormalities 7. Seizures or psychosis 8. Anemia 9. Discoid rash 10. Positive ANA test 11. Positive anti-double-stranded DNA and anti-Smith antibodies
Sukie Originally Answered: joint pain, malar rash.?
You need to be evaluated by a rheumatologist, the type of specialist trained in the often tricky diagnosis and treatemtn of lupus and other rheumatic diseases. If the doctor told you that you had the characteristic malar rash, why didn't that doctor refer you to a rheumatologist? Good Lord! Find a rheumatologist here www.rheumatology.org

Rachyl Rachyl
I think it is caused by bacteria or any form of virus. It usually travel through your bloodstream and affects your joints and forms rashes to skin. When pain and rashes are gone, there is a tendency that it will come back if your immune system is weak at some point, maybe because of the presence of bacteria.
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Melinda Melinda
Basically joint forms the connection between bones. It provides support and helps you to move. Any damage to joints from diseases or injury can interfere with your movement and causes a lot of pain. Joint pain occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin-B, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C and Omega-3 fatty acid. It can be occurs by any damage or injury to the joints. Today, many products are available in the market for joint pain, some of them are cream or some of them are pills. But yet, not get relief from joint pain! Turn your eyes towards joint pain reviews reviews to get rid of joint pain.
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Melinda Originally Answered: minor generalized joint pain?
Maybe, if the joint pain persists, you could ask for a blood test, just to rule out anything like Lupus or Rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes joint pain can be as a result of a trapped nerve somewhere in the spine, which can cause pain and also numbness and tingling as well as aching. You could check out your diet too. There might be something you are eating that is causing the pain. I can't eat bananas (love em but can't eat them). They cause me to have very severe joint pain about 30 minutes after eating one and I can hardly move it's so bad. Tomatoes affect some people and citrus fruits. If there's anything you think might have upset you, leave it out of your diet for a few days. Alternatively, get a second opinion or visit an osteopath, who will do some remedial massage for you. I have joint pain at the moment. I have an autoimmune disease which can cause pain but the reason for my pain now is medication for blood pressure. Are you taking any tablets, even painkillers which you wouldn't normally take?

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