the truth about gingers?

the truth about gingers? Topic: the truth about gingers?
October 15, 2019 / By Adonijah
Question: what the hell is up with gingers there taking over!!! my ginger friend is sitting next to me looking up facts about gingers. and she is the crazyist person i no. she says evryone bullies her do you now any gingers and if you do do they get teased for it? ? ? lol!! if you are a ginger i think you rock but some gingers are crazy
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Storm Storm | 1 day ago
im a ginger ninja (one of the lovely pet names i have received) and i wouldnt have it any other way. i love the fact that red hair is farily uncommon and heaps of people (one being my own mother) try to dye their hair in an effort to be like us! i got teased heaps during my school years but i couldnt care less. im very happy with what i have been blessed with and i just put it down to jealousy. i get heaps of compliments now about my hair - a lot of people love it! ginger ninjas rock! xo
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Quinta Quinta
I have two sisters who have ginger hair and yeah one of them used to get bullied at High School because of the colour of her hair they are not crazy though. My dad has ginger hair and when he was a boy in Holland they some other boys where calling him names so he punched one of the boys the name calling stopped.
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Melantha Melantha
They're not crazy, they're just happen to look different. I like being redhead as I feel more unique and wouldn't want to become a clone. I occasionaly get negative comments at school but they just need some manners and need to grow up. Isn't variety the spice of life anyway? The population of natural redheads is like 1 or 2% so there aren't many of us. I actually once heard that 80% of blonde girls are fake, so they're alot of girls not being natural.
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Leah Leah
im a ginger nd i dont get teased or "bullied". i am crazy though but i love my hair and i wouldnt chnge it 4 anythin. as a matter of fact i get compliments ALL the time ab my hair.
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Joelle Joelle
I'm ginger and I get "bullied" but I couldn't give a cow's ****! Lol. I don't care, I like my hair! Lol. I am crazy though =] x
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