What does blood in stool mean?

What does blood in stool mean? Topic: What does blood in stool mean?
May 25, 2019 / By Adolph
Question: On Wednesday i went to the bathroom #2 and when i wiped there was red blood but i don't think there was any in my poop. Then Thursday nothing happened as far as i know. But on Friday and today there was blood in my stool but not when i wiped. Dark to light red. I am 13 what does this mean?
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Stevie Stevie | 10 days ago
Blood in the poo is generally a serious concern but it could be something as simple as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or internal hemmorhoids. One of the more serious causes is anal cancer but that's highly unlikely at your age. If it continues to happen you should tell your parents but for now pay very close attention to how often you go and if it's every single time. MOST people poop once or twice daily but if it's less than that, you could be constipated. If it doesn't clear up in a week, mention it to your parents. It may be embarassing but it's also very important that you be treated. If you don't have enough fiber in your diet you can have this problem from constipation. Straining to poop can cause the hemmorhoids to form inside your anus and those are just blood vessels that inflame so when you pass a bowel, it gets bloody. Hope that helps, at least you'll have a few things to look up. If you feel any kind of pain, I think you should tell someone right away.
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Stevie Originally Answered: Blood in my stool, help?
I had this same problem about a year ago when I was 21. It is sooo awkward. But when it came back it was off and on for about 3 or 4 months I dealt with it. I finally told my mom and she told me I needed to see a gastrenterologist to make sure it wasn't a type of cancer. It is very important you go have this checked. It turns out I had somehow cut my anus and when I had a hard stool it would reopen the wound causing bleeding which is what yours sounds like to me. I had to have stitches which was bad, but well worth it for sure. I know it seems weird to let a doctor look at you down there but it is not awkward at all doctors are really professional about it and view your body as a problem to be fixed not as other people would. Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment and get this taken care of asap. If you dont want to see a doctor at least use stool softeners and see if the bleeding stops again and if you can keep soft stools for long enough the would may heal on its on, thats assuming its not something in your colon.
Stevie Originally Answered: Blood in my stool, help?
It could be from a harder stool and causing a little tear down there. Do you push really hard when you use the bathroom? If so it xan cause blood. If your constipated you can hace blood. It shouldnt be a big worry. Just keep an eye on it.

Quilla Quilla
It could mean a lot of things. But i strongly suggest you see a doctor, especially if it continues. The first time when there was blood present when you wiped could be from an anal tear. But the second time when you said there was blood in the stool can mean a lot of things. From digestive infection to Gastroenteritis, it all will depend on certain symptoms, like fever and vomiting, nausea etc. The bright red to dark color indicates that it can be from something in the anus and rectum. But if it is really dark to a maroon color then it can come from the colon. It could only be a minor problem but then again it can be something a little more serious. I strongly suggest you go see a doctor.
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Melanie Melanie
can be a few things but very important to get these things checked out by a doctor as soon as possible as whatever it is it will be MUCH easier to sort out now than in weeks to come. Don't listen to hearsay, just go get it checked.
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Melanie Originally Answered: help my kitten has blood in his stool?
Blood in the stool is usually caused by parasites (worms) and you really NEED to take this kitten to the vet as most worms drain the cat of required nutrients, cause anemia and can often result in death. I am having a hard time believing its $400 for one visit (I didn't even pay that to get my cat spayed), I'm in Canada and its $55 for an emergency fee plus the treatment which for you would be something like $15 for dewormer, and $20 to test a stool sample and see if the cat has worms. Also though the cat could have FeLV (Feline Leukemia) which is deadly and incurable and the vet will have to test for this as well. ANY new Kittens should be taken directly to the vet and examined and vaccinated against distemper, and rabies. I have three cats and they go once a year and its usually about $70 for the entire visit including physical examination, and vaccinations. Please take the kitten to the vet (if you make an appointment there won't be an emergency fee) and get him the care and treatment that he needs. If you really can't afford the vet then bring the kitten to the nearest no kill shelter where a family who can afford his needs can be found. (if you can't afford some de-wormer how are you going to afford to get this kitten neutered?) Good Luck

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