cats and water bowls?

cats and water bowls? Topic: cats and water bowls?
October 23, 2019 / By Adino
Question: why do cats knock over their water bowls? my 2 year old cat tips her water bowl over ALL the time! it is annoying, then she just looks at me. she kinows I get ticked off,yet she does it time and again. I will see her doing it and say, DON'T do it and she does it and looks at me. I have dropped her feet first in the spilled water, yet she does it again. and no, It is not a long drop in the water, ha, just a short drop.
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Stephania Stephania | 5 days ago
I think she probably is playing with you to get more attention. My cat has a routine to knock my glasses off the night stand and then looks at me like "what are you going to do about it huh? Huh?" Then I had one that took his paw and splashed all the water out of his dish.....every day! Or of course there are the cats that walk on your keyboard to get you to play with them. Or the ones that tear up the toilet paper roll to get you off the phone! No one can tell me they don't think! Cats are wonderful.
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Stephania Originally Answered: Naughty cats that spill their water bowls?
If you'll get a LARGE ( slant-sided ) bowl at the pet store ( big enough for a GREAT DANE........they won't be able to move it, or turn it over. They MAY still "play" in it, though. Set this LARGE bowl on a bath mat or towel, so that the spilled water soaks into the material, instead of getting the floor wet. Beach towels work great for this, too. Some cats like "moving" water.....so you could think about getting one of the water "fountains" at the pet store. Have fun.........Good luck........Enjoy your cats.....they don't live near long enough! :-(

Quella Quella
We have cats who paw at their water bowls or the water in the bowl before drinking and I've developed a theory but I've not yet tested it. My theory is that cats want to be able to see the surface of the water from which they are getting ready drink and they paw at the bowls or the water in the bowls in order to make the water move and reveal the surface of the water. They don't want to stick their nose in the water and with the water stationary, they can't tell where the surface is. Too much pawing or too light a bowl and they knock over the bowl. Our bowls are very heavy so we rarely have one knocked over. I've considered putting some food coloring in the water bowls - the bowls are white so that the cats could see the water, and then watching to see if it reduces the amount of bowl/water pawing the cats do but I haven't gotten around to it. This theory might explain why so many cats like the water fountains on the market. The water is moving and so they can see the surface. As for your problem, if you get some heavier ceramic or glass bowls, you might get less of them knocked over. It's at least worth a try. Maybe get a water fountain?
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Meed Meed
Cats also have a different way of seeing than humans do. They respond to movement. Your cat may be tipping over its water bowl in an attempt to see exactly where the water is. If it isn't moving, s/he may not be able to see it. One interesting thing you might do is drop an ice cube into the water bowl. The cat will use its paw to move the ice around and the disturbance of the water will help him/her to see it and drink without having to go to as much trouble.
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Laverne Laverne
They do have tipless water bowls now. Dogs do that all the time and they came up with weighted ones that don't tip. Try one of those. Or set out a 'decoy mug' to let the cat think he's getting away with something by drinking out of it.
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Laverne Originally Answered: How can i keep my cats water bowl from freezing without electricity?
Perhaps some kind of thermos that's insulated that drips the water into the bowl (like those automatic feeders)? Poor kitties. I'm sure you don't want them in your sinks but you could leave a faucet dripping into a bowl for them as well. It'll keep the water moving so it doesn't freeze and help keep your pipes from bursting. good luck!

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