Why are my legs so painful!?

Why are my legs so painful!? Topic: Why are my legs so painful!?
June 17, 2019 / By Addam
Question: This has been happening for about 5months maybe longer, i have seen my gp and other doctors and nobody can shed any light. Its really getting me down now to the point i want to sit and just cry until the pain goes away. I have got shooting/stabbing pains in my hips,knees and ankles (at the bend) A constant deep ache through both legs,almost feels like crampin constantly, even in bed which keeps me awake. I can't walk more than a few meters without my legs burning and shooting pains, i dread needing the toilet as it means climbing the stairs :( It doesnt go away by sitting, the only thing that relieves the pain for a short time (30mins) is a warm bath. Even moving from the living room to the kitchen feels like iv climbed a mountain! I suffer from restless legs sometimes at night. Apart from the pain i also get muscle spasms that you can see under my skin moving around, i get this only on my right hand side on the top of my arm, fore arm, just above my knee and calf. last one is that i get random patches of tender skin anywhere on my body, as if iv been sunburned and nothing can touch it!! I did have graves disease and all doctors have said it could be related, so in desperation i had a total thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. There was a slight complication afterwards and my calcium levels dropped so im now calcium tablets. Now my doctors are saying my calcium may be causing it.... blatantly ignoring the fact that this was happening months before :( I am in constant pain every day, taking tramadol and naproxen which only takes the edge off. Im not old, iv just turned 25 and have 2 boys under 6 and cant do much with them because mummys got sore legs :( please can anyone relate to what im going through x thanks guys for the info! i am seeing my endo in a few hours, iv wrote everything down!...i havnt had an MRI done but im seeing a neurologist in January as all this started with my legs and arms jerking, even though that's gone now! x
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Stef Stef | 9 days ago
Well you had Graves, so you are most susceptible to autoimmune disease. That's what arthritis is... your immune system attacking your own body. My point of this is that you need to see an arthritis doctor (even if you are young). They study this all the time and there is a lot unknown, but a lot of treatments for the unknown autoimmune diseases. You also want an endocrinologist, which you probably already have. You will find the endocrinologist and arthritis doctor disagree much of the time. You basically want to pretend that you have Lupus and see the cutting edge of doctors in this area. === You might also get a book called The Magnesium Miracle. To cut to the chase, magnesium pills don't do a thing... they simply give you diarrhea in the quantities necessary. So how do you get mega Magnesium in your body? You soak in it since your "skin" absorbs much more Magnesium than your intestines. So how do you get Magnesium to soak in? Well, before I tell you, you must read it all so you won't be turned off... Epsom Salt is Magnesium. Yeah, the old age cure from hundreds of years ago works. But it doesn't work the way they thought in the old days. Let's say your elbow hurts or you have it injured in the 1920's. You'd soak the elbow in Epsom salt. The truth is that if you soak your elbow or your foot in Epsom salt, your elbow would improve. Why? Because they didn't know that your body absorbs Magnesium in record amounts through your skin. The Magnesium in the blood stopped the elbow from hurtling. So try some Epsom Salt. They have it at Walmart, or any pharmacy. You fill the bathtub up and dump quite a bit in... I'm thinking at least a cup, but read the directions since you can overdose on it... the overdose is the same, diarrhea. Yep, it's funny, but your skin can absorb enough Epsom salt to give you diarrhea. This will only be a miracle cure for you if you need Magnesium, but the easiest way to find out is just to soak in it. I don't know the complications of Magnesium and a thyroidectomy but you should check it out first. I do know there is a balance of magnesium and calcium, and as far as that is concerned potassium as well, so I would check on it first.
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Stef Originally Answered: painful constipation !? what do I do ?
Go to the drug store and get a fleets enema. That will help lubricate it on the way out. Also, I started eating green smoothies and I never have constipation anymore. I think everyone should try them. Take a handful of raw spinach, 1 apple, and a few berries or other fruit and put it in a blender with about a cup of water. It tastes really delicious, just like fruit and you can't taste the spinach. You won't have any constipation anymore :-)

Qiana Qiana
Marnie is dead on correct. I have the same problem. Mine is associated with flat feet, and that causes shin splits. This can be aggravated if you are, like you say, overweight and out of shape, like I am. There are many things you can do. 1. See a foot specialist about some good quality shoe inserts. Tell him what you are doing. 2. Stay off the treadmill and use the bike. That can just as easily get the heart rate up and takes the stress and impact off your knees, shins, feet, all your joints, really. 3. Be patient. If you take some time on weight training building up the muscles and revving your metabolism to burn more fat, you'll notice an improvement in how you feel, and less pain MOST IMPORTANTLY - see a doctor about anything you are going to do if its causing you pain. A personal trainer never hurts either, if they are good.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
Did you have an M.R.I ? - If not ask for it. You are very young and I'd say NEVER give up. Maybe your diet need to change. You can also contact "Health discovery channel" (on the website) they are very knowledgeable about Dr.s specialists and can refer you to a great one. You can also go to Dr. Oz website and submit your question on his site. "Dr. oz.com" his staff will help you! usually they answer fast. I wish you the best and get better asap :)
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Laurine Laurine
It may be due to cold , genetic or chronic problem, . lack of calcium, In this situation you should eat calcium ,
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Laurine Originally Answered: Very painful and worried.?
From your description it sounds like your pelvic muscles are too tense and you have muscle spasms after #1 and #2. The doctors name for this is pelvic floor dysynergia. Treatment is specialized and your doctor may not know about how to diagnose it nor- treat it. The first thing I would try is to eliminate your constipation (hard stools). That means lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables--less bread / crackers and lots of water (not pop). If this first step doesn't work by itself, doing exersizes to relax your pelvic floor may help. You can look on the internet or You may need a therapist to learn this referred from your doctor. They may even tell you that you are too uptight and need to take things more in stide. There are medicines to soften your stool. And finally, there are specialized physical therapists who can help. I won't give you the details on the therapy.

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