Have you tried this diet pill?

Have you tried this diet pill? Topic: Have you tried this diet pill?
June 17, 2019 / By Adaliah
Question: I heard about the diet pill CUUR. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it and if it works. And if there is any side affects.
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Starla Starla | 7 days ago
I haven't tried this particular diet pill but, I have heard about it and know a couple of girls that takes it. They said it works like a charm, but be careful because lots of diet pills contains diuretics, which can drain alot of fluid from around your heart so be careful and read the ingredients. If it says something about diuretics don't bother with it. And if your wondering what are diuretics, it's a medication that for the cadiovasular system and also for hypertension, and congestive heart failure(CHF).
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Starla Originally Answered: what is the most affective colon cleansing pill or diet pill. im looking to lose about 25 pounds. do not tell?
First off diet pills don't work so I'll save you tons of time & money right there. Be aware that using colon cleansing can be dangerous to your health and shouldn't be used constantly but you probably already know that. I'm not sure of the time frame you have for this all but a few of the top ones are: Bowtrol, Oxy-Powder, Blessed Herbs, Colonix, and Dual Action Cleanse. You may have to hunt online for them, I'd actually recommend checking a pharmacy or walgreens first if you have the option. Also, certain teas and fiber can help you out too. Just remember to drink enough water throughout the day, you can lose a whole lot of fluid through bowel movements and not even realize it.
Starla Originally Answered: what is the most affective colon cleansing pill or diet pill. im looking to lose about 25 pounds. do not tell?
I just think you should know... COLON CLEANSING IS A SCAM. If it wasn't a scam, doctors would actually support and prescribe these things to patients. But they don't, and for a reason. Read this link: http://mucoid-plaque-scam.blogspot.com/2008/05/mucoid-plaque-scam.html 'Colon Cleansing' does NOT make you lose weight at all, they just put stuff IN your body to poop OUT and make it SEEM like you're losing weight and will put you on this special 'diet' or 'fast' to make it seem like you're losing weight because of the colon cleanse. If you want to lose weight and not get scammed out of hundreds of dollars on this colon cleansing stuff developed by a quack "doctor", go an a meal supplements program. This means you drink certain diet shakes, drinks, or eat nutrition bars instead of what you would normally eat. That will help you lose weight. You can lose weight without exercise, but the ONLY way to lose weight is to retain less calories than you normally do. You do this by either reducing the amount you take in in the first place, or burning the excess. That's reality. Ask any doctor, body builder, athlete or anyone who actually knows about the human body and is able to keep themselves at a healthy weight. Those people know how to do it, obviously. Don't be like people who want an "easy way out" and fall for scams. And even if your colon cleanse program did work because it's making you fast or take certain chemicals, it's still only a quick fix. You can't stay on colon cleanses forever. What happens when you get off them?

Prunella Prunella
Weight loss, being "healthy" and being skinny to be "pretty" is zillion dollar a year industry. I suspect that most diet pills are just basically sugar pills. I even think that Alli is a bit gimmicky. The advertisements talk about proper diet and exercise to lose weight. I know it's FDA approved, but i don't immediately think of something as good and holy just because it's FDA approved. I want to lose eight pounds. While I'm somewhat careful with what I eat (some days I graze more than others, even if I'm just eating fruit or an all-natural granola bar) I know it would go faster if I could get to the gym. It also would have gone faster if I had walked with my baby (pushing a stroller while walking is a good workout) when it was warmer. Eh. I can't go to the gym unless I know that I can take my daughter with us. (My husband is in grad school and he gets free use of the gym that's part of the university with which his school is affilated. I get free admission if I'm with him. Otherwise, it's less than $10 a year. We'd rather go together because it will be more fun.) This morning the scale read a pound more than what it did a couple of days ago. Not good. A pair of my non-maternity pants and a pair of jeans now fit. However, the jeans just fit, while the pants are more comfortable. (The "shaping" panites I have help some, but the jeans still feel tight.) While I want my jeans to do more than just fit, and I want to fit into my favorite suit, I'm aware that it took eight months for my body to get this way, and it's not going to come off overnight. Also, I have to keep some weight on (about five pounds) for nursing and I'm fine with that. I want to be healthy, so I'm losing my weight healthfully.
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Mckayla Mckayla
No i haven't tried that one in particular, but right now i am using NV. It's in a red bottle and you can buy it from Walgreen's. It works great. it doesn't give you the horrible side effects like some of the other ones do. When i take it, it doesn't make me feel all weird and on some sort of drug. What it does is it helps you to not h ave cravings for so much food. honestly I can say that i have to force myself to eat because I find myself not hungry. I also eat less portions of food. My friend recommended it o me she has been taking it for months and loves it. Also you don't have to eat with it. It;s good if you do. and you can take it twice a day before or after a meal. It works great. I took it for two days and my husband said he noticed a difference in my mid section already. Exercising also would be something to help you lose weight faster .
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Mckayla Originally Answered: Can birth control pill and diet pill be used at the same time?
Diet pills will not take away the effect of the birth control pills. That being said, it is never okay to take diet pills. They do not work and people have died taking them. If she is having sex, at least she is being responsible about it. Try to get her to stop taking the diet pills. They are 100% ineffective in fat loss, all they will do is dehydrate her. Be a good friend and go on long walks with her and don't take her to eat at fast food places. She just needs to up her activity level and lower her calorie intake. That is the only way to effectively lose weight.

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