What could my gastrointestional symptoms mean (please help!)?

What could my gastrointestional symptoms mean (please help!)? Topic: What could my gastrointestional symptoms mean (please help!)?
June 27, 2019 / By Acklie
Question: ive been all over to doctors and specialists for my symptoms. i had anorexia and purged for awhile. but i do not struggle with that anymore. my depression is now in remission and i have an anxiety disorder (ptsd, gad, used to have ocd) recently ive had: severe and persistant nausea, crippling stomach, vomiting (which is now controlled when i take my meds), diarrhea, constipation (which ive had all my life, but still), i had a fever and flu symptoms, dizziness, when i stand up i start to black out and fall (can catch myself though), weakness, body aches, used to have blood in my stool. i lost 30 lbs in a month. my main problem now is the severe nausea and pain. i take phenergan and anaspaz 2 x daily and prilosec once. their guesses are: gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers, acid reflux, stomach spasms. now they think severe constipation, but could that make me puke and give me nausea? they also thought seritonin syndrome and are not sure yet because i was on so many antidepressants, 2+ at a time sometimes. am currently on prozac / abilify i do have ovarian cysts too and some pain comes from them, but most is abdominal. any help is greatly appreciated. i just dont know where to go from here. im just a teenager and i feel like im dying here. this has been going on since the beginning of october!
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Stacie Stacie | 4 days ago
Sounds like you've got alot going on. First of all, congratulations on overcoming the anorexia! In direct response to your question regarding nausea in connection with severe constipation...the answer (from personal experience) is "yes". On 3 occasions, I've had constipation severe enough that I became impacted and I had terrible nausea. After dis-impaction and several enemas I felt much better and no more nausea. Constipation can cause nausea. Did you use laxatives or enemas when you were suffering from anorexia? If so, you may have created a dependence that has created a "lazy bowel" which just exacerbates the constipation problem you say you've had all your life. I hope the doctors get to the bottom of your condition soon. Best of luck to you.
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Stacie Originally Answered: Does anybody know what is causing these symptoms?
Strangely enough, I found this and it lists all of the symptoms you listed. Look at it. Maybe it will help him. http://www.sharecareprayer.org/symptoms.... Also, it says to seek medical attention immediately...so, with the loss of vision and the breathing problems, I would do that.
Stacie Originally Answered: Does anybody know what is causing these symptoms?
First of all I don't want to jump to the conclusion that you are asking of behalf of your boyfriend thinking that you are a girl...so if you are NOT a girl then the problems that he is having is probably caused by rectal bleeding due to homosexual sex. If that is not the case then I would suggest going to the nearest Emergency Room OR calling his Dr. in the morning and making an appointment.

Pru Pru
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Maybelline Maybelline
Have they checked you for Krones disease? It sounds like physiological responses to severe emotional disruptions. What are you on to control the psyche side of this issue? Prozac might calm the depression, anxiety and OCD. Have you been on it long enough for it to work?
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Maybelline Originally Answered: Possible ideas of what these symptoms can mean?
One thing that you haven't mentioned in this question is YOUR AGE. So I would like to know that. However, based on your symptoms and family history, i reckon, you suffer from Anxiety disorder or Mild to Moderate Depression (also known as Bipolar Depression) which is partly responsible for the mood swings. Let me describe each/ most of your symptoms in relation to Depression: First you say that you have mood swings/ depression/hot flashes - all these are found in depression Also you have a disturbed sleep which again may be due to depression. the excessive urge to pee may be due to excessive thirst and also due to lack of proper sleep You also say that your stomach hurts bad after meals for about 2 hours which is due to gastritis secondary to anxiety and depression. You feel a constant craving for food and feel emotionally better once you eat - again a probable sign of depression You have pain in the chest - which could be due to two reasons - gastritis/heartburn secondary to anxiety OR due to improper breathing and chest functions secondary to depression. You feel constantly tired which is again found in depression. Most probably your symptoms do not mimic diabetes as your thirst and peeing problem are recent and so they may have developed over the time. I am not saying for sure that you suffer from Depression or BiPolar mood disorder, i could be wrong, but a more detailed history like your age, your emotional background, your life experiences, etc would help stamp the diagnoses. However, considering the fact that you have a strong family history when it comes to Diabetes, you must always be careful about it. And take the necessary steps to delay its onset. YOU MIGHT SIMPLY BE SUFFERING FROM EXCESSIVE ANXIETY and no other major disorder. SO DONT WORRY MUCH. GO & SEE A DOCTOR Good Luck!

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